New Goddess UK cover

March 24, 2021

And lastly, here's the new UK cover for GODDESS.

I can't decide which one I like best. All three are gorgeous!

For those who are just seeing this, my UK publisher is re-releasing the Starcrossed series May 13th. You can pre-order HERE.

A special thank you to Sim Kaur Sandhu, my new editor at Macmillan Children's Books. True story, when Sim was a teenager she was a fan of the Starcrossed series and she and I corresponded via email several times. And now she's my editor. Ain't life a funny ol' thing!?



New Dreamless UK cover

March 23, 2021

As I mentioned yesterday, my UK publisher is releasing the Starcrossed series May 13th with new covers for the 3 books.

Yesterday I posted the new cover for Starcrossed.

Here's the one for DREAMLESS.

Starcrossed UK re-release!

March 22, 2021

Some wonderful news for readers in the UK! Panmacmillan is re-releasing the STARCROSSED series!

They've come up with a new cover for each one of the books in the series. This is the one for Stacrossed, which will be re-released on May 13th

Isn't it gorgeous!? I am just over the moon about it.

You can pre-order HERE if you'd like a copy of the new version.

I'll post the cover for DREAMLESS tomorrow. :)