And the winner of the 1st GODDESS ARC is…!

Giaochau Nguyen

Congratulations! Email me your address and I’ll send you a signed copy of Goddess ASAP.

I asked you all if you would rather have a stable love or a star-crossed one. It was pretty evenly split, but one thing really surprised me. There were a lot of people who responded that they would pick a stable love because they believed that passion could grow over time.

It really stuck with me, probably because I don’t know if I agree. I’ve always thought that passion was something that hit you right off the bat, while love was that thing that grew over time. But you know what, who really knows, right? Perhaps passion can grow over time as some of you have attested.

As for me, well, I would choose STABLE any day of the week!  I’ve had enough crazy in my life for ten people. I am perfectly happy writing about impossible love all day and then going to bed with my gorgeous and completely drama-free husband at night. ;)





  1. Sophia Fosdick says:

    By first do you mean another will be given out? (fingers crossed)

  2. Congratulations!

    Your choice is very sweet Josie. Love it. :)) I read it to my husband and he smiled at me like: I hope you chose the same thing ;)


  3. camilalynn says:

    Can I ask you a question? What I have to do to read the first chapter of goddess?

  4. Congratulations!

  5. I really wish i got the ARC OF GODDESS. I reads the 1ST CHAPTER OF GODDESS and it is AMAZING!!!!!

  6. Helen Russom says:

    When will Goddess be released?

  7. Bekah Allen says:

    Awesome books… I read them in e-versions and Literally couldn’t put my phone down!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  8. I fell across the Starcrossed trilogy 6 days ago. I am a high school teacher and I had to literally take the book from a student of mine so that she would take her written final! I started reading while she was working on her exam and then downloaded the book before I left school! Now I’ve also read Dreamless and am so looking forward to Goddess. It’s the first series I’ve ever read that incorporates Greek mythology and I am enthralled. What an awesome and incredible creative premise! How do I join the scavenger hunt?

  9. Sanjana Naidu says:


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