StarHeart Tuesday #8

June 22, 2021

Hello again!

Hope you spoiled your fathers with love this weekend. I myself forgot to have my daughter make a card for my husband, like we always do, and he kept me in the dog house all day for it. I'm a bad wife. 

We still had a great time. We all went to the Museum of Natural History and my daughter got to see the Dinosaurs of Antartica 3D exhibit, which completely freaked her out because it showed dinosaurs hunting prey, and although it didn't show the gory details, she felt sad that animals were eating other animals. I feel a vegan in the making.  

Anyway, the featured post is another one from Bonnie, from the Instagram account Pages of Bonnie. I just love what she does with her layouts.

Thanks Bonnie!

The next one is from Annabel Green. These are her secondary school English notebooks. They were allowed to decorated them and Annabel went full on Starcrossed on them. She even added quotes from the books. It's probably one of the sweetest photos I've ever received from a reader.

Thank you Annabel for sharing these with me! <3

m_merged (1).jpg

The next one is from Allison Stoker, showcasing her gorgeous, color-coordinate bookcases! I simply love it.

Thanks Allison! 

Allison Stoker.jpeg

I don't know who took this next one, but it features the new UK covers of the Starcrossed series. Love the layout. AND the covers of course.

Thanks anonymous!

New SC series covers.jpeg

And this last one is a photo I took with Caternina Sandrucci when I went to visit Mantova. 

Caterina Sandrucci.jpeg

I so miss this, being able to give my readers big hugs. I'm a total hugger. Thankfully so is my husband, so he doesn't mind when I cling to him like a Koala.

Anyway, that's all for today. Keep sending me your lovely photos!



StarHeart Tuesday #7

June 15, 2021

Hello again!

Back for some more StarHeart love. By the way, if you've sent me a picture and I haven't posted it yet, please resend it. As you probably already know, my email server has a mind of its own, and loves to gobble up things that are special to me. Like your emails!

Anyway, the featured picture this week is from Veronica Green from Love the grey with the yellow daisies and the crystals. Goes great with the original cover of Trial by Fire.

Thanks Roni!

The next picture is from Georgia Barley, who can be found on instagram @georgia_the_book_owl. I already posted this one picture on Facebook but I want it up on my blog because I just love it so much.

Thanks Georgia!

Georgia Barley (@georgia_the_book_owl).jpg

This next one is from another one of my original StarHearts, Crystal Perkins. The photo on the left was taken at RT in 2012, I believe. Crystal is also a prolific author, who writes romance, sci-fi, rom-com, you name it. You should check her out at 

Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years, Crystal!


This next one is from Lisa Marie, all the way from Austria, showcasing a copy of the German edition of Firewalker, Tranenepfad. And it is true. Middle books are my favorite to write.

Danke Lisa Marie!

Lisa-Marie Tassati.jpeg

And this last one is also from a fellow author, May Sage, who writes steamy romance novels. Talk about knowing how to pair a book with a nice glass of wine. A tasty Cabernet is the perfect companion when reading Starcrossed. Be sure and check out May's books at 

Thanks May!

May Sage @maysageauthor.jpg

And that's all for this week. I'll have more books going out on Friday. 

Big hug to you all!



Book 4 and other news...

June 10, 2021

Okay, so I’m assuming by now most of you have heard that there’s going to be a new book in the STARCROSSED series. Well, the truth is that there’s going to be more than one.

Confused? Excited? I'll explain.

First of all, the reason why it’s taken me this long to continue Helen and Lucas’ story is a bit of a complicated story in of itself. But it really boils down to the fact that even though I left GODDESS somewhat open-ended in order to afford me the option to write more books in the future, it was difficult to continue Helen and Lucas’ story the way I wanted it to without a whole lot of back story about what led to the war between the Scions. And I didn’t want to do a sequel filled with exposition or too many flashbacks, so I got stuck. 

That’s why I chose to write the WORLDWALKER series next. I needed to step away from STARCROSSED and come back to it later with a fresh set of eyes. And I had every intention of coming back to Helen and Lucas after I was done with WITCH’S PYRE, but unfortunately, right around the same time I was diagnosed with cancer, and my priorities changed.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to get back to Helen and Lucas while I was dealing with my illness, so I decided to write SNOW LANE instead, which was loosely based on my childhood. I just felt I needed to write that book. I also wrote the novella ILLUSTRATRED GIRL, which some of you know as LUCITOPIA, because again, it was fun, and light-hearted, and it made me smile. Plus, I wanted to give you all a freebie. 

Anyway, while I was in the hospital undergoing surgery, I had an idea for a thriller. I was seriously high on multiple medications, in pain, and terrified. Usually not the best time to sit down and diagram a plot, I suppose, but when I find a monster in my life, I put it in a book so I can kill it. That was why I wrote WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS. 

So, here I am, almost ten years later, wondering what to write next, and I come across that short story I wrote after STARCROSSED about Daphne and Ajax, which I titled, STARCROSSED CITY. And I found the perfect way to continue the series. 

Like I said before, it’s hard to understand where I’m taking the next chapter in Helen and Lucas’ story without understanding the past. So, I came up with an idea to write a prequel to STARCROSSED, about the other star-crossed lovers in my series, Daphne and Ajax, a book which is essential in understanding what happens next with Helen and Lucas. 

The prequel is called SCIONS, and the sequel TIMELESS. SCIONS is finished, currently undergoing edits, and I’m hallway through TIMELESS. They are both very long books and I’m considering splitting them both into two. We’ll see.

This leads me to the other big news, which is that I’m starting my own publishing imprint. 

Why, you ask? Well, it seems more apparent by the day that the internet and social media are changing publishing in the same way that they changed the music industry a decade ago. Authors no longer need traditional publishing to get their books out. 

I don’t want to sling any mud around, but I was really let down by the complete lack of marketing my publishers did for WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS, a book that was very well-reviewed, and that I am immensely proud of.

I mean I get it—authors have more followers than most imprints on social media—but if I’m expected to be the one doing most of the promoting, I figure I should cut out that in-between step and just throw myself into it.

To that end, I decided to partner up with a major independent book distributor to handle all of my future releases in the English markets (US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc..). 

I’m still working out details on foreign editions, but I can say with certainty that the new STARCROSSED books will be translated into German. I will let you know about other translations as things move forward.

The best news of all is that the former Harper Teen editor who edited STARCROSSED, Laura Bernier, is editing SCIONS and will be editing all of my future titles under this new venture, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. It really is like a dream come true.

I know many of you were waiting on a second book in the LUCITOPIA anthology, but my priority right now is STARCROSSED. I will get back to LUCITOPIA at some point in the future, I promise.

I will also have a new website up and running sometime in August. I’ve been meaning to re-do my site for quite some time now but wanted to wait until this new venture was finalized before doing so. 

So, that’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it. It’s the dawn of a new age—I’ve gone rogue! 

Anyway, thank you for your love and support as I begin this next phase in my life as a publisher/author. I really couldn’t do this without you. 

I will have release dates on the new books as soon as I have them.



StarHeart Tuesday #6

June 8, 2021

StarHeart Tuesday!!

The picture above is from Lisa at L.C.'s Bookshelf. Like I've said before, you all just blow me away with your staging. So much thought put into these. I'm humbled.

Danke, Lisa!

This next one is from Chloe Allouche, holding a UK edition of What She Found in the Woods.  

Chloe Allouche.jpeg

Such a pretty dress! I mentioned to Chloe that I have that same kind of orchid on my kitchen window sill. I believe they're called Imperial orchids. I've had mine for 5 years!

Thanks, Chloe!

The next image is from Hannah Selter, holding a dedicated copy of Göttlich verdammt.


Please enjoy the book? Seriously, I need an editor for my dedications. I try, I swear!

Anyway, the picture I'm referring to in the dedication is this one.


Thank you for your love and support, Hannah. It's readers like you and Chloe and the rest of you that make what I do so incredibly rewarding. 

Big virtual hug!

Danke für deine Liebe und Unterstützung, Hannah. Es sind Leser wie Sie und Chloe und der Rest von Ihnen, die das, was ich tue, so unglaublich lohnend machen.

Große virtuelle Umarmung!

This last one is my all-time favorite. I was signing some books when my daughter came into the room and asked what I was doing. I explained to her that I was signing books for fans of my books, and she quickly added; "I think they would also like my signature, mommy." 

What can I say? I had to let her add her signature to one of the books, hoping it would be okay. Thankfully, the person I sent the book to was thrilled that Pia added her own personal touch.

Thanks Merielle! <3

Merielle Seepersad (Pia).jpeg

And that's all for today. Thank you all for sharing these with me!!



StarHeart Tuesday #5

June 1, 2021


Back again to showcase more pics from my favorite people!

The one above was sent in by Alo Mendoza. Man, I just love it when you ladies take the time to stage. 

Thank you, Alo!

The next image is from Shelly Argeneau, holding a copy of the German edition of Goddess, Göttlich verliebt, which translates to Divinely in Love. 

Shelly Argeneau.jpg

Danke Shelly!

The next one is from Madison Farrell, whose email I almost missed because it went into my spam box, holding a dedicated copy of Goddess

Madison Farrell.jpg

And don't worry, I am now checking my spam box religiously.

On that note, please check your spam boxes because I've sent some emails out that have not been returned. 

Anyway, thanks Madison!

The next one is from Bonnie, from Pages of Bonnie, doing the face match with a UK edition of Trial by Fire. 

Bonnie from Pages of Bonnie 1.JPG

Isn't that the coolest? I want more of these to make a collage!!

Thanks Bonnie!

And lastly, here's a pic sent to me my Debra Antifora, who got a tattoo inspired by the Worldwalker series. I know I already posted this one on Instagram recently but I want it immortalized on my blog.

Debora Antifora.jpeg

I am just so deeply moved by the thought that she would find my story worthy enough to occupy a permanent space on her body.  

Thanks Debra!

And that's all for this week. 

I know I owe you a post about the Starcrossed (Göttlich) series. I'll put it up on Thursday. Just finalizing some details. ;)

Until then, I bid you adieu!