Merry (Belated) Christmas!

December 28, 2017

I was away for the holidays so I didn't get a chance to wish you all a happy one.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loved ones.  I know I did.  My family and I went back East to see my folks, and my daughter got her wish of a white Christmas!  It was story book perfect, which I'm not used to when it comes to holidays.  I'm much more used to someone having an emotional crisis, a car getting stuck in a snowbank, or something lighting something on fire, so storybook perfect was as new for me as it was to my daughter.    

It was also new for my husband, but I think he would have passed on the experience if it weren't for our little girl.  He had the dubious honor of scraping ice off the windshield of our rental a couple of times in 20 degree weather.  His tropical Puerto Rican blood thought the apocalypse was nigh.  

Speaking of snow (and the apocalypse for that matter) my latest book SNOW LANE comes out next Tuesday, January 2nd!!!  

I am so excited for you all to read it, (but then again, I'm not at the same time).  SNOW LANE isn't exactly my life, but it's based on it.  I've said before that it's not what happened, but it's the truth.  There's something distinctly disturbing about the truth.  My brother (who read the book and loved/hated/laughed/cried his way through it) told me that no one would believe it anyway.  So that's some comfort.  

So, here it goes.  The countdown to the release of SNOW LANE is officially on!  

Much Love,


Happy Hanukkah!

December 13, 2017