Last Call for the 2nd GODDESS ARC Giveaway!

Two days left to enter. Don’t miss out!



  1. with around 6,ooo people entering i don’t think i’ll win, but i still hope i do!

  2. Veray Carter says:

    I think I would choose the best friend, but I wouldn’t be happy about having to choose and would let them both know how much I was disappointed by their immature behavior.

  3. dhruvi patel says:

    If, i ever had to choose, I would chose my best friend! If my friend cares for me she’ll see I’m not happy, if not… then i guess, I’ll try to think of something else!

  4. If they really make me choose between them, then are not people not the kind of people that actually care for me. If I matter they would need to be able to put their differences apart for me. If the it come down, I would choose my friend but I will very dissapointed and angry for their behaviour

  5. I would choose my best friend :) they know there is something up

  6. Vaishnavi A says:

    Well, like a lot of the people who’ve commented before me, i would choose my best friend, but of course i would still be pissed at her. For me, it’d always be chicks before dicks, and no matter what, it would always be me and my bestie against the world- even if there was a (really hot) guy involved.

  7. Prabhdeep says:

    This is not a very easy decision to be honest (especially when I have never had any real love interest before). I would be lying if i said i wasn’t upset and a kinda pissed off that they couldn’t work out their differences. But in the end I would choose my best friend despite wanting to continue my new love interest (she probably sees something that I don’t)! My best friend comes first no matter what. Guys will come and go but at least I would still have my best friend!

  8. YAY!!! Soooooo excited!! :)

  9. CANT WAIT heheee

  10. Elaine Dang says:

    Yay only 52 more minutes hope I win

  11. How long left?

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