Ta-da! My Very First GODDESS ARC Giveaway!

Here it is, my precious  StarHearts.  The final book in the Starcrossed trilogy.  One lucky winner is about to receive the very first ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of Goddess…!

And you’ll get to rub it in everyone else’s faces!  Just kidding of course.  Don’t be mean.  But you will get to find out if Helen and Lucas get together, if Daphne ever comes clean, and who among the main characters lives or dies (insert evil cackle here).

As usual, I have a question for you.  It’s about star-crossed love.  The question is – how many of you would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically, and how many of you would rather not meet the boy of your dreams, but have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily?  I guess what I’m asking is how many of you would like to have a star-crossed love of your own in spite of the consequences?

Be sure and leave me a comment in this blog post with your answer.  I’m really curious to know what you think.

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The last day to enter will be Friday, November 30th PST.  The winner will be announced Saturday, December 1st. 

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  1. That”s a difficult one! I think i’d rather have a stable relationship that ends happily because I’ve always wanted my “happily ever after”.
    Losing the one you love, even if it was the best thing that ever happened to you would be too hard to go through.

    • Having had more than my fair share of heartache and heartbreak, I still want to experience the total, complete, all encompassing passionate love affair at least once in my life and know that that’s what it is. I’m not sure I have yet! Maybe then I could have the stable long term relationship without yearning for ‘true love’.

    • I think every women dreams of a starcrossed love, but it´s very hard to find it and sometimes you just don´t know that it is/was a starcrossed love…

    • Mahina Rax says:

      Dear Josephine
      I am a huge totally loving your book series, fan of yours. When I first read your first book star-crossed, I was in love. When I read the book it felt like I was Helen, when u wrote that she was flying and wrote all the things that described how it felt, I felt like it too. U have no idea how many times I read the first before I wanted to move on to your second book dreamless. Well just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and making me feel like I’m not alone when I’m actually alone.

      Your # 1 fan
      Mahina Rax

  2. Kimberly Mack says:

    My motto in life is that I would rather regret something I had done, than wish I had done something…so I guess my answer is, no matter the consequences, I would rather have the passion, no matter how short lived it was. To me, that’s what life is about.

  3. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically. Being witht that boy would be just everything I would need, even if It’s not forever even if it’s not ment to last. Missing that would be horrible: rather one moment with the boy of my dream than a lifetime without <3

  4. Mariachiara says:

    I am sooo waiting for Goddes! I just REALLY REALLY REALLY love this series. It is amazing, from the first page of Starcrossed to the last one of Dreamless. I hope we can read Goddes soon, can’t just wait.

  5. Despite my never ending love for forbidden love storys, I myself would rather have a stable relationship. I couldn’t stand all the pain, loss and suffering.

  6. I think I would probably go with stable, just so I can live out my life with them!

  7. Josephine C says:

    I have to go with a star-crossed love! I can’t think of anything worse than heartbreak except maybe missing out on that spine-tingling, dream making kind of love that comes from the boy of your dreams.

  8. Dependable, stable love. Probably boring, but if you don’t know what you’re missing with the passionate, tumultuous love then the dependable, stable love would be just as exciting, right? Plus, you don’t get hurt.

  9. I am definitely the stable love relationship type. LOL I’d rather have that dependable happiness.

  10. Mariachiara says:

    I don’t know wich one I prefer. I believe that if it is true love, then it will be worth all of the pain and everything, but I also think that I’m going to regret it, maybe wishing love was easier.. I’d like a happily ever after, but not if it’s not with the one I feel right to be with.

  11. I currently have a stable happy (sometimes ;) relationship I’m 22 have been with my partner 6 years in January and we have one gorgeous boy… However I love reading books about ‘forbidden love’ and I love when the guy and girl finally get together and how protective the boys are! I would definitely like to experience the passionate love affair even if it ended tragically. To feel like a boy would do anything for me and loves me that much and all the flirting it would be wonderous! (not sure that is a word but owell :)

  12. Well, that’s a very difficult question! I guess I would go with the stable relationship. I’d love to live the amazing love story but I think I’m way too emotional to go through a tragical ending. I’d rather I would have an amazing person by my side and be able to have an amazing life than to know that one day the love of my life would not end up with me. But it would sure be awesome to have what Lucas and Helen have, this connection, but I guess is not for everyone.

  13. I’m not sure what I’d prefer to be honest, there’s a good side and bad side to both. Could I love someone knowing I would lose them? Possibly! Could I love someone, lose them and survive it? Not sure! I’m on the fence. ;)

  14. Anna Gerlach says:

    I think I would rather have the tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams. I think it is rare that you find that, so to get to experience it would be awesome. :)

  15. I would rather have the dependable kind. Yes it would be great to have that start crossed loved but knowing that i would have someone besides me always would be so much more in the long run. The stable love is the kind that grows on you till you realize it is so strong nothing could break it.

  16. I’d rather have the boy of my dreams even if it didn’t end happily. I’d want to live life to the fullest even if it meant taking risks!

  17. I’d definitely rather have a star-crossed love if I could because it would have made my life worth living and I would have lived something beautiful and intense with the man of my dream! So, yes, I go for star-crossed love! :)

  18. I have NEVER liked star-crossed romances in real life. It’s fun to read them, to want to reach out and hug and love the characters, but I am too pragmatic to want that. In fact, a small part of me (the part that will never engage in a narrative because it’s too skeptical to believe in the world built), always wonders WHY the star-crossed lovers didn’t go for the steady and dependable who makes them happy without all the nuts and heartbreak.
    So, I choose dependable. I choose happiness. Because as wonderful as the flash in the pan passion and romance and feeling like you are complete and will never be wrong again would not sustain me. It would break me. Whereas, if I did not take the chance and went with happy, eventually I wouldn’t even regret the opportunity. The “never were”s disappear in the constant company of the “are now”s.

  19. I always want to have a family and be with the one I love for the rest of my life.

  20. I would rather have the tumultuous, passionate love affair that ends tragicaly than nothing. It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all!

  21. hmmm, that’s a tricky one! Doesn’t every girl want the best of both? It’s hard to settle for one thing when you think something better may be out there. I guess in the end I would want a stable happy love affair that lasts

  22. Sarah's Rolli Tanzt says:

    Hi Josie,
    I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair withmy dreamboy! Even if it ends tragically, I always can remember the good time and don’t have to ask me: How would it be?
    wirh StarLove

  23. I would rather have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams even if it ended in tragedy because I would at least want to experience what real love had felt like than to live my entire life without knowing :D

  24. I grew up in a tumultuous household and all I’ve ever wanted was a stable relationship. I think love and passion can be built up over time.

  25. Amanda Collins says:

    I would still go for it, its better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all.

  26. I would rather have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams even if it ended in tragedy because I would at least want to experience what real love had felt like than to live my entire life without knowing

  27. bella colella says:

    Wow thats a hard one. Ok Iam going with tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams. I mean hey you only live once!! LOL:)))

    thanks for the giveaway:) I am super excited to see whats going to happen!

  28. Tracy Sallis says:

    omg omg omg omg omg. I have waited so long for this book.

  29. Definitely a star-crossed love, I wouldn’t want to spend my life only making choices dependent on the outcome :)

  30. I think if you’ve never taken a chance at true love, life wouldn’t be worth living. So I have to say I’ve would rather choose a passionate love affair- with the boy I would love forever even if we couldn’t be together…
    If love is true I would always choose it over something that might be nice but would leave me longing for more. <3

  31. Thats a tough question… I think I would want the Starcrossed love, even with the tragic consequences. After all its better to have loved and lost then never to have (really) loved before.


  32. Anni-chan says:

    Well, I am a hopeless romantic
    so I would choose a tumultuous, passionate love affair, even if it ends tragically.
    Life is not perfect. but what is?

    If I can’t have the boy of my dreams, I wouldn’t settle down with anybode else.
    <3 <3 <3

  33. Danielle Nguyen says:

    I think I have to go with dependable and stable with a happy ending. Maybe it’s because I’m older now. When I was younger I might’ve chosen the passionate affair.

  34. Adriana Steele says:

    I actually made a status about this question after I finished Starcrossed. And what I said in the status was that if it came between love, war, and ultimately death, I would still choose love. There are so many bad things in life, why should we have to give up the one thing, one person, that can truly make you happy? So yes, I would choose love, always.

  35. Oh geez, can I have a little of both? A love affair sounds awesome, but I just don’t know if I could handle the bad part at the end.

  36. Aly Konop says:

    I think I’d rather have an all-or-nothing love, even if there’s no chance of a happily ever after.

  37. That is a tough question. I love reading about star-crossed lovers, but dont know if I could endure the heartache. However, I couldnt say no to a mad passionate affair…

  38. What a hard question to answer!

    Honestly, I think I would prefer a stable and dependable relationship. If I’m happy, that’s all that counts.

    Maybe if I didn’t know what I was missing, it wouldn’t hurt.

    Such a difficult question. I’ll have to ponder this some more on my own.

  39. Duh I’d pick the boy of my dreams, at least it’d be good to have loved to have never loved (for real no mater how dependable)

  40. emilia henriksson says:

    I would have chosen the passionate loving guy from my dreams. but it’s a tricky question. but if you weigh everything so I would choose passion instead of “happely ever after”. it’s still my dream boy … but damn hard to lose him after. so I take both;) first passion and then happely everafter.

  41. I would say it is better to love and lost, than nerver loved.( I hope I got that right, my english is not very good:) ) Being with the boy of my dreams would be the best that happen to me, to be in love with passion and thrill. Although it would be short. It would be better than nothing because I live now… It would be an experience that I wouldn´t want to miss…

  42. the passionate love!!
    it(the time together) is something noone could take away, although it’ll last much shorter it would be so much more intensive, making it absolutly worth it!!!

    better live short, then die without living!!

  43. Mackenzie Croft says:

    I would want a star crossed love. I want something rapturous and world altering and life changing. I want something unreal and frantic, like your entire existence depended on meeting this one person. I want the very thing I read about, and even if it were to end heart wrenchingly, I would be glad that it happened. I would rather it happen then feel like something is missing from my life and never be able to find it. That is what I think would be the most torturous. Not knowing what Im missing.

  44. Star-crossed love. It would be much better to experience passion and lose it, than to never know what it felt like at all. I suppose you’ve just got to hope you get lucky, and that the boy of your dreams ends up sticking around long enough for a happy-ever-after.

  45. So.. I think I might go with the stable neverending Love instead of a passionate affaire. Simply just because I dont wanna go through the pain which in fact has to be very very big at the end (if he dies or probably ends up with another girl???).
    So I would prefer a lifetime stable love but a happy one!! Who says you cant be happy in a stable relationship ;)…


  46. I think that it would be easiest if you were to have never met but where is the fun in that! I would have to choose meeting the love of your life and losing them then nothing at all. Thanks for the opportunity to win an ARC of Goddess I cannot wait till its released and I can get my hands on a copy so I can devour it in one sitting, Your amazing Josephine keep up the great work!

  47. I think it would be the wise and logical option to go for a stable love that ends happily, but deep down I would want the passionate love story every girl dreams of

  48. no matter how well sorted out your life might be with no worries and problems , you will always wonder what it would have been to be loved and love somebody with your whole being. even if it is only for a moment or full of difficulties, in my mind it somehow overcomes it all to love someone and be loved completely.

  49. I would say that I prefer a star-crossed love. Not just because my love for the two main characters of the book (that would be too obvious) but because THIS is what Love is really about. One day you are so happy and the next one you are deeply consumed by it. Thousands and thousands of doubts across your mind just for reaching the conclusion that it’s impossible to predict what tomorrow will be, you can only live the present with all its consequences and INSTABILITIES. In my opinion, the real happy ending is possible only facing day by day both with its good and bad sides. The “dependable and stable affair” exists just at the time that we doesn’t want to risk and so we content ourselves. Yes, it’s true, there’s the possibility that a star-crossed love ends tragically but it’s also true that, as Alfred Tennyson said, «It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all».

  50. Hmmmm, I don’t know how to answer that.

    Can’t you have a passionate, stable love? lol That’s how I feel about my husband……

    I guess I would say that IF I have a soul mate, I would want to meet them and love them (no matter teh cost in the end!)

  51. I think i would choose the star-crossed love-affair. You only life once afterall and life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. :)

  52. That is a though one! I think I would choose the star-crossed love. I am a believer in the phrase “better to have loved and lost”. Even if it ended, you could say you had that time together.

  53. That’s a difficult one to answer!

    Without experiencing, I can say that the pain of knowing I loved someone, but we couldn’t be together, might be too much.

    But, I think I would rather experience that love, knowing someone loved and wanted to be with me as much I loved and wanted to be with them. Knowing the consequences and the struggles it would take to make it work, I would rather have a starcrossed love.

  54. I prefer the happilly ever after so I would take the dependable, reliable kind of guy….. any day.
    thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  55. Marybeth Richards says:

    Alright, so here is my take on Josie’s question:
    I have loved passionately and lost. Twice. I wouldn’t take back a second of either relationship, despite how fiery it started and how fiery it ended. I consider my first love as starcrossed. We were kids, we were very different and under our parents thumbs. I loved him, and he loved me but we grew up and grew apart. It ended with both of us hurt and resentful…but we went through some heavy stuff together and he undoubtedly left his mark on my life and my heart. The second boy I loved I lost to death. Tragically and painfully. He was very sick. The love of my life is my husband today. He is the best of both worlds. He is my soul mate and if it wasn’t for the other two loves been in my life, I wouldn’t have appreciated or known myself so to speak to be able to love this man. I picked up bits and pieces of myself through the loves I have known and lost. I believe I am a better person because of them. All three of them.

  56. Well, I am 24 years old and very happily married. My husband is in the military and recently has been away for training and deployments to overseas, then more training. He has been gone a lot more the past two years than in all of our relationship of 9 years put together. We started out dating while living 800 miles apart (with long visits in between) for 2 1/2 years before I finally moved down and on our 3 year dating anniversary we got married. He was home for the better part of the first 4 years of our marriage before he got transfered to a new career field and had to start training for it, the last two years have been with him gone more than he is home. He is currently across the country for training now, but I am hoping he can come home for Christmas break before he goes back to training and then overseas. I have said all this to answer that I believe I would go with the starcrossed love, though I pray we have a happy ending. I think a love filled with challenges to overcome teaches you to appreciate the times that are easy and simple, it makes a stronger love and bond.

  57. I got out of my last story with a bad broken heart so I’m tempted to say I prefer a “safe” love story and happy ending…but any other day I’d go with an epic story, a love so deep that hurts…

  58. Oh man. Give me the heart stopping, breathtaking, all-consuming, star-crossed love any day! I would rather have loved insanely and passionately than not at all, even if it is tragic. The stable and content is just not for me.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m dying to read GODDESS!!!

  59. Hard question! I think off the bat I would say starcrossed love…but when I think about it I think I would pick stable affair. I would rather be happy for my whole life than to have fleeting moments, even if it was amazing and intense.

    Also…this makes me nervous for Helen and Lucas in the next book!!

  60. Well as exciting it sounds to have a passionate love affaire and all I am going for the second option. I rather would love to find the boy of my dreams and have a happily every after love story. ;) Yes boring I know!

  61. I would love to have a star-crossed romance because of all the excitement and that… but on the other hand a nice, normal and dependable love-life would be less of a headache. (;

  62. As much as I love the idea of a star-crossed love, I think I would take whichever is thrown my way first. I would love the tumultuous love affair that ended tragically, but if I were to be given stability first, I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

  63. Linda Trinklein says:

    Why such a hard question!!!!
    And does this give any indication that things are not going to turn out good for Helen and her star crossed lover?????????? SOOOOO love your books!!!!!!
    Since I have to pick im going to say Star-crossed and put up with the consequences!

  64. I’m going to go with the “dependable, stable, happy” relationship. A tumultuous relationship wouldn’t be very good for me, and I’d rather not have any regrets in the end.

  65. Oh, passionate for sure :) I’d choose that one instant of pure delirious ecstasy a hundred times over. To be passionate is to be truly human, and besides, could you ever really be happy knowing your best relationship was so stable it had to end? The thrill of meeting your soulmate is the stuff dreams are made of. The simple knowledge that my soul had connected with another’s so deeply, however briefly, would be enough to last me for a lifetime.

  66. paige warren says:

    Call me boring, but I’d rather have a nice stable relationship!

    Why cause myself pain?

  67. Abi Woodrow says:

    I would rather have a stable, long lasting relationship. I would rather save the star-crossed lovers for the plays, films and books. Sometimes whilst reading starcrossed a little voice in my head goes “why is she even doing this”, but then I scream back “COZ SHE LOVES HIM GODDAMMMMITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!” then I thank my lonely life for the lack of drama :)

  68. I believe you only live once and time is so short so I would choose the passionate love affair even though it ends in tragedity because I will know at least in that moment I stayed true to my heart and lived. :)

  69. I want a starcrossed love in spite of the consequences. I don’t want to have any regrets when I grow old so I’d rather have one spur of the moment passion than have a regret of a lifetime. So even if it doesn’t work out at least I wouldn’t have what if’s. I did what I could and in spite of all that it didn’t work. So yeah, a starcrossed love it is. Thanks for the ARC giveaway btw.

  70. That’s a hard question! As much as I’d love the passionate love, I think I would be too devastated when it ended tragically… So I’d choose the stable relationship.

  71. i would rather have a stable relationship than go through all of the heartbreak that would, in the end, kind of been for nothing. and losing the one person that you loved in life would be very difficult.

  72. I think that stability in love lofi is overrated. It makes everything very boring! Its better to love someone very passionatly, and loose it, because you can atleast say that you gave it your all! But if one really loves a person that is wanting a stable, longterm relationship, it would be great to give it a try. True Love is very unpredictable, but it is the absolutlet most powerfull emotion that a human heart can feel

  73. Christina Z says:

    I’d choose a stable one. Even though the starcrossed one sounds exciting I think I would’ve broken down when it ended. I’m that kind of person who needs to know there’s someone I can always count on. And then, as all the other comments have stated, I want a happy ending, too.

  74. Marie Claire says:

    I’m not quite sure about that… of course it’s the best feeling on earth spending time with the boy of your dreams.. but i don’t think that i could resist being apart from him. of course love is connected to happiness but also to pain. but i think you can also live a perfect lovelife with another boy who’s not the boy of your dreams. and you would spend your whole life with him that’s the best part of it…
    nevertheless, i think i would spend my time with the boy of my dreams because once you get to know the emotions and the passion it feels like it’s gonna last forever. and in my opinion every girl wants that one boy who she can love so deeply and trust like helen loves and trusts lucas. hopefully its gonna happen to me (without the tragical end!! :) )

  75. Oooh that’s a tough one! Even though I do want my happily ever after I think I would always regret not going for the star-crossed love of my dreams. Give me the passion and excitement of it! I would rather that then be left wondering what if. At least then I know I lived my life.

  76. I want want is real. If that means that it will end badly, I would rather have that over something (someone) dependable/safe that isnt really love.

  77. It’s a little bit hard question, but I think a dependble and stable relationship.

  78. Roa'a Hamed says:

    Star-crossed love. Why live at all if your’e not living fully and passionately. I’d rather have the romance of my life rather than be bored until I die. Having some excitement in your life despite the consequences would be worth it if you could share it with someone that you cared for.

  79. Definitely a star-crossed romance! I often have the feeling, that my life is way to boring and to much going by the rules, if you know what I mean. Something worth writing a book about-I would love that! To life a life with someone who is not the ONE would be so lame and I would always ask myself “What if…?” or “what did I miss?” So best: first star-crossed roman and afterwards (when my heart is healed) a stable relationship. But please, also with passion ;-)

  80. Natalie Cleary says:

    I think the stability. Id prefer to know Im loved and its constant rather than the one off love affair that will leave you heart broken.

  81. Stable & dependable & happily ever after.

  82. That is one difficult question. Frankly I am still single……so if you want my opinion i’d say I do have the fantasies of star-crossed love….ohhh the adventures…ohhhhh so dramatic…….but then reality knocks down these fantasies and out it comes – A stable relationship is much better in real life….boring but its the reality.

    I’d rather have a Happily ever after. :)

  83. In reply to your question I would have to say that my answer would be Star-Crossed. When I was 13 I had a Star-Crossed love. He was a few years older than me and a friend of my older brother. One night he came to the door, I thought he was their looking for my brother and was floored when he said he was there talk with me. That first night we talked for hours about everything. We had very similar families with very similar issues. I remember that very first night he looked into my eyes and said I was his kismet. I remember the way my heart pounded in my chest with that very touch and first kiss. His family moved California before the age of the internet. However he use to come back every for Valentine’s day and it never mattered to him if I was dating someone else that was his day and he was not going to be denied that time. I have never loved anyone that passionately or that deeply. I have never given that much of myself to another, and I do not believe I could give that much of myself to another ever again. I will always love him in a way that I could never love another.

  84. Sarah McHugh says:

    I would rather have a star-crossed love than the stable happily ever after. While in your happy, stable relationship, sure, you may love the person, and I’m sure they reciprocate the feelings but there is always going to be that little something missing. Helen and Paris wouldn’t have started a ten year war on a whim. Romeo and Juliet thought they would be better off dead than without each other. Jack and Rose said you jump, I jump. That’s something that you don’t mess with because even if its a star-crossed love now, you find them again, because that’s what true love is. So I would much rather live with the pain if it comes with the knowledge that I someone’s other half, and for the smallest increment of time, we had a love affair to rival the legends.

  85. Oh, boy of my dreams definitely! Better to have loved and lost is my motto :)

  86. some people live their lives without experiencing passion. I’d take the passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams any day! Life’s too short!!

  87. I would rather neither. Nothing turns out like that in real life – either scenario!

  88. Oh my god! I’s so excited about the last book! I’m looking forward to the release of last book this fabolous trilogy! To win would be so great!
    I would choose the love, and while reading the books, my heart beats for lucas! :)

  89. I would go for the star-crossed!

  90. I prefer the stable relationship for my own. But I love to read about star-crossed lovers :)

  91. I would want the boy of my dreams. At least I would know what love really was.

  92. I have learned that life is nothing without passion…so I’ll take the passionate affair please.

  93. If it were purely up to me, I’d pick the star-crossed love every time, as to have found something that most people only dream about…that really is something magical. But, unfortunately, if it compromised or hurt the people around me, my family and friends, then you have to wonder at the end of the day is selfish. No man is an island. So, for me I suppose it depends on the circumstances around us, but I don’t believe you should live life always dependent upon the outcome.

  94. It’s hard to say. To be able to expirence that star-crossed love would be amazing. Not everybody finds that.
    I think that for me, I am the kind of person who would be better with the stable relationship. It sounds great and I love reading about them but if I was in the stable relationship and was really happy and was truely in love then I don’t want to know what the star-crossed relationship would feel like. Knowing that I’d never find that again, would be too much.

  95. My own story is really not exactly star-crossed lovers, but it’s not the easy and simple kinda one, and it’s worth every minute of it, so a love that feels you to the brim even if it hurts, it’s my answer!

  96. I think if you want a no drama kind of life then the dependable love affair would suit, but not many people get to have the love affair of their dreams and get to feel that kinda emotion… it’s amazing when it happens once, but if you’ll get hurt more if it’s like that in the end… it’s a hard one but i think i’d go for the guy of my dreams so that when the dependable guy comes along i’d have known the other side of a love affair and have no regrets :D …xx

  97. Stable, true and steady would be my preference. Even in a situation where you don’t lose the love of your life, passionate, tumultuous feelings come and go. If you don’t learn to appreciate the constant warm glow of having a best friend, then your relationship won’t last long.

  98. I guess I would have the adventure to fall in love with the boy of my dreams, instead of having a stable relationship, even if it woyld brake my heart after. I guess I’m a romantic girl. :)

    I love your books! And please, come to Portugal! It would be awesome…
    A HUGE kiss from Portugal! (Sorry for my english, :P)

  99. Kristin Kaiser says:

    Mhhh. I think i choose the stable love. For me it is important to know when somebody loves me and I want people to know that I love them.
    Affairs will just hurt one, not sayed that it is you or the person you have it with. mayby it is someone in love with you or the other person.
    So the stable love is the only one love, where not so many people get hurt.
    Just like the love between Castor and Noel :D I love them both together because they are honest about their feelings :)

  100. Michelle Bitner Smith says:

    I’m going to say star-crossed. I want something passionate and all-consuming!

  101. Lillie Moss says:

    starcrossed! though it will end tragically, it’s waaay more romantic! :))

  102. I’m definitely on the stable with a happy ending kind of person. Passionate love affairs where everyone ends up hurt? No thanks!

  103. We all dream of this amazing passionate love and that is why we are so fascinated with stories about the starcrossed lovers. I had my share of impossibly looking love when i met my husband years back but we survived against all odds and we are now happily married…hehehe i’m glad we got our happy end buuuut YES i do miss the excitement hehehe. :)

  104. I have had that Star-Crossed Romance. You feel all high and wild, but, at the end of the day, you’re still alone. Definitely the happy, constant relationship.

  105. I would definitely go for star-crossed. Makes life a little more exciting, and who does love that? Hot delicious boy of your dreams in which you are passionate for. Though you are tragically kept from him. Love it. :)


  106. Tough decision…
    I already have chosen the reliable, loving and caring husband whom I have had the honor to marry in September.
    I guess stability and a person who loves me, accepts me and all my flaws and is a rock in These ever changing,hectic times is just right for Me-which does Not mean that I don’t like to read about the exact opposite ;)
    Take care, all of you :)

  107. Ashley Popovich says:

    I would say that it is a very difficult decision… I would personally love the intense passion without the tragic ending, but at the same time, sometimes safe and stable can be better for everyone. I think in this case, I would go with the stable relationship.

  108. cianna fernandez says:

    I would rather have a steady love affair that ends in a happily ever after then to loose a great love tragically.

  109. Crystal A. says:

    What’s the old saying “Better to have love and lost then have never loved at all?” Sadly I would probably choose having my heart ripped out. Having memories of that amazing time would get me thru a lifetime. But I must admit I don’t like where this question is leading in terms of Helen and Lucas! Can’t wait to read Goddess.

  110. Kelly Charter says:

    I have to agree with Joie. Tumultuous, star-crossed love is wonderful but I doubt that I could be happy knowing that peopleI I love had been made unhappy because of my actions. When reading about characters who do that I want to shake some sense into them.
    A stable, happily-ever-after love is my idea of perfect. There’s nothing that says that stable can’t include passion. Avoiding heartbreak shouldn’t be considered a weakness, more a different path to strength.

  111. I prefer a stable love, someone to grow old.

  112. I would love to have a Starcrossed romance, the reason being that it would be amazing to feel such strong feelings and passion towards one person. People who have found there soul mate are lucky even if the outcome isn’t as planned the memory, pictures and feelings are still there. The experience of having them feelings are something you’d never forget and would be able to remember when your upset, happy, reminiscing or even on when your dying.

  113. I totally think that the person who commented first should automatically win an ARC for being such an uber fan!! ;P

  114. Mary Eacobar says:

    Hmmmm, in spite of the consequences I would go for the tumultuous, passionate love affair with the man of my dreams (put man instead of boy, why, cause its creepy saying that at my age) because I rather live that moment, hard and fast, adventurous, dangerous, and feeling that deep, passionate love for that person, even though I will never feel that strength to love like that again. Oh wait, I did and I married him!

  115. Difficult…but I guess I prefer a “stable” relationship instead of a broken heart and therefore maybe the inability to fall in love again :(

  116. Well, I guess I would have a star-crossed love.. why? Because it doesnt matter if it ends tragically, if its the love of your life you never have to let it go… If you know that person is THE ONE, the one that will make you happy until the very end, the one that will be by your side forever and the one that understands you in everything. Then, there is no reason for a common love with someone good… You always find the love of your life and wether it ends tragically or not… he/she loves you and love is something incredible!!!

  117. the first two books were great! Can’t wait for the third, but i’m sad that this series is going to be finished

  118. I think I would have to go with the stable relationship. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the tragic ending. I would live the rest of my life not quite living because I wouldn’t be able to give up that feeling of the limited time I had to spend with that person. I wouldn’t be able to move forward after. I want stability and someone that will be at my side as my friend, partner in life and my forever love. This will be the person I face all of life’s challenges with and I grow old with. That’s the love affair I want.

  119. I guess I would choose star-crossed love as long as I don’t know it’s going to end badly. I seem to lose intrest if a guy is too nice, I prefer them nice enough but a bit on the bad boy side.

  120. Marie Obrowski says:

    I think I’d rather meet the boy of my dreams and have a relationship that could end tragically, because I would have experienced the best thing in life, love. And I don’t think that it is fair to have a stable relationship with someone and still think about the boy of your dreams, and would compare the two even if you don’t know the boy of your dreams. In conclusion, I would go for a star-crossed love of my own in spite of the consequences, because I would have reached the highest point of happiness. Even if my heart is broken, I will have the memory of happiness, and love.

  121. Maria Cristina says:

    This is wonderful! I love you Josie! And Lucas u.u <3

  122. I think I would like to have a star crossed lover. If it’s true love, it will work out somehow no matter what happens. If you’re meant to be together, then you will be together. I guess you never know if the person you’re with is your soul mate, but you can take a chance and hopefully find the one person who truly loves you and makes you happy. Good luck Helen. <3

  123. Melanie Obrowski says:

    I think that I would choose the passionate and star-crossed love, even if it ends tragically. I would rather have experienced true love than being clueless about how true love feels in it’s purest form. I wouldn’t like to be asking myself, if I chose the stable love, if there was another person that could have made me happier. I’d rather experience true love, even if it doesn’t end perfect than be wondering if it could have been better.

  124. Yes I would definitely want to meet the boy of my dream and have a passionate love affair with him. Life is to short to not follow your heart’s desires. Even though it might end badly and all the consequences might tear my heart apart I wouldn’t change those great moments we had together for another relationschip with a “safe”/”boring” guy! ;) Even though I can definitely see the allure.
    So yes! I would definitely go for the boy of my dreams. :D

  125. I’m kind of torn. The practical and reasonable side of me wants to say that I would be happy with a dependable love affair that ends happily. But then there’s the hopeless romantic in me that can’t help but want that passionate starcrossed love that won’t necessarily end well. All that to say that if i had a choice in the matter I would want the starcrossed passionate love despite all the consequences that could come with it.

  126. Jacklin Updegraft says:

    I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams. It’s worth having that kind of love just once. Even if it ends, you’ve got an amazing view of what real unadulterated love is. You would never regret walking away or talking the safe way. You would never have to wonder what if and you would always know you lived life to the fullest. I think passionate love is always worth it in life!

  127. Estefani Galvan says:

    I would choose a star- crossed love despite the consequences. I believe that this is what true love is. You choose to be with that person no matter what, and no matter how many obstacles come in your way. Some of the greatest romance stories in the world have ended in tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Titanic’s Jake and Rose, etc. All these couples loved each other even though they knew that it wouldn’t be easy. I want that kind of love; The love that no matter what happens, it burns brighter than all others.

  128. Becky Louise Williams says:

    I would much rather the star-crossed lover and put up with the consequences as you only live once right? And life is way too precious to just settle and be stable! I’d rather the heart break from a fun and passionate star-crossed relationship than a nice normal one… But then again anyone who would want to be with me can’t be close to normal as I am so far from the ‘norm’ that it is quite unbelievable!

    Also I sooo superly want this book! No, I don’t want, I NEED this book so bad, I can not wait for it to come out as it is practically like torture:(

    But I love the fact that you are doing this for your fans! And look how many entries you’ve got! Whoever wins this will be so lucky!

  129. lora cole says:

    I’m so excited for this book! I’m so torn about the love triangle but I think that I’m pulling for Lucas and Helen to be together!

  130. That is a really hard question. I have the steady love affair and I don’t think I would give it up for anything. But if something tragic were to happen and I was given the option to do it again and do it differently to avoid the tragedy, I wouldn’t. But that’s the best part about love, you really don’t know what you are going to get unless you live it day by day, minute by minute. So I would pick starcrossed, because who knows, it could turn into steady!

  131. thats a really hard question for me i would want a passionate love even if it was tragic because for me theres nothing more true than the saying its better to love and to have lost than to never have loved at all.

  132. I’d rather have a stable HEA then a Starcrossed lovers tale.

  133. Martina BC says:

    Hm. That’s a very hard question. On one side it would be great to meet your soul mate, on the other hand a relationship that makes you happy is wonderful. I guess I’ll have to pick the first one; hopefully I’d be able to move on if it ended tragically.

  134. Annabelle Law says:

    I think I would prefer the exhilarating and tragic one true love. However if you don’t know your one true love then a comfortable relationship would be fine because you don’t know what you’re missing and you’re content in your relationship, so it’s a rough one :)

  135. That’s a hard one. I think I would choose a happy, stable love life. Nothing wrong with that.

  136. Maybe I like to play it safe, but I would go with stable guy- I always love a happy ending! :)

  137. OMG!!!! Firstly – that cover is absolutely gorgeous. WOW.
    Now in answer to your question,
    I think I would have to go for the crazy, passionate, star-crossed lovers thing. Even if I did know it was doomed to fail. As they say ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’. and even if the alternative was a steady love that would last, I think I would always wonder what I was missing and what it would have been like. So I would have to go for that!
    Have you listened to ‘Red’ by Taylor Swift – her new song, talking about how that fast/passionate, crazy love. That’s the sort of love I want!!!

  138. Annabelle Law says:

    *tough one. Whoopsie

  139. Hannah C. says:

    I would rather have a tragic star-crossed love with the boy of my dreams then end up in a boring life with an okay man. Plus, tragic loves are the best kinds! Just look at Romeo and Juliet or Helen and Paris…

  140. I think passionate star crossed love should win out in the end! Helen and Lucas are clearly meant to be together, I think there togetherness will give this conclusion to the series a bang!

  141. Flavia Claire says:

    Oh yes! totally! love needs a little action to keep burning passion, and even though I don’t like the saying “it’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all” (kind of), i really do think that if The love of your life comes in with all kinds of problems and danger and whatever, you should go for it because it will never happen again

  142. Agnes Ledbetter says:

    I would have to pick a star-crossed love consequences and all.

  143. Susana Uribe says:

    What a difficult questionnn! can it be more hard to think of an answer? the love of your dreams dying or worse or a normal life?

    Really, I think that I choose an stable love affair with happy ending, I’m pretty emocional and I think that my perfect boy dying on me would be tragic!

  144. This is a tough one. I am a sucker for starcrossed lovers, but I think that I would rather have a stable happily ever after. It might not be the same searing passionate love, but it’s still going to be love if you want to spend your life with someone. I guess as a married adult my opinion is different on that though. I think when I was a teenager I would have chosen starcrossed passionate love. Of course I think my husband is the best, we just weren’t forbidden to be together.

  145. Absolutely, I’d go for star-crossed love. (Having experienced both kinds:))

  146. I would love the passion but I don’t think I can deal with the tragic so I’d have to go with a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily.

  147. Once upon a time, I fell completely in love with someone and he fell in love with me too but we were in a situation that would never allow us to be together. At times I hated him and myself for ever getting involved because it hurt so much, but at other times, I was in total bliss. I have never been happier than when it was just the two of us and we could forget all the reasons why we would never work, even if it was for just a few hours. It was the the most beautiful, and also painful time in my life. I would never take that back. I would never take the safe road because then I wouldn’t have those memories and the lessons that I learned from it. So yes, bring on the passion ending in pain… it’s well worth it!

  148. That’s a hard question but I suppose I would go with starcrossed. Even if it ends in heartbreak, if you get through that, than you’ll become such a strong person. Besides I don’t want to have that feeling that something is missing if I chose the stable boy. I don’t think it’s a good thing to avoid tough situations because of the pain, the things that truly matter is not something that can be gained easily.

  149. Samanta Tomczack says:

    Though I haven’t much (none at all, whatsover) experience in this area I think I would rather have an unbelievably passionate star-crossed love than a boring old ‘dependable’ one; life is meant to be lived, not to let passively go by.

  150. stable and happy. I think the prevailing assumption is that someone who isn’t a perfect ideal is somehow less of a powerful love. But passionate and impetuous can be fun, even when it end badly, when you’re young. But if that’s all you get – if the question is an either or – that leaves a lot of life alone and stable and happy an also be powerful, and romantic even if it isn’t intoxicating. By definition, actually, intoxicating isn’t even necessarily a good thing.

  151. I would definitely have to choose the star-crossed romance, but that may just be the author in me :)

  152. Ah this is so tough but I think I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically. As said’ it’s better to have love and lost than never have known love at all’.

  153. I vote for turmulous love affair! I really think it’s the journey vs. the destination that makes life worthwhile. I rather have experienced something once rather than never know the feeling, no matter the cost. Thanks for the awesome ARC giveaway! I’m dying to find out how it all ends and can’t wait to have this gorgeous cover on my shelf :D

  154. Well… it would kind of depend on what age I am when I got the choice. If I’m old or young. Because if I was old, I’d want the stable, happy ending one, the reliable one where I’d be happy. If I was young I’d want the passionate one, because I’d hardly be searching for my soul mate at sixteen or seventeen. :)

  155. Christina K. says:

    Definitely the boy of my dreams regardless what happens. Because it would be the kind of love that makes you something bigger, makes you whole.

    Having someone who isn’t perfect for you, but you have a stable happy relationship, means there’s something still missing. And I think that in the long run that would make you less happy in the relationship.

    Thank you!!

    Your books are awesome!!

  156. I’ll give it to you simply: Life’s to short for a boring relationship!

  157. AHH! The cover of godess is so beautiful!

    I would have to go for the starcrossed relationship. Im a total sucker for forbidden love, even if its doomed and the consequencs are huge. Its so romantic having to fight for each other and a future together!

    You can just imagine it…Your heart races when you see him, your eyes meet a secret flickers between the two of you, a small smile plays on your lips as you walk past him and your hands graze each other. (im swooning :’))

    Oh! Hoping for a happy ending for Helen and Lucas <3

  158. Annemarie says:

    I would rather have a stable dependable relationship with a happily ever after. At least i would know the person would be there for me if i ever needed them.

  159. I would definitely have the a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically, because the stable relationship would be boring and unfufilling while the passionate love would be exciting, mind blowing, earth shattering and a once in a life time thing!Definitely Passion over Stability!

  160. Bethany Averie says:

    I’m with those who say they’d want dependable love. While I like to read about them, I don’t think I’d want to LIVE one. I’m pretty happy with the man I married. He’s my real life hero! :-)

  161. Can’t I have the tumultuous love affair that turns stable in the end?

    No? Ok, I’m going to have to go with the starcrossed love then, I can deal with tragic, and I’d rather have a short time with the boy of my dreams than to have never met him at all.

    Besides, if the ending of the starcrossed love doesn’t kill me, I would eventually love again and probably end up in a stable happily ever after kind of relationship.

  162. I would rather have a dependable love affair. I can’t stand the loss of a loved one. Its too heartbreaking.

  163. I would have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams ❤

  164. Ooh, this has to do with that “is it better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all” question? I think I would rather have a stable love. Not that a passionate, tumultuous love wouldn’t be great, but I don’t think I’m the type that could bear having lost it. It makes coming back to reality that much harder. :’(

  165. I would rather have the epic love that ends tragically then the stable dependable one. I feel like the epic love would be far more passionate and exciting which to me is what love is supposed to be.

  166. Katelyn L. says:

    I would rather have the happily ever after, because I don’t think I could live my life with out the one I love. It would just be better if i didn’t know the passion in the first palce, so I can have my happily ever after.

  167. I would want the passionate love affair.

  168. Krystal Larson says:

    I would rather have the happily ever after ^^

  169. The stable relationship since it seems like we’ll both be happy in the end which is really that matters (: Also, the guy of my dreams might not be as perfect as I make him out to be!

  170. I know everyone finds it the more romantic thing to say they’d rather meet the boy of their dreams, that whole “better to have loved and lost than never love at all” situation. But at the moment, I’ve had quite the reality check so I’m going to have to say I’d rather endure my longterm happiness with a good boyfriend than a short whirlwind with someone I won’t be able to stay with.

  171. I would rather have the star crossed love so I wouldn’t be going through the rest of my life questioning if there is something more out there.

  172. Of course i would have a passion love affair with the boy of my dreams… Who cares about a still life and a stable love affair? Better stay with the boy of my dreams, with my soulmate, who really loves me…

  173. I wish id take the chance and have a star crossed love, but i think the truth is that id just play it safe. As long as i was happy.

    Thankyou for the giveaway. I can’t wait for Goddess! :D

  174. Dawn Doyle says:

    I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically. To not ever be with the man of my dreams? I would hate that. Better to have loved and lost…
    Thanks for the opportunity for this great book!
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  175. I would actually rather skip the whole Starcrossed lovers thing myself and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been there, done that, almost 10 years ago now and its a very tough thing to get over, the consequences of the relationship ending in an unhappily ever after is really rough and I hate to say I’m not strong enough for it, but I guess I’m not. BUT with that being said, I do love a good book with the scenario and the Starcrossed Trilogy is my favorite of them all! Can’t wait for Goddess!!!

  176. Clarisse H says:

    I think that a would take passion and heartbreak. I think that love without passion or adventure isn’t really love. At least it’s not the kind of love I want yet.
    The kind of love people write novels, songs or poems about are the ones with passion and danger.
    That’s the kind of love I want.

  177. I’d say I’d prefer to live happily ever after. Passion dies, even in the best of relationships. I’d rather have stability and longevity. To me, that’s more of a true love than the kind that’s doomed from the start.

    (I’m not sure what my Rafflecopter login stuff is, but it might be my facebook account, fyi.)

  178. Stephanie Carrico says:

    Part of me wants the passionate love even if it ends tragically….
    I feel life should be LIVED….don’t be an observer but feel and do
    things fully…
    But the mature side of me….would love a HAPPILY EVER AFTER ending…
    to love deeply and grow old with the love of my life…is nice too….
    Tough question…..

  179. Sarah Cruz says:

    Definitely a star-crossed love :)

  180. I would choose the starcrossed love. Just to have the intensity of such a feeling, even if it was fleeting.

  181. I would like to at least know the boy of my dreams, even if we never could have our happily ever after. After that I would like to be a part of a stable, loving relationship but to never forget my truest of loves.

  182. Oh gosh, I wish I could say I’d be the kind of person that handles being a starcrossed lover, because it sounds SO ROMANTIC, but I’m just not built for that kind of drama… Which may be why I love reading about it so much ;) I’d rather have my happily ever after, because if everything was working against me, I don’t think I’d get much of anything done aside from crying and pining for my boy and I like to relax and snuggle with the boyfriend in my precious few moments off from work.

  183. Giaochau Nguyen says:

    This is really tough. Between a starcrossed love or a stable love. I would rather have the happily ever after because I want to be able to live with the one I love and have my own happily ever after.

  184. I would love to have a star-crossed love of my own in spite of the consequences because I have learned that life is about being adventerous, have the time of the life with those who you love, and truly being happy every day!


  185. I would prefer a stable, happy relationship. I wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life remembering my dream-boy and how I had to let him go. Though the other man isn’t the boy of my dreams, I still would be happy because there is someone I love and he loves me back. Besides, nothing is better than a happily ever after, :) <3

  186. Ileana A. says:

    This is a tough one!! But I would like not have meet the boy of mis dreams, but at least have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. The other option is way to sad.

  187. Katherine says:

    I would have to choose a starcrossed love because even though it would end badly to have that can’t eat, can’t sleep without knowing what there doing feeling and being so swept away in love would make the heartbreak worth it as I would always have the memories of such an epic romance, a romance that would make me feel so alive and that when im older I could say with a smile on my face; once when i was younger I met a guy that no matter our differences or troubles, I was his everything!

  188. That’s really hard!! I think I’d pick the happily ever after. If you never met the guy of your dreams, then you wouldn’t have to live with the heartache of not being able to be with him. That would hurt so much worse than never meeting him to begin with. Plus, you would still get to be happy!

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I’m SO excited to read Goddess!

  189. I’d probably rather have the stable, dependable love. I mean, if that was all you’d ever known, then wouldn’t that one seem like the passionate, epic love? Also, I’m a sucker for happily ever afters.

  190. Samantha Fox says:

    Well since I am such a hopeless romantic why not go for the star-crossed love? Better being with that one someone for a while than never at all.

  191. I actually can’t decide. to be honest… I have been single for nearly 5 years for the reason that no one has really made my stomach flip. To have a star crossed love which only comes along once in a lifetime would be amazing even if it ended badly, it would be intense and there would be more passion in there then you would need in a lifetime and really it would be special.

    To have your happily ever after is what many people want with their life not falling off a cliff in to love, but going down a gentle slide and ending up in the same place. and being able to have many years with this person and knowing that they would be there.

    I suppose that all I want in life to just to be loved no matter what the length of it. which is probably why i cant decide.

  192. This is very difficult to answer, but if I had to choose, I’d rather go the easy path and live happily ever after.

  193. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I would rather have the passionate love affair with the man of my dreams and soul mate than to not know him at all. I would rather have the chance to experience that kind of love and emotions then to not ever know it. Its a once in a lifetime chance and even though it may not be forever, it is worth the risk.

  194. well… if it was lucas we were talking about, i’m pretty sure i could handle a little tragedy;)

  195. Oooh! Thanks so much for the giveaway, Josie!
    Here’s my answer:

    As much as I love a lot of drama in books, I’d rather not have it in real life. I really don’t think that I can handle falling in love with someone and not being with them. So even if it may take insanely long to get into that relationship? As long as we DO get there, then in fine with it. :) I’ll do whatever I can for that love.

    Much love always,
    SNP <3

  196. Deffintley better to have had the man of your dreams, despite what may happen, lifes to short to settle for the comfortable and stable x

  197. Hm. I’m not sure. I think I would choose the stable love affair because if I had to lose the boy of my dreams, I don’t know if I’d be able to love again after that.

  198. Hey y’all
    It all depends do I have a special power like helen because if I do
    Then I can just find a way too bring him back from whatever dom he placed himself in I know it’ll be hard but come on anything can happen in a paranormal romance (and if it dont work out the first try there always the sequel) ;)

  199. Billie Surrey says:

    I would be with the one i love because no matter what consequences, if you truly love and trust that person you know that you can get through them.

  200. Can’t wait!!!

  201. I think it would be interesting, but I think starcrossed lovers is a sign for trouble. But I think it would be fun just to experience. :)

  202. Every girl wants to have the passionate romance with the bad boy of her dreams, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather give up the dream and be happy with a dependable, stable love affair. Passion comes and goes but reality doesn’t have an expiration date. (Of course, one could have a passionate love affair that becomes a stable, dependable happily ever after…)

  203. Love is a risk no matter which you choose so given the choice I would have to pick passion even if I knew how the story would end, if I would of read the last page first, the feeling it gives you is incomparable to any other feeling, it makes you strong but weak at the same time, it makes you feel alive & although sometimes it might be bitter sweet to look back on memories of what could of been or what you should of done they were what you wanted at the time & as they say ‘you should never regret the things you do, only what you don’t’ I truly believe that someone who sweeps you off you feet, makes your tummy tingle whenever your near them, makes you feel like you can take over the world is the person who you are meant to love, maybe not forever, maybe not even for long but consequences or not when true love hits you know about it and damned if you can stop it even if you know its not right thing for you.

  204. The man of my dreams, passionate love affair, the works. Even if it ended in tears!

    Better to have loved and lost and all that jazz :) <3

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  205. A stable one that ends happily. No question. I don’t want any tragedies. :)

  206. I was SO happy to discover your books in the first place. Such great prose. Like I told you… you have wonderful control of language! Can’t wait to continue the journey with Goddess :-)

  207. I would choose to have the guy of my dream and lost tragically. There would still be love at one point but eventually the other will love again, even if it’s not as perfect as the first. The memories are still there.

  208. There’s always time for stability later in your life! I say live life to the fullest when you have the chance. Plus, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist my true loves charms, just like Helen! XD XD


  209. For me, I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy in my dreams, even though it means it ends tragically, because at least you met the boy of your dreams, the boy your destined for, your true love. Even if it ends badly, at least you know that there is someone out there who loves you and will never stop fighting for you. You’ll know that someone loves you so much, that you can never be together. I would rather live a life knowing who my true love is, instead of loving the wrong guy, a guy you’re not meant to be. Love sucks, but it’s the most powerful thing on the world. <3

  210. Stelina Papagianneli says:

    I would rather have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, because well we only live once and I would rather have a love like this even if it lasts for a short time and enjoy every bit of it! :) Can’t wait for Goddess!!!!! <3 <3 Love you Josie!

  211. I think i would prefer a star crossed love even if it ends tragically because I believe in true love, and being able to experience true love, even if its for only a short amount of time, is worth it. Besides, there’s always a chance that it will not end tragically, and you’ll be able to be with the boy of your dreams forever :)

  212. Danielle D says:

    Dang – look at all the comments already! I think i’ll go with epic, passionate, sweet-you-of-your-feet romance. After all, who says it will necessarily end badly? There’s always that chance, right? So that’s my pick!

  213. Romantically I think it would be nice to have that epic story but one that lasts. If not I would probably go for a stable, healthy relationship.

  214. I got to have my passionate wonderful tragic bittersweet everything it should have been affair. i have laughed, yearned and cried a new ocean and incited global warming over it! It was a great love and had all the elements of of a supernova! All things come to an end…even stable love, so as I sit here smiling (almost ready to giggle like a schoolgirl) with my memories…..YES – AB-SO-LUTE-LY….gimme the EARTH SHATTERING & STAR SMASHING …..LIFE DEFINING……LOVE!!!

    oh yeah and all this was over 20 years ago ;) still gets me

  215. I’d choose the stable option. I can’t even stand arguing with my boyfriend xD. Every time we’ve had some kind of crisis I ended up being such a mess that I don’t think I could stand a tumultuous, tragic kind of love. Plus, I have a problem with most star-crossed lovers stories: at some point I always think the characters are stupid…Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose and even Christian and Satine from Moulin Rouge (wich is one of my favorite movies, but I wouldn’t like to live something like that…so much suffering.)

  216. Starcrossed love affairs can be great but I’d rather have a long lasting love. I think I’ll stick to reading about starcrossed lovers after all I’ve had my fair share of them already. LOL

  217. This is definitely a hard question. I guess it would have to be living a stable and happy life. because losing someone you love is hard and can never lead to good things. Thanks for awesome giveaway!!

  218. I’d rather have a passionate, yet tragic, love affair with the guy of my dreams. I think that I’ll live better having experienced that kind of love and having known that I’ve met someone whom I’ve loved in that intensity and who has loved me in that same degree. :D

  219. If it meant following my heart, I would prefer a star-crossed lovers romance. Takes chances. Live life. Love with all your heart. The gods be damned. :)

  220. Cinnamongirl says:

    “‘ ’tis better to love and lost than to never have loved at all.” But I can’t see that Lucas and Helen wouldn’t be HEA. Orion deserves some happy too…as a writer why would you make us fall in love with these characters only to take it all away? So I’m good with: who is “meant to be” with whom? Who shall survive? Will Daphne come clean? Only the wheel of fate will tell….(or Josephine)

  221. I’d rather have a heart-stopping and passionate love even if it ends tragically rather than having someone that isn’t fully and totally in love with me. I just like the idea of having the time of my life with someone I love fully and irrevocably than having a safe and stable companion.

  222. Ashley Orellana says:

    I would love the have a wonderful romance the the boy of my dreams!! I mean how many times will you be able to fully be in bliss with the one that you know is meant for you. Plus if it ends tragically, you will always fall back on the beautiful memories of the one that you love!! Although i mean I would really be hurting like hell but i mean if it didn’t hurt you weren’t really in love. Know were you.. huh huh huh????

  223. I would choose true love that ends in tragedy than dependable love that ends in happiness because true love is a once in a lifetime thing.

  224. Virginia Diaz says:

    I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically because you know what they say, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”

  225. star-crossed love.true love. yes it will end in tragedy but true love isn’t something that comes along everyday plus no one lives forever, you may as well enjoy everything you can.

  226. Miao Zhuang says:

    I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically. To me its better to have a amazing time with the boy of my dreams and end horribly than to never have experienced it and let the chance leave me. It might have been the best thing that could happen. It cant end that bad if they truly love each other. ;)

  227. Virginia Diaz says:

    The tweet for the rafflecopter is wrong. It says “enter to Enter the giveaway to win DREAMLESS”

  228. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically. Because it would be exciting and new!

  229. Chelsea Barker says:

    I would choose to be madly in love and it ends tragically. To have a true love once in your life, even for a while, is better to experience it than to go a lifetime without that feeling.

  230. if he’s the right one i wouldn’t need stability. i’d rather go with true love, consequences and tragedy than sitting around with someone else. maybe you’ll just get that chance once!

  231. It’s a pretty toughie question…but I guess I would choose a star-crossed love, despite the consequences, because not every love is easy and stable and dependable. Every love is different and yet special in its own way. There will always be choice and consequences that shape the relationship, but they are tests to show whether or not you are truly meant to be or not. For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, yeah, I would go for the passionate Starcrossed love.

  232. Passion all of the way. Passion is so very important in any relationship without it the relationship will simple fizzle out and die. Thank you for the amazing giveaway xxx

  233. Despite the consequences, I would still like a star-crossed love. There would be a guaranteed place in life where everything would still feel right despite the troubles faced. Thank you :]

  234. Meagan Hallen says:

    I would pick the love affair along with meeting the man of my dreams :) That’s always been my dream to meet a man like that :)

  235. I would rather experience a star-crossed love no matter the consequences than a stable relationship not because there is anything wrong with a stable relationship, but I feel that love is supposed to grow deeper as trials are conquered and people bring out the best in each other. If the relationship does come to an end for any reason knowing that you loved so deeply further proves that the person you lost changed you and became a part of yourself forever. Feeling that kind of love is worth everything. <3

  236. I rather have love and it end tragically. Nothing in life is easy especially finding and being with the one you love. You will always have to endure obstacles. I’m a person that lives in the moment. I rather enjoy what I have now and have memories forever. It’s worth taking that risk. Some people are to afraid of doing that and find themselves truly not knowing what real love is. It’s imperfect and you can’t control it. Love does crazy unexpected things. It will make you change in a instance and worth every second of it.

  237. I would rather have the dependable, stable love affair that ends happily because at least I’d have the reassurance that, somehow, I got a happy ending. And let’s not mention the fact that I would be the first zombie that breathes if the love I got ends tragically. At least if I get the stable love affair, I wouldn’t know the happiness I’d get with the man of my dreams. I would be blissfully ignorant, therefore, I’d be happy and wonderfully content with what I got.

  238. I have the stable love and there is a small part of me that wishes that I had a star crossed romance that burned hot and heavy. To know that kind of excitement and passion even for a small time is something I think we all yearn for.

  239. Katherine Beaulieu says:

    I would choose a star-crossed love, something that is passionate and heated even if it ends really fast because at least I will of had the experience of a lifetime. I will carry those emotions for the rest of my life and most likely all men will pale in comparison after that but I will be eternally changed and I would carry the memories with me for the rest of my life.

  240. When I read books, I think I would love to be in a star-crossed love relationship, but when I think about it, I don’t think I could handle the tragic ending part so in the end I would have to go with stable, dependable love. <3

  241. I think I would choose the ‘starcrossed’ lover path for my life, no matter what the cost. I mean, if it is really true love, you have to be able to deal with the hard times as well as the good times. Though I’d hope that my story wasn’t one of the ones that ends tragically, if it did, I’d rather be able to say that I was able to spend as much time as I could with my one true love, then never to have had the experience in the first place. It’s easy for a person to want a reliable and stable relationship with a person, but with real, true love being so rare, and so hard to find in our society, if I was lucky enough to find it, I would jump on it and never look back…

  242. I have already experienced (and still experiencing) a stable, dependable love relationship for the last 12 years. But…I would love to see what a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams feels like. I love my husband (have to add that ;)) and of course, it has to be him because he is the man of my dreams! Even if it ends tragically, at least I experienced it and it would stay with me forever! <3

  243. Oh wow! What a hard question! I think I’m going to go with the passionate, star-crossed love because I think it’s better to experience that at least once in your life.

  244. I haven’t found love yet, but I think that I’d rather prefer the passionate, star-crossed love. Why not try to defy the odds and have one heck of a time while doing so? For me, finding the one you’re meant to be with is supposed to be this crazy, memorable ride, one that will make you not regret a single thing. Sure, your heart may get broken in the end, but at least you can say you tried and then that’ll make you stronger as a person. And sure, that person who’s stable, a rock, can be just as right for you as the star-crossed love, but are they going to offer you this crazy fun time? Yes, you’ll love them and may come back to them in the very end, but I’d much rather first try what a star-crossed lover has to offer me before I go stable. :)

  245. christina brereton says:

    i’d have to go with dependable love, because i know that whatever goes on thru out my day, i know someone is at home with my fuzzy socks, and hugs and kisses.

  246. I think I would rather have the starcrossed romance. I know that the end would be bittersweet, but finding someone that you love on that level is a once in a lifetime thing. I would rather love with all of my heart and soul then just go through the motions with someone else.

  247. As someone who has never had either type of relationship, I’d probably pick the doomed, passionate love with the boy of my dreams. I’m a sucker for a tragedy and a sad song, but relating to either of those things is something I’ve never experienced. So heck, why not?!

  248. Although a passionate love sounds so romantic ans surely we all wish for a kind of love like that, I’d go for a dependable and stable love.

  249. I would say it’s better to have a passionate love than to never find the guy of your dreams. Even if you lose it, you will at least know the feeling you had when everything was perfect and you were in love with someone who loved you right back.

  250. Pardon me for sounding cliche, but I want a love that consumes. I think it would be better to have the best possible and most passionate love you’ll ever have, or nothing at all. You may not have it forever but you wouldn’t want it if it’s only half ass. It’s like comparing an iphone to an old lg. Sure, one’s dependable and though the others made of glass and breaks a milion times easier…you want the very best. So why wouldn’t you in your love life? Exactly. You would. If I couldn’t have a love that’s on fire, I’d rather have no love at all.

  251. Oh gods, I can’t answer this question. Josie Josie Josie stop tormenting me! T.T

    Oh, alright. If I absolutely positively had to choose, then… I’d go with the stable, dependable one. As much as I would love a passionate relationship like Helen and Lucas’s, I don’t think I can handle it. >.< I'm too sensitive for my own good, ha.


    (*hint hint*)
    (Oh, and the next time I stalk- see you at an event, I'm still going to ask for spoilers. So you might as well give me the ARC now. MWAHAHA.)

  252. May Abraham says:

    That’s a difficult decision. Everyone says that they want a star-crossed, passionate, fire burning love, but I think when it comes down to it, in reality, we all want stability. We want to know that what we have today is going to be there tomorrow and years from then. The passion and craze is good for a while but there comes a time where it drains a person. It’s too much and both persons in the relationship will get too frustrated with the effort that is to be put in the relationship.
    Like I said, in our imagination, it’s all we want in a relationship, but in reality, we want the security of knowing that they’ll always be there.

  253. Tuffy! Well I would love a star-crossed love, however I wouldn’t enjoy the not so happy ending. I would rather pick the usually boring type of guy that will always be around. I pick this because I have found and married my dream man.

  254. My first response, as a teenager and avid reader, is a sweep-you-off-your-feet romance that is amazing but ends tragically! (Because hey, they almost always turn out okay at the end of the books, right?) But then thinking rationally, the older I get…I’ll probably want a more stable relationship with someone I love and who loves me. Also, who’s to say we can’t have a little adventure, too! :) Awesome giveaway, hope to complete my ARC matching set of the trilogy!!!

  255. Fatima Balfaqih says:

    Tumultuous and passionate love affair! Hands down. I don’t want to settle for something dependable and stable, even if it sounds more practical better for the heart. I think it’s better to have experienced something that you are passionate about even if you know the consequences are bad because then you’ll know you did have something worth the consequences…does that make sense? Maybe not. But I guess that’s what passionate and tumultuous does! It doesn’t make sense that someone would want to have something that would end badly than stable but I guess the best kind of love doesn’t make sense :)

  256. A passionate affair with the boy of my dreams, definately. “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

  257. That is a loaded question, because in all honesty a woman will choose any man.
    That man, just has to prove to the woman that he’s the ‘one’.
    If a woman has a dependable, and stable love affair that ends happily, then that man has become the guy of her dreams. That is the thing about dreams, they are manipulated over time to fit the current circumstance. The same goes for relationships, they change and grow in maturity as you do. Having a relationship with the man of your dream with a tragic ending, will help you sort out the frogs and princes in your life.
    What I’m trying to say is you can not have a stable and dependent relationship, without a tragic break up. It’s part of the experience of life, and can only make you stronger and wiser, if you let it.

  258. With the boy of my dreams. It would be worth it in the end :)

  259. As a tragical ending of such a love affair would destroy me, so I think I would prefer “normal” love with a happy ending.

  260. paulami banerjee says:

    i would definitely choose a passionate , tumultuous love affair with the boy of my dreams even if it ends badly. because in that case the moments i am to spent with him will stay with me forever even if we are meant to be apart. those moments will become life and worth the pain afterwards. it is definitely better to live life fully with your true love in moments than to live a long life with a stable relationship which also have uncertainties, for who knows what happens in future… and falling in love with someone does not necessarily mean that you are to have a happy ending, another face of love is losing it . but if we does not accept it just because it is to end on a tragic note, then i think it is really foolishness. for in an uncertain life, which just loves to give us as many surprise as it can , how can we believe on a stable relationship and not on a starcrossed one?

    i don’t even know whether it is making any sense or not but i am really truly eagerly waiting for the third book………………

  261. Though a stable relationship is what would be great to have since I wouldn’t have to worry about losing him and I could finally have the wedding of my dreams but that star-crossed love is so exciting and passionate that it appeals to me more. Having that feeling of true love would be way better than an ordinary relationship that doesn’t have excitement.

  262. Oh my goodness I can’t wait for this book!!

    In real life I think I’d have to say that I prefer a reliable love with a happy ending – one that doesn’t break my heart or leave me feeling sad. In books though I think it’s more fun to read about the tumultuous and possibly tragic love affairs.

  263. Roxanne Kade says:

    I think that anyone and everyone wants to have a passionate love affair! It’s a big part of why we love reading books so much! Every romantic novel, whether it be contemporary or paranormal, has a tumulteous, forbidden love story and we as readers are allowed to live vicariously through the characters of these books. There’s a real excitement that comes with passion and a whirlwind love that sweeps you off your feet. This is heightened by the danger of losing your heart to someone even if you know your relationship is doomed to fail. We all crave these feelings, and sometimes we end up losing, heartbroken and filled with despair. Buit what if that one time it works out and you find your happily ever after, after all. If we are too afarid to take the risk, how will we ever know?! And besides, we might just end up with both :) who says we can’t have it all?? :)

  264. I’m a very practical person, so my first instinct tells me too choose the “safe” one. But when I think about it, I think there isn’t just that one person in the world for us, because what if “the one” lived in Taiwan and you live in the States and there is no possible way of you two to meet? Or what if “the one” dies suddenly and you haven’t even met him? Well.. that’d be pretty sad to tell you the truth, so my opinion is that there are multiple people who could possibly match for us, maybe there is just that one match who is a better match. So.. That being said, I think I’d choose a star-crossed love, because people’s best attribute is to love and be loved so in the end I’d probably find somebody to love and take his place, if it were indeed to end up badly. Time is supposed to heal all wounds right? Also, there’s always a possibility that we can change the rules or run away etc, so maybe me and my star-crossed lover could get our HEA, it’s not unheard of anyway.

  265. I’d go for the ‘dependable, stable love affair that ends happily’. I don’t like taking chances.

  266. Definitely the stable love affair! Love happy endings :)

  267. The boy of my dreams, without a doubt.

  268. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically.
    Please, come to Italy.

  269. Jessica Marken says:

    This is a difficult one! I must say I’ve always loved the tragic love stories…Romeo and Juliet, An Affair to Remember, West Side Story, Splendor in the Grass. But I can say at the end of each book or movie I always am left with that feeling, that hope that the ending would change! So maybe Im more a dependable love gal when it comes to real life. Not to say I don’t believe in being with someone you actually love, I just don’t require all the drama. That said, this is probably why I find myself reading about these amazing characters, their tangled love triangles and the impossible situations they find themselves in.

  270. Jess Kemmish says:

    I would go with stable because just reading tragic love stories makes me cry so I don’t know how I’d survive one!! Thank you for the givaway and I am sooooooooo excited about Goddess!!! I bet it will be amazing!! :)

  271. reading mind says:

    I had a ‘starcrossed’ love story. It didn’t end well, and it killed me. I’ll go with stable relationship

  272. Dhruvi Patel says:

    I’m really not sure how to answer this question. Sure meeting the boy of my dreams will be like finding my soul mate, but not if that means that in the future, we’ll be tortune apart! i guess… i would still go for it. Even for a little while, i have found someone that makes me happy and love me as well, what eles can I want! Even if he dies, whos gonna stop me from following or even replying his memories in my heart???

  273. Mary Preston says:

    I will take stable & dependable every time thank you. I’ve done the other & it’s no fun.

  274. First thing out of my mouth will tell you star-crossed love, but I kno win real life, I’d pick being happy for a long time. :) Thank you for the giveaaway!

  275. Victoria Whitfield says:

    I’d rather have a happily ever after with my dream boy in a stable relationship, because with a tragic ending you would always be longing for the passion again – and you’d always want him back even if it was just a for a calmer relationship.

  276. I only live once and I’ve always been hopelessly romantic. I’d rather have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams even if it ends tragically. I also think that love conquers all so I guess it’d be worth it. :)

  277. Kimberly Green says:

    I would totally go for the starcrossed affair. Better to have a real true short love than a non to true love affair. I mean I would be totally crushed afterwards, but I think that it would have been worth it.

  278. Personally,I prefer a star-crossed love. ’cause even if it lasts less time,there will be more passion,love (cause it last less time )… Than a perfect love where you are “bored”,where you know what is going to happen. And if it ends tragically,you can say to yourself that you’ve never had a so beautiful,wonderful experience in your life and you’ll remember it forever.

    (sorry for my english if it is not perfect XD)

  279. I would probably want a dependable love affair that ends happily because i think i couldn’t deal with the hurt of losing the love of my life. I think if you don’t know what you miss you can’t miss anything!

  280. I´d rather have a stable one. I want a stable future and kids someday. Not a broken heart and memories that hurt every day. Even if a passionate love affair has it´s pros, too ;)

  281. I would rather have the star crossed passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams. I don’t think I could handle a safe love just because it ends happily. I very much believe in what is meant to happen, happens.

  282. Hannah McCormick says:

    I think thats a really hard question and until i’ve experianced love i can’t answer propelly. at the moment though, i think i would prefere the relationship with the boy of my dreams even though loosing him will break me. thanks so much for the give away-i really hope i win so i can see if Helen and Lucas do get together.

  283. Mary Shoemaker says:

    Well we only live once so, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically, here I come.

  284. Elena Feltri says:

    I think I would prefer a happy ending, even if to be with the guy of my dreams for a short period would be sooo amazing, but too much to bear….

  285. Easy I would want to meet my starcrossed love. Passionate love is what life is worth living for.

  286. For me it is all about the boy of my dreams… so yeah it is the starcrossed love with the romance and the passion. I just don’t see the point in sharing a life together when it is not your soulmate you’re spending it with. And with this I mean that it doesn’t matter to me how long I can spend time with my love of my life… because in the end this time will be the best and the happiest of my life!!!

  287. It ‘s a hard choice … but I think I choose without doubt a stable and dependable love affair that ends happily. Also, if it was with the guy of my dreams … even better! ;)

  288. I would go for the star-crossed love affair, even if I knew the ending would be tragic. A love like that is an once in a lifetime opportunity (possibly never in a lifetime opportunity) and I wouldn’t pass it up. Better to have loved (the boy of your dreams) and lost, then to never have loved at all… right? I would say right!

  289. tragic love. i don’t like easy things

  290. Filia Oktarina says:

    I am, of course, definitely the stable love relationship type :)

  291. Vivan Moss says:

    A stable love, for sure. I hate it to be disappointed, although it’d be THE true love!

  292. I would go with a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily.I don’t think I could deal with the loss of a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams.

  293. Rashika Bahl says:

    That’s a hard one seeing that we all want to meet the boy of our dreams but if its going to break your heart is it really worth it? When you could stay happy for the rest of your life but not meet the boy of your dreams and not end up heart broken what would you choose? i think i would choose meeting the boy of my dreams because that small time we are together would be enough for an eternity because whatever happens i will know that i won’t give up. It doesnt matter if the relationship ends tragically… maybe if we wait long enough we would be given another chance and maybe be given our happily ever after but why walk away when you could live with hope and know that you gave the guy of your dreams a chance.

  294. Emmalee Giantomasso says:

    I’ll take a tragic love affair with my true love than settling with okay.

  295. Hmmm it’s an hard one but i think i would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically, i wouldn’t miss my chance to have real passion, plus if i meet the boy of my dream i’m not sure i could turn down somebody who’s destined to be with me, how could you not compare everybody else after knowing he existed! You would turn him down and end miserably with somebody reliable and more secure for you but will spend the rest of your like wondering what if?

  296. Oh my god! I’m so excited to know what will happen to all the characters in Starcrossed, I can not wait! Everyone would like to have a relationship like Helen and Lucas no matter what! Sorry, but my English is not very good, I’m from Argentina.
    I look forward to the arrival of Goddess, I love you Josie!

  297. Veray Carter says:

    I wouldn’t mind a tumultuous relationship if it had a happy ending. I would want the fight to be worth it. I’m not much into tragedies and feel angry when I read them. I wouldn’t want to live one. But after saying that I believe that my marriage is for eternity, and I married the boy of my dreams, so if he tragically died I would know that we will be together again and I would try to live the best life I could so that I would be worthy to be with him again in the eternities.

  298. Kajal Kaushal says:

    I love your series! Plus it’s helped me a lot when we started reading The Odyssey in English ;) hahaha love the series and i hope i win!

  299. Oh my god! I’m so excited to know what will happen to all the characters in Starcrossed, I can not wait! Everyone would like to have a relationship like Helen and Lucas no matter what! Sorry, but my English is not very good, I’m from Argentina.
    I look forward to the arrival of Goddess, I love you Josie!!!

  300. Looking forward to reading this one!!! Love the cover too.

  301. Whoa, that’s one hard question. :/ I guess I’d like the love of my dreams with consequences because I know that those consequences won’t matter if he’s the one I love most.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! ^__^

  302. I’m not really sure… i’m 15 and i’ve never had a boyfriend so i don’t have much experience, but in my romantic mind, i think i’d like a passionate love with the man of my dreams AND for us to live happily ever after!!

  303. I’m not sure but I reckon I would want to be with the boy of my dreams, and hope the consequences aren’t too harsh.

  304. I don’t think I could handle the heartbreak of being star crossed lovers. It would be too emotionally hard.

  305. I know how painful losing a loved one is and I also do not like tragedy so I will settle for the stable love with a HEA.
    I’m so much looking forward to Goddess! This year I’ve read a lot of books that were the second one of a series; the majority were quite disappointing but yours wasn’t and I know that the last book will be great as well!
    I hope Helen and Lucas will get together again and that everyone will have their HEA :)
    Thank you for this giveaway, Josie!!! ♥

  306. That’s such a difficult question! I think I would rather having a stable relationship rather than have a starcrossed love. Even though I love reading about starcrossed romances I don’t think I would be able to go through one myself!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway :D

  307. Starcrossed all the way.
    Despite the emotional and mental consequences, to have that story and that experience as one of your own is something that most people would want, even if they think it’s too hard to deal with at the time.
    I’d much rather be able to say that I had done all that with the person of my dreams than to have to say that I didn’t want to take the chance to see if it could turn into something amazing.

  308. DeeDee Griffin says:

    I know it’s boring, but I’d prefer to have the stable, dependable love with the happy ending rather than the passionate, tumultuous affair with the man of my dreams that ends tragically. I prefer to read about star-crossed lovers though!

  309. I’d go for the passionate love affair any day even though it will end in tragedy but it’s much better then ever meeting the love of your life and being alone for ever :)

  310. I’d rather have a star crossed passionate relationship because love is one aspect where I don’t care about the consequences. I want to love with reckless abandon even if nothing comes out of it in the end. There’s an irresistible beauty about the chaos of love and I would love to experience that. I’d wait all my life. Some people would say that it’s stupid to want a love like that but I don’t know…if it’s not true love what’s the point? I don’t need a guy to support myself, so why even engage in a relationship just for the sake of one even if it is stable and dependable and all that..I don’t want stability, I want someone who’ll love me just as passionately as I love him.

  311. Cassandra Armstrong says:

    First off I would like to say that I am a hopeless romantic. I love the books were the boy gets the girl, and they live happily ever after with a white picket fence. HOWEVER, as much as I love a happy ending I would chose a star-crossed love any day of the week. To have a TRUE love with someone and have it end badly is just fine for me. At least I loved freely with someone that I truly truly loved. The good the bad and the ugly. I will take it all. I would rather have my heart broken then to just go though the motions with someone else. To be safe and make sure that you don’t get hurt, to me that is not love, that’s playing it safe, and that’s not enough for me.

  312. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically. If he’s my true love than nothing can tear us apart. I mean, isn’t that essence of Lucas’ and Helen’s relationship ? Lucas and Helen want to be together even if they can’t, but if their love is strong enough, than nothing can tear them apart, neither the Gods. So if the boy of my dreams is my true love, than we’ll get through all consequences.

  313. ‘It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all’ – I would make the most of it before it is over and I’ve lost him

  314. Ssssssooooooo excited about the next book!!!! Thanks! :)

  315. That definitely depends on one thing; Do I really really really love the guy in the steady relationship? Because if I do, then I would rather have a boring, steady relationship that will end badly. But if I don’t, then hands-down the passionate star-crossed tragic end with the guy of my dreams…

  316. I’ve had dependable and stable for over 15 years. My answer would be: have that tumultuous, passion-filled romance and enjoy every minute of it while it lasts. But then… settle down with Mr. Dependable. In the long run, you won’t have any regrets ;)

  317. Tragic ending? No thanks. Tumultuous love is fine for novels, real life means much more and lasts longer ;-)

  318. I would rather have a passionate love affair with the boys of my dreams and have it end tragically rather than a stable love. The reason is simple; I can be happy living with the rest of my life with almost anyone, but there is only one person who is the love of your life. And when you find them you should spend as much time as possible with them, even if only for a little while.

  319. MaryAngelica Rivodo says:

    i wouldn’t want either. what would be the point of having a stable love if its not with the person of your dreams and if i did find the man of my dreams i would never want it to end tragically cause in the end it would hurt the both of us and i wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life with that pain and sorrow and the possibility that i might never move on and be happy.

  320. I would like to think i would pick the passionate love affair because true love is meant to be most powerful and important thing in life, making all the risks you take for it worthwhile and meaning you don’t have regrets. Plus in all love triangles in books i’m always rooting for the true love couple and go crazy when the female protangonist even considers another character because its so obvious true love would be worth anything and all else would be wrong, but in reality i don’t know if i could be that brave and live through a tragic ending. If it was just a tumultous love of course i would pick that because without the lows the highs of the love wouldn’t be so….well high, but if it had a tragic ending i would rather have the stable relationship and the happily ever after as i don’t know how you would go on without the person you shared that true love with.

  321. I love the star crossed books soooo much I’m super excited for Goddess omg I like fangirl over the books there so so so good <3 <3 thank u sooo much

  322. I would go far Starcrossed love because it can be tragic and as well as love that is forbidden

  323. Cassie Hileman says:

    I would want a stable love. Life is hard enough without the extra drama.

  324. Starcrossed love for sure. Even if it ends tragically, at least you had the real thing…a love that moved the sun and stars.

  325. alicia marie says:

    I think I’d rather have the star-crossed love with the boy of my dreams even knowing it was going to end badly. I think it would be too boring to go for the stable love : )

  326. Courteney B says:

    Personally I think I would go for star crossed love. Don’t get me wrong…mostly happily ever after is good and all, but to have the all consuming love that star crossed lovers feel is priceless.

  327. Alrighty…What a question! I’m afraid I would go with not meeting the boy of my dreams, but have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily.
    I suppose it comes from background stuff, if I had the possibility of a dependable stable love, hell, a wonderful dependable friendship that blooms into love then I’d take it. Sometimes you can’t acheive even that in life. Plus if I don’t choose the boy of my dreams then does that help him not-die-a-horribly-tragic-death. Gotta love loopholes. :)

  328. Whatalicesaw says:

    I am on pins & needles waiting for this book to come out. Please don’t make us wait much longer.

  329. Patricia Duarte says:

    Passionate is the answer when you are young and you like enjoying life till the very limit…then you get oldish and choose that good guy who sometimes doesn’t provide the excitment or the edge but you can rely on him and build a family knowing for sure that he won’t disappoint you.

  330. Immi Russell says:

    I would want to passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, I am about to take the leap of faith myself, on Monday, I am going to ask him out, leaping into the unknown is scary but I really like him and I hope he likes me too. Even if it ends tragically, at least it was something to end. Here it goes anyway…

  331. Tatiana Um. says:

    I would like to have a true love affair, even if this one doesn’t have a happy end, that wouldn’t be a complete happy end. Would be?
    Even if would be what would be the sense to have a happy end if is without the boy of your dreams? that´s no make sense for me.
    i think that a turbulent day but a day in which I was completely happy and loved, with the boy of my dreams would worth more than thousand peaceful but unhappy days with other guy, that is no the guy of my dreams.
    I think we need to fight for the things that we really want, for the feelings that we feel, the true feelings. We are losing the really sense of love, the true love, and we are just beginning to become fearful people to fight … that´s no good, yeah is hard to fight, but trust me we will never be happy completly in that way.
    And when you fight for something, that something becomes more special for you ´cause you fought for it , is your effort, is what you have been planing to have…
    Love is what I have been planing since i was a little kid.
    So i will have my end, and if is a tragically end it would doesn´t matter for me, because i want a REAL LOVE, with the guy of my dreams.
    I just want to feel the true love which Luke, Orion and Helena would die, no matter how… and I would fight for that.

  332. I would rather have a stable relationship. I think it would be nice to have a relationship with the boy of your dreams but I don’t think I could handle the tragic ending… I would much rather happily live out my life.

  333. I definitely would rather a passionate love affair with the guy of my dreams as even if it ended tragically it would probably be the best time and I wouldn’t be questioning if there was someone better like if I chose a stable romance.

  334. Star-crossed lovers… it’s hard to think about it, let alone be a part of it. But I believe in love. I believe that love, the worthwhile, the one that people talk about, aren’t the safe ones. They are the ones that give us all hope that love does conquer all. It’s about a love so insane, so gut-wrenching that nothing else compares because nothing else ever will. We only live once, that’s a fact we know, and to not be a part of something bigger when an opportunity has presented itself, is a waste.

    I could have a safe relationship, but everyone has that. I want a love that transcends.

  335. I would take the tragic passionate relationship any day. If I didn’t take the chance on a relationship to be happy I would mentally kick myself all the time. It is better to have had the relationship of a lifetime. Can’t wait for Goddess!

  336. I would want the stable, dependable one because in the end I think I would be happier looking back at my life knowing that it didn’t end in a tragedy. Life should be happy, and losing love is NEVER happy.

  337. Aleyda Castro says:

    Indeed i agree with many of the people that commented before. I think i would probably prefer to meet the boy of my dreams. What girl doesn’t ? Even though I know it would end tragically i still think it’s the better option because safe and predictable doesn’t necessarily mean better. I certainly wouldn’t want to live “happily ever after” with someone that i don’t truly consider the love of my life. If I met my dream boy and it ended tragically i would at least be satisfied to know that i experienced true happiness and enjoyed it while it lasted even though after i ended up brokenhearted i would know it was worth it.

  338. I think I would have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically because hey! You only live one, and you may as well be with the one you dream about :D

  339. Love is love, no matter what kind of love it is. Would I prefer true love that doesn’t have to be star-crossed? YES. Would I take a star-crossed love because it is totally worth it in the end? Yes. But is it my ideal love? No way, jose.

  340. To be honest, I’m all for the risk. Mostly because The Fault in Our Stars touched me so much. If the two characters with faulted stars and an impossible future chose to instead the more practical, safe path, would we have know the genius of John Green? No. Case closed.

  341. Jaime Lehman says:

    I would have to say never meeting the man of my dreams would be devastating. Even if i knew deep down it would end badly. To live just a stable life would eat me away knowing there is someone out there with a love so strong. There is no question that i embrace a star-crossed lover!!!!!!!!!

  342. A starcrossed love sounds really romantic, and I love reading about them. However, I would rather have a stable love of my own and not have to go through the tragedy even if it’s worth it in the end.

  343. I have always believed in that saying “It is better to have loved and lost, and to never have loved at all.” I believe strongly in true love, even if it ends tragically. If I could only have one moment with a perfect and passionate love, I wouldnt trade it for anything. We only have one life to live and you have to live in the moment. You cant be afraid of the unknown and sometimes to find that perfect love we have just have to take a leap of faith and hope that it survives. I could never settle for that stable and predictable love because I couldnt spend my life wondering what if.

  344. Im not really sure. Whoever I was more In love with.

  345. Kelley McElyea says:

    I would want a tragic, passionate love personally. Even if it ended badly, and no one is saying t would have to, it would be something crazy and fun. In a situation like that a person can feel like their life is perfect and complete, and not many people ever get to feel that way. I wish I could have that feeling.

  346. I think I would rather have the passionate love that I lost. Where is the adventure in love if you are in a stable relationship with the person you were not meant to be with.

  347. Cassandra Armstrong says:

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that wants to give a star crossed love a shot.

  348. I am in LOVE with the cover. Colours blending and mixing in so perfectly. The first and second book is AMAZING, I can’t wait for the third book I know it will be awesome

  349. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams. I don’t know. For me, it’s better to have a love affair that is earth-shattering, heart pounding and totally passionate than a stable one. A stable love affair might get boring after some time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  350. Cari_Pandas says:

    I would say that…. I would go for the passionate tragic love affair. There are many loves out there, but only one will stick to you the most…Yes, it will hurt, but it will be one of, if not the best, things in life that could happen…something you wholeheartedly know you won’t regret. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me (i havent read all the comments), but Love is entirely different world, with different mazes in it… or something..it’s complicated, yet easy at the same time. :D Its the one thing that is key to the world. If we all love, there’d be no war…people would work together. -but i guess that’s impossible- and i’ve strayed too far from the real question.

    • Cari_Pandas says:

      sorry…i got cut off… >,>
      But Yes, I would deal with the consequences…but love is a risk worth taking for. It may seem selfish sometimes..like Helen and Paris…. but. you can’t help it. Love is a mystery. an endless maze. a tragedy waiting to be occur. But there will only be one true love. One love you know sticks out from all the other loves you have out there…it’s different than loving your pet and your friends and your parents. It;s different in loving God, it’s different in loving josephine Angelini and her AMAZING trilogy that has so compelled my whole mind body and soul yearn for in dreams both day and night.
      In conclusion, you can only truly love ONCE, all the others you can LEARN to love and get settled with.
      That’s why I can’t wait for Goddess and the person who receives the giveaway is very lucky(: Good Luck Y’all and Thank You so much Josephine Angelini :D <3 for making such a timeless story for me and mayhap others. one day, i'd like to inspire others as well as you have inspired me

  351. I think I would have to go with the star-crossed love with the boy of your dreams, it may have consequences but I think it would form a stronger love than a simple happy ever after. It adds excitement to your life and you won’t regret it remembering all the moments you spent together, I think you just have to hope for the best and live in the moment not thinking of a negative future outcome.

  352. I’d rather have a stable relationship. I don’t want trouble :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  353. Mallary Mott says:

    I would have to go with the star-crossed love. Even though the trials, obstacles, and potential loss are great, so would be the relationship, which seems like too good of a thing to pass up, just because you’re scared.

  354. Aimee Nelson says:

    I would definatly choose a passionate love affair even if you knew it was going to end because not everyone will get to experience that kind if Love. The kind where your hungry to be around that other person and just a simple touch wont due, where your every waking moment is spent thinking of him and the smile wont leave your face! At least you can look back and remember just how amazing it really was and at least you were lucky enough to get to experience that! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I LOVE this series!

  355. Laura Deegan says:

    I think this is a tricky one. I love my partner more than anything and if I was to loose him it would kill me, however, if I was to of never met him I wouldn’t have the family or the memories that I have today.
    I know that if I was to loose him I’d be loosing a part of myself too- but the memories and the life we’ve had so far is not something I could pass upon.

    So I pick star crossed love every time :)
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  356. I think I would want a passionate star crossed love affair just because it’s full of feeling and proves that you can feel more than you ever thought you could.

  357. I’d definitely want true love as opposed to a guaranteed happy ending. With someone I love, I’d be able to face any obstacle that came our way – we’d be together, and that’s what makes all the difference.

  358. Yes!!! I would definitley have a star-crossed relationship, even if it ended tragically!! I rather have loved, lived and lost, rather then live with “what if’s” for the rest of my life. Having a dependable, stable relationship would be fine. Just fine. But I would rather have passion and take a risk. And anyway, at least it would be a story to tell the grand kids!!!!! :D

  359. Well, I guess I should start out by saying I am in one of these relationships currently- but it is not the love of my life with the passionate romantic story. I am not trying to say that i am unhappy, I love…let’s call him “Orion” lol. He is my best friend and me makes me happy in so many ways. I would not trade the memories I have with him for anything in the world, but would I take the chance with a passionate boy of my dreams? Yes. I have my stable relationsip…and I know no matter what I will be happy. On the other hand there is always going to be this feeling of curiosity. What would happen if I found my “Lucus.” Would it be worth spending a small fraction of time with him…..even knowing I could lose him. Yes. I think that having the memories would be better than never having them at all. Maybe I have read too many love stories, but I dream of that passion. I crave the longing for the boy to come sweep me off my feet in to one of the stories I have read. My books are what keep that desire in my heart, and given the chance I would take it…..like i said even for a faction of a minute it would be worth spending the time with the boy of my dreams. But, alas, I have my stable “Orion” and I am not willing to lose him either….what a conundrum.

  360. This is a really tough question but I am going to go with a stable relationships that ends happily. That is definitely what I would choose. Unfortunately, we don’t always get a choice so if I ended up with a star-crossed love that will end badly, then that is what I get. Great question though and it’s fun to read what everyone says.

  361. It’s a real hard one, if you don’t know what you are missing then it doesn’t really matter, but once you have experienced something great you never want to let it go. I prefer to experience excitement even for a short while as then you will always have something great to aim for again.

  362. I’d have to go with the stable love. If it ends unhappily I’d be depressed and that’s no fun…

  363. That’s such a tough question! I think I would rather have a happy, stable relationship. I wouldn’t want to have a short amount of time with the perfect guy, only to have it snatched away and never be as happy again. I don’t think it would be worth ruining your whole life over. It’s great in a book though! I just wouldn’t want it for myself.
    Thank you for being so amazing. I love your books!! :)

  364. Bookworm2016 says:

    Star-crossed all the way. Better to have loved and lost. Thanks for the giveaway!

  365. I’d rather have the stable relationship! Stability is my middle name, and I really need it in a relationship. Plus, I love a happy ending!

  366. I would want a little of both. I would want a relationship with the boy of my dreams, but it’s dependable and stable and has a happy ending with the both of us. Thanks for the giveaway! your books are awesome!!

  367. Hmm………. I would go with the dream guy and a not so happy ending, at least I have a chance w/ love. If I go the other way I wouldn’t really be in love with him , i would keep thinking of the dream guy and how the guy I’m w/ isn’t him.

  368. I wish I could be brave enough to say dream guy not so happy ending, but I would pick the stable relationship. I would rather be with my best friend.

  369. Jodi Manweiler says:

    They say its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. So I would have to say dream guy.

  370. Well I don’t know if it’s because I’m younger but I think I would choose the starcrossed relationship. Of course it also has to do with my motto of “never regret anything no matter how bad.” I don’t think even if it ended horrible and I had a shattered heart I would want to change it. That’s just the way I am. I would look back and say ” well I know what I’m going to tell my grandchildren about their grandfather”(assuming that if it were passionate I’d probably end up with some sort of “memory” from him. lol)

  371. Have a starcrossed love even if it ends tragically

  372. I thonk it’d be the tumultuous, passionate love because however brief it is to know what that feels like is something you can cherish for the rest of your life. It’d be a rare experience.

    But then I suppose a happy, stable relationship would be the healthier option!

    Can’t wait to read Goddess! :-D

  373. I’d rather have the stable love relationship. I’m not sure I’d ever recover from the tragic true love relationship.

  374. Very difficult, i am torn between the two, but if i had to i would say the stable relationship as long as it was still a happy one :)

  375. Pauline Williams says:

    I think i’d rather have a stable relationship that ends happily as then you know your not going to have so many issues in the relationship.

  376. nurmawati djuhawan says:

    i choose stable relationship…i can’t stand brokenheart…
    i don’t like anything tragically…
    i hope this series have a happy ending…

  377. dependable & stable

  378. Everthing!!! Love and heart!!!

  379. Haylianne Murray says:

    I would 100% rather have a star-crossed love in spite of the consequences! :)

  380. I’m not one you believes in happy endings in life so I would rather live for the moments that I can get. That means have the passionate love that end tragically. At least I will have that moment and no regrets.

  381. Miranda Lopez says:

    I would rather have the first one, because I would want to have the passion even for a little bit than have something safe. I want an exciting romance that I will remember forever.

  382. i would want a star crossed love just to no what true love felt like would be amazing

  383. I would like a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically. :)

  384. I really would like to have a starcrossed love story !
    I’d longer prefer to have a tumultuous but passionate relationship and strongly real than a calm and stable love story.
    But of course I really prefer MY love story that is also passionate and stable :)

  385. When does it come out??? And in Spain??? I can’t wait more!!!

  386. I would rather have the passionate, all consuming love, even if I knew it wouldn’t end well. One if my favorite quotes is from Dreams for an Insomniac. It says “unless its mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.” I completely agree with this… life is full of things that aren’t going to live up to what you expect and live shouldn’t be one of those things.… I won’t settle for anything less than a love that sets SOMETHING on fire

  387. Victoria Hicks says:

    Starcrossed love every time!
    Who wouldn’t want to have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams! (even if it ends tragically!)
    Surely it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!?! I wouldn’t want to settle and live my life wondering ‘what if?’ or end up with regrets.

    P.S. Love the UK cover. Can’t wait for it’s release. Only 205 days until 6th June 2013!!!!!! :)

  388. I would risk it all for the starcrossed love affair… something about it is intriguing yet mysterious and I believe with all that I am it would all be worth whatever the consequence:D

  389. That’s a tough one! But I guess I’d choose having a passionate love affair even if it ends tragically. After all that’s why I love ”Starcrossed”, because I want to live what Hellen has with Lucas!!

  390. I would have a calm and satble relationship :)

  391. Tiffany Borka says:

    I think I would take having the guy of my dreams even if it ends tragically. Just having true love and happiness for a short time is worth it to me.

  392. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically BECAUSE it is better to find the love of your life then never find that person at all. and with the boy of my dreams i would make sure i never lost him

  393. Umm I think I would rather have my true love, and be with him for as long as I could rather than be with someone I didnt love forever

  394. camilalynn says:

    I don´t now if I understand the question, but I that I choose a satble relationship

  395. Ummmm, yeah, just to elaborate, Id rather be with my one true love who I really really loved, for however small a time it may be, than be with someone who I didnt love and live a miserable life knowing that Im not with the guy I shouldve been with. I mean, even if I was with him for a short period, it’d be better than being wiht someone u dont love cuz I cant even begin to imagine how horrible it must be to spend ur life with someone u dont really love

  396. Life isn’t guaranteed, I would choose to be with the man I my dreams, even if that meant losing him. It would be the hardest thing I would have I go through but without him my heart and soul would be at a loss. A soul mate is such a special thing and if you can meet that person even if for a short time how could you not.

  397. I would go with first option

  398. Could not decide that! I would have to say though…I’m always looking for an adventure and honestly no regrets. I would have to go with a a starcrossed love though… It would be the truest love and highlight of my life but when it comes down to it I could not let go and in Goddess I know Helen won’t either!! :D

  399. Could not decide that! I would have to say though…I’m always looking for an adventure and honestly no regrets. I would have to go with a a starcrossed love though… It would be the truest love and highlight of my life but when it comes down to it I could not let go and in Goddess I know Helen won’t either!! :D but starcrossed love reminds me of a quote that I think Helen can relate to ‘and in that moment, i swear we were infinite’ – Perks Of Being A Wallflower which is how love should feel.

  400. I love my best dude but….. he is not the one for me. So when my heart breaks he will be there for me without the awkwardness of the relationship that I once shared with him. Also, I would know deep down that he is not my Lucas , but my Orion (friend who has my back). Like Helen I would feel that it is wrong. Also he might be someone else’s Lucas and I can’t do that just because I didn’t go for my dream guy.

  401. Star-crossed love all the way…
    Its not even something i have to think about. I’ve had ‘content’ relationships, but I find myself slipping out of them too easily. I’m too busy dreaming of that one overwhelming love that makes my heart race and captivates very part of me. Like Orion.
    I’ve fallen so deeply in love with Orion I don’t believe i’ll ever be satisfied with anyone else.
    It’s rather sad a fictional character makes me feel more emotions then a real guy does, and its now made me super picky with real guys.

    I don’t want a simply satisfying love. To me, that’s not love. Thats being content. I want an inundate, fervent and lustful relationship. No matter the heartbreaks that follows it or it being unable to end happily. I’d rather to have loved and lost rather then not have loved at all…

  402. Well first off I just want to say holy cow lickers I just saw the cover blew me away I was all on the Internet minding my own bissness when suddenly a Idea it was to look at you blog see what was going on and then I saw this I was like I’m my GODS holy mother of poplicles some on catch me I’m going to faint and then BAM… I realized I was siting down haha so that was my spaz moment and I guess you can tell that I am a more…theatrical kind of person so yeah I would have a starcrossed love no dought I mean sure it has ups and downs but don’t all relationship like I don’t want to live in a hole afraid of adventure…sure I’ve slept in a hole but that a different story.!

    Thanks so much,
    Thalia that spaz ;)

  403. I definitely would have a star crossed love! To love wholly or to not love at all. It should be like a burning fire, that engulfs you, which could either eat you up, or awaken you.

  404. Kiki Ferreira says:

    I would go with starcrossed love because its better to have experienced as much as possible in your lifetime even if a consciquence is heartbreaking.

  405. Definitely star crossed lovers, i would like to have extreme passion even for a little bit than not at all

  406. Star crossed love would be my choice. Mostly because who wouldn’t want to meet their soul mate or the man of their dreams? Then again I guess I wouldn’t really know what I would pick if the time came. It is an ideal pick. The love of Romeo and Juliet. A passionate love that makes every other couple in the world envy it. I would love to have a star crossed love that makes my whole being ignite with fire to make me feel completely and utterly loved. Then again if the time came it is a choice of being happy and content for the rest of your life or facing the most painful heartbreak of all time, because if you lose you soul mate you are basically losing a part of you. You will never find a love so great and so you will never experience a more painful heart break. So yes it would be ideal to have a star crossed love like the saying goes “It is better to have a love lost then to have never loved at all,” but then again what is love without the risk. Every relationship has the possibility of ending. I say that it is better to have love lost than to have never really loved before. For what is love if you are not willing to take the risks and fight for it. If you have to settle then you will miss out on one of the greatest loves of all time. No matter how tragic a star crossed love is I think it is better to fight for it and know that you tried than to sit back and know that you might have lost the love of your life.

  407. Taylor Smith says:

    It’s a hard question but I defiantly think I would want a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically. The tragic ending might kill me but I wouldn’t mind as long as I have lived each day to the fullest with the best boy in the world…like Lucas <3

  408. I always ask myself how you manage to ask questions that let me think about it for days and won’t get out of my mind. But you did so- again.

    I think if you are just able to spend a few time with someone you love, it will leave you suffer for that and blind for everything and everyone that will come after this.
    A steady love will be like a starcrowded sky: without an end, without a begin and will let your dreams come true.

    But let me say- if you already does have a starcrossed love: keep going and don’t miss a part, because it’s the time of your life and NOW is better :)

  409. Starcrossed. All the way. I know I should say normal relationship with fairytale ending but if I knew there was a chance of being with someone who got me and made me laugh by just being there even though I knew it would end, I would still go for it. Love is not easy and quick it needs time…i don’t mind that.

  410. Although a stable and dependable relationship is what we would hope to have in the future, we’re still young right now. I’d rather have a passionate love affair to truly experience love and romance, than be stuck wondering what it was like to have a whirlwind romance and second-guess myself and my relationship in the future. It’s what I love to read in books because I’d want to experience something like that in my life. We can think about the consequences tomorrow, but we should live today for today.

  411. Despite the undeniable sadness that would come along with losing a significant other, I would personally prefer to have an inexpressible love and then say goodbye. I feel everyone should be blessed enough to feel that kind of love and passion from another person and it breaks my heart to know some people don’t get the chance too.

    “It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all”

  412. I have met the boy of my dreams! And he is amazing and our relationship is like a storybook. I cannot imagine life without him and hopefully the ending of our story will not be tragic. Love takes time and effort, no matter how easy it can seem at the beginning, work for it and it can be the best part of your life. Love is when you find someone you could not live without, passionate star crossed love is exactly that. Being in a relationship thats just dependable with no twists and turns isn’t love, its just another emotion. Twists and turns create important times and moments, not better than great memories. Live whilst you can and love the people around you or you”ll lose them.

  413. I would want a romantic, star-crossed love, and I would deal with the consequences. Honestly, I did. My boyfriend, my late boyfriend, had terminal cancer. Although our time together was far too short, I wouldn’t ever give it up for anything. I will remember him always, and his love will always be with me.

  414. I would definitely choose the passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams and just try and convince myself that we wouldn’t end tragically.

  415. I met my husband when we were 18 & 20 (almost 16 years ago). Our relationship has grown from tumultuous and exciting to steady and enduring…so I think I would be greedy enough to want both!

  416. Well, trickey question! I think I prefered some passion. If I could have a memory like a child of that person. True love never dies. A stable love is soft like a whisper but fading. You forgetts who you are. To feel alive in every moment of your soul is to give in for passion. Dangourus to be so alive fore a moment but you woldnt change it for anything. Greetings from sweden. :-)

  417. MoaBergsten says:

    I would rather have a starcrossed love affair, because if i did get to choose between one real love affair, one like Helena and Lucas has, that ends in disaster or à half-half love affair that can end happy but isn’t really right, like what might happen between Helena and Orion, i would rather be in Helena and Lucas position than in Helena and orions. I would rather meet my real true love and have feelt how it feels, than to not. And if you really meet your true love, i think it would be worth it even if it ends in disaster.
    Whit this question, i think you are asking if we would like to be in Helenas and lucas position or in Helenas and orions position. I, would rather be in Lucas and Helenas position and i would rather have my own starcrossed love despite the consecvens.
    From à starcross lover in Sweden! Älskar verkligen trilogin om Helena och Lucas! I <3 starcross!!

  418. I think it would be better to have one great epic romance that you will remember for all your life, instead of having a few loves that don’t live up to allyour expectations. If you have to fight for your love and you stick through it than that means that your love was reallty true all along

  419. Ill have to say, stable and happy!

  420. I would choose star-crossed love every time, I think there would always be something missing if the guy wasn’t the guy of your dreams.

  421. Since I’ve never experienced either, and I don’t like pain, I have to say that I’d pick the steady nice romance that ends well. :)

  422. I would definitely meet the boy of my dreams and spend the time with him even if its only for a little while!!! And if its worth it fight for it because if you don’t I think there will always be regrets

  423. I’ve always tried to live life to the fullest, not regret anything I’ve done, and be my adventurous self. So my answer would be to have a star-crossed love despite the consequences because if I chose the steadfast and reliable guy, I’ll always be left wondering what if? Even though the road may be tough, I think it would be worth it in the end and it would be one hellva adventure!

  424. Amy Gilford says:

    There are consequences to everything no matter how hard you try and avoid them, it is the way the world works. Why sacrifice a passionate, undying love due to the fear of consequences and obstacles it may throw at you? Isn’t love supposed to conquer all?

    I believe that if you choose the easier route, the one that leads to a happy ending, it is the fear of obstacles that has blinded you from choosing the life and love you were meant to have led.

    We only live once, and once in my mind is enough, I would rather know that I have lived my life with my starcrossed lover than regretting it because I made the wrong choice, the easy choice.

    If there is a will, there is a way.

  425. The stable relationship that goes on forever. As long as the love is there, growing old together is the best part, rather than wishing for what could have been.

  426. I would rather be starcrossed. Having one love that changes everything you know about yourself, that is so intense and crazy and makes your head spin, would be magical. Stable love is good, but having that one beautiful, magical experience to look back on would make life more interesting. If you found that kind of love once, could you find it again? I would dare to try. :)

  427. Personally I’ve always thought the boy of my dreams would be stable and we’d live happily ever after – I guess that’s cheating though!

    If I had to pick one over the other, stable and happily ever after – I’m sensitive and hard on myself so I think a starcrossed love affair would just make me want to kick myself. A lot.

    Maybe also a bit overrated when you can have a great guy forever? :)

  428. I would love to have an affair with the boy of my dreams :)
    although there are obstacles ,
    because they overcome these obstacles is nice :)

    kisses from spain!

  429. Starcrossed love all the way. Afterall, this is what we all enjoy reading about. A short amount of time with someone that is so unbelievably passionate and that consumes you is better than something that is stable. Stable love is safe and good for those who are happy to settle – but why settle for anything less than all-consuming love? Love that you have to fight for? Love that curls your toes and excites every molecule of you?

  430. I would have to choose the passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams that ends tragically. Every moment Helen and Lucas are together is magical. I would not settle and they shouldn’t either.

  431. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I can’t wait to get my hands on Goddess.

    I would choose love above anything else. Live life to the fullest, hold on to love while you have it. It is always better to have loved and lost.

  432. Tis better to love and lost then to of never loved at all. :)

  433. I think i would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, because I wouldn’t want to think for the rest of my life “What would have happened”
    :) Thank you for this awesome giveaway :)

  434. SO EXCITED :D

  435. Gabby Amorelli says:

    I can’t decide which I would rather do. I mean I love the idea of being Star-Crossed Lovers but I am also a place it safe kind of person. Security and everything but I think if you just had to choose and you know throw caution to the wind I would totally choose the Star-Crossed Lovers. I would choose this because only once in a lifetime does a person get a chance like that so you have to go head on into it or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  436. As of right now I’d have to say I would prefer to have the stable, dependable relationship that lasts rather than the wild passionate one that crashes and burns. I have seen too many friends go through the tumultuous, wild love affairs and the crash and burn that happens after and it’s not pretty at all. I also think that the boy of my dreams would probably be the kind who is stable and dependable. But as love can be a bit unpredictable and nuts I could quite possibly fall into the tumultuous, passionate love affair and love every minute of it even after it ends…

  437. Lauren Gonzalez says:

    It’s a question so difficult, the love of Helen and Lucas is beautiful, make me sigh. I cried, I suffered and I fell in love. I don´t know If This love is for me, but I would like try, the life is full of experiences, we should try to live everything. Every experience that comes to makes us stronger. There is always a way out, althought everything looks dark; love will be the light and together find the solution. I would like.

    PD: My English is not so good, I’m just learning, but I hope that you understand me. Kiss from Colombia. I’m excited with this!! I want this advance.

  438. If you go the safe route, you’re going to live your life wondering how things would have been had you dared to follow that thing that made your heart feel like it was lit on fire. You’re not truly living if you’re not passionate about what you’re living for. Besides, it can only end tragically if you feel every little thing about it with everything you’ve got, which is also what makes that love so worth having!

  439. I cannot wait!! this is going to be the book of the year!!

    While the passionate love affair sounds very tempting, I think I’d rather have a stable relationship with that special someone and wake up every morning knowing they will be okay. I think it would be too hard to lose someone who you love so much and thinking back on the memories will be too painful. Steady and stable does it :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jose!! We all love you.
    xoxo Nas D.

  440. I might regret saying this but, no, I would prefer to have a normal happy life than having an amazing romance and then losing the guy of my life. I don’t think I could handle that well at all. I mean, without him, and knowing what I don’t have anymore, how could I be happy with someone else?

    I could smile and carry on with my life but I wouldn’t be the same and the people around me would see it too. That’s just painful.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the opportunity, I can’t wait to read the final book!!! :D

  441. I think it’s a pretty difficult question, but I would rather have a stable relationship that has a happy end.

  442. I would rather have the passionate love that ended than the other

  443. Are they mutually exclusive? If you have the star-crossed lovers thing are you doomed forever and will never find a stable happy relationship? If they are mutually exclusive, I chose a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. There are great writers(like you) in this world that create beautiful love stories and we can all live vicariously through the characters. Does it mean that we fall in love with fictional characters? Yes. But, who cares! Let your imaginations run wild!

  444. i think that i`d pick the second option just because I don`t think that i`ll be able to get through the fact that i loved this guy SO much and everything ended tragically

  445. Even though I love reading about star-crossed loves–I’d much rather have a life with someone I love who loves me in return and is stable

  446. God, I want to read this thing! I really wish I could use rafflecopter. Come on 13, less than a month away! I sorry to say that I’m a better safe than sorry kinda girl. I would rather have a nice, steady relationship with my not-soulmate than a whirlwind romance that ends tragically with my soulmate. Sorry Helen!

  447. I’d rather have a star-crossed love. I’d much rather have the man of my dreams than a guy that makes me happy, but isn’t my soulmate.
    This is probably my answer because my mom married the man of her dreams and I see how happy she is every day and I want that in my life.
    One day everyone is going to lose someone special in your life. You might as well live the best you can with the best person there is for you.
    Thanks for this AMAZING giveaway!!

  448. Bookworm2016 says:

    I’d rather have starcrossed love, all the way. Go Helen and Lucas!! Thanks for the givaway! :)

  449. As a person who loves Helen and Lucas and would do anything to have what they have, i have to say i would rather experience the starcrossed love that could end badly. I believe in true love and i would rather experience that love with the boy of my dreams. i also believe everyone deserves a passionate love affair with the boy that is meant for them especially if they find him. i feel like its very hard to experience this and therefore if i had the chance i would definitly go for it. if i met the boy of my dreams i would definitly fight for it and do everything in my power to keep him even if it may end tragically. i believe i would make sure that if something was going to happen to either one of us i would either leave a part of me with him to keep until i see him again in the next life or i have a part of him with me that would be a reminder to me that i will see him again and we will never never part. i think if i met the boy of my dreams i would probably marry him straight away and have children with him straightaway. i wouldn’t want to miss out living a perfect life with him. if something were to happen to him i would have our children that would a beautiful reminder of what we had together and would give me a reason to live even though i may have lost him. the boy of my dreams and the children i want to have with him are everything to me.
    Love your books josie and i am hoping you love lucas as much as we do and will let helen and lucas be together for the rest of their lives. xx

  450. Well, this is really hard… I’m quite sure that it is impossible to find out someone who doesn’t want to have his happily ever after. Even though I think that if I have to choose, I will always choose LOVE. It’s better to love even just for a day and that lose it, instead of never feel what love really is.

  451. Well, this is hard. It’s quite impossible to find out someone in the world who wouldn’t have an happily ever after. But life is strange and cruel, so that most of times we don’t get what we want, what we need, what we Dream on. I think that if I have to choose, I will always choose love. I would rather find my own love and stay whit him even just for a single day, instead of live my all life without pain and sorrows, but also without know what TRUE LOVE really is.

    • * sorry for my bad English… the second line have no sense, it should have been “who doesn’t want to have an happily ever after”, and in the 5th line is “stay with him”… LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your books…GO JOSIEEE

  452. I would rather have a star crossed love 100%. I would rather experience true love at its best and have it tragically ripped away than to live my life with someone that only ever made me feel comfortable in love. Even if you lose your true love, you’ll always know that even if it ended badly, what you both felt was real. :)

  453. OMG-fist of all, thanks for this giveaway!

    Hmmm, that’s a really tough one… I suppose star-crossed, mainly because I’d rather meet the boy of my dreams and be with him, even if its only for a bit, than never have met him at all.


  454. Thanks so much for the giveaway!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helen Lucas hell yeah!

  455. Tough question! I would rather that we are both happy. Hopefully that means that we could have the best of both worlds, where we would make sparks fly to start and then continue to make each other happy. I guess if I had to choose, I would choose stability. I’d rather that we laugh together and make each other smile than deal with constant drama.

  456. I’m so so happy this book is finished good job Josephine

  457. I would meet the boy of my dreams because you only live once so you might as well enjoy this opportunity in case you never have it. I would rather have a star crossed love it is more extreme and exciting. I would rather fall in love with someone I’d feel comfortable with and as long as I’m happy I’d love it

  458. I guess I would much rather have it be a starcrossed love than a regular romance, you know? Just… Even if it ended badly and we never saw each other again, it would still be my biggest ‘what if?’ I’m guessing most fans would answer the same considering they’ve all read the series through this point. I just really think that would be an amazing experience. True Love. Once in a lifetime. Perhaps repeated in OTHER lifetimes…? Who knows.

  459. I would choose stability. I think my greatest fear is being alone and getting hurt. I think being in love does not have be about crazy emotion, but loving someone for who they are and being with them for an extended period of time

  460. I’d rather have a starcrossed love than a stable-happily-ever-after love because I’d rather have a bitter-sweet memory than a stable-last-forever relationship, I’m just not that type of people, I like excitement, but it doesn’t mean I LOVE to be heartbroken, I am that kind of person which prefer a moment of happiness and long-time miserable afterward, I was happy, this is all I need :)

  461. I would choose the stable relationship because I would hate to have to go through all this stuff that goes on in Helen’s life. Besides, the boy of your dreams might not neccessarily be your true love and soulmate.

  462. I would definitely choose a starcrossed love. It is better to know true love than not to know it at all. That way I will live life and know that once upon a time someone loved me so much that they would have given everything away and vice versa. In this time, we don’t really have the chance of finding someone so faithful and so loyal, so if I got that chance I’d grab it with both hands. And I’d love to give someone that feeling of being so loved. Despite how the outcome will be, I know that deep down, he’d want me to be happy again and learn to love again, because that is true love…..or if we died together, what a better way to go. Love is all that really matters, because it is what gives you the strength to get up again. It is the only way you really ever feel like you have a purpose :)

  463. I would have rather loved totally than to have stability. That all consuming love, to have someone adore you that way, is something that no matter how short lived, or painful, can be treasured forever. The stable relationship would mean happiness for a longer time, but would it be as awe inspiring? Would it be a story to tell your grandchildren?

  464. I would choose the starcrossed love even if it’s not eternally. Rather be happy for a short time
    than not for ever.

  465. I would much rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy (man) of my dreams… because I chose stability over that true love. And I would give anything to have that love back.

  466. The romantic in me wants to say a passion, tumultuous love affair; but the realist in me says I’d rather have a strong, lasting relationship.

  467. I would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically :) That short moment will be relieved for the rest of my years. I rather live in a short moment when I was eternally happy than never experience it. Life is also short. It doesn’t matter, I would be full of regrets if I don’t take the risk. You can never know what you missed when you never experienced it; but I’d rather feel something that is to be missed than not know how things will feel like without it :)

  468. I would want to mmet them even if it short lived. I’m lucky in the fact that it kinda happened to me in High School. We dated for 3 month broke up and went our sperate ways. then about 2 year late got together again but not for long. we had a love hate realtionship where we either loved each other or hated one another we even (i know bad me) cheated on others with each other……we went our sperate ways again stop talking for 3 years each had a kid and bam we ran into each other and 3 months later we decided to try again…..its now 11 yrs after nad we are married and stayed together the entire time. the saying if you love something lat it go..and if it was truly your it will come back….well i think its true for us and i never regrated our pass choices because it made us who we were and we got our children from it so yeah i’ll take a short live affair so i can have the memories forever

  469. I’m going to pick the tumultuous, passionate love affair because it sounds exciting and fun. Yeah it may be painful when it ends but at least I had the time with that person. The memories would last forever.

  470. I’d go with the passionate love affair because even if it were to end tragically having had that time together at all would’ve meant everything. As much as love hurts (and often), it is SO worth the pain when it’s real. And that sounds sadistic that love should be painful, but the greatest love stories of all time always had a bit of pain.

  471. i cant wait

  472. star crossed

  473. i think stable, and dependable, at least it woulnt end in heartbreak

  474. Felicitas Eichstaedt says:

    After skimming over all the comments I see that most of us would prefer true love even if it ends badly. And me, being the hopeless romantic I am, would too rather feel true, all consuming love than be with someone I’m comfortable with. The fact that I read all of these terribly amazing romantic books like yours doesn’t really help my opinion I would say :) I think feeling something so real and powerful is definitely something worth fighting for and who knows there would always be a slight chance for it to end well. Even if it doesn’t I think a. there will be someone you’ll experience love with again maybe not as powerful but nevertheless love and b. life is short so we should take every chance life gives us to be happy and I am positive that all the positive experiences will at the end weigh out the negative one of the bad ending :)

  475. maheleate woldegiorgis says:

    i would want the passionate starcrossed love. i mean if i didn’t choose that, i would constantly be asking my self, would i have had more fun with my passionate love then i am now with my steady life? i guess i would want to live in the moment instead of thinking of what the future will have in store for me. which will result in me being in love with my starcrossed lover:)

  476. I would definitely choose a star-crossed love. To have the kind of love like Lucas and Helen, that’s all I’ve ever wanted in a relationship. I don’t think I could ever be in a stable, dependable love affair that has no passion until I’ve felt true love. Being in a stable, dependable relationship without any real passion, I don’t think I would ever feel satisfied. And that means I wouldn’t continue the relationship. The affair wouldn’t end happily. I would keep searching and searching for THE guy until I find him. Even if the love was tumultuous and would end tragically, at least I’ve felt it. I would’ve been satisfied. Yes, I wouldn’t be able to be with my soul mate anymore, but our love would burn inside of me for the rest of my life. Once I’ve felt that kind of love, maybe then, I could settle down in a stable, dependable relationship with another guy.

  477. I would rather meet the boy of my dreams and have a happy ending

  478. Definitely stable dependable love that has a happy ending. I mean I know the purpose of life is to live and then we all die. But if you had that starcrossed love and couldn’t have it until the very end, I wouldn’t want to have those moments where I don’t have it. Which is why a stable dependable love is best. It’s safe, comfortable and reliable. And you’ll get to keep it until the end knowing that its yours rather than never knowing when it could be taken from you. Everybody would love to meet the person of their dreams, but most of your dreams are things you want, rather than need. Starcrossed love usually ends in tragedy and although Shakespeare would say that’s the most epic love when it ends in tradegy, nobody really wants tragedy. It’s better to miss what you don’t have, rather than missing something that you had once but had it taken away from you. Because then you knew what it felt like it have it and lose it. So basically, I’d much rather have something stable, than living with the fear of it being taken away and not being happy again.

  479. Well, I can’t say I have much experience to go off of but…
    I’d go with the passionate, all-consuming love affair, even if it didn’t end pretty. Why do I say that? Well, I’m sort of a passionate person. Usually I go all-out or not at all. So if this was the boy of my dreams? I’d always choose him over the steady, dependable guy. I highly doubt the steady guy would want to travel the world with me and experience everything possible. Sure I’d have a great family with the steady guy, but what else? Even if my dream guy tore up my heart and left it irreparable, I’d still have the wonderful time with him. I could use it as in inspiration for my art, write a book, and so much more. To me, a short, absolutely perfect burst of bliss and love is better than a slow, long trail of dependability. I want to be able to recall beautiful times and smile. I don’t want to try to recall beautiful times and come up blank.

    Plus if I got dumped by my dream guy and could never get in another relationship because of this too-perfect one, I’d be fine. I’d have my cats and books :)

  480. I’ve got the stable, happily-ever-after type of love. And it’s great. But you know what they say…the grass is always greener on the other side. I’ve always wondered what one of those forbidden, star-crossed loves would be like. =)

  481. I would probably want to meet the boy of my dreams and have a dependable relationship :)

  482. Star-crossed for me. I’ve always been a sucker for the “Romeo and Juliet” romance. I would rather meet my true love and only be together for a moment than meet a boy I settle for and be together forever.

  483. Darrellarose says:

    I would want a star-crossed love.

  484. I would like to as I think it is very romantic

  485. As much as I think I would be brave enough for the passionate love affair, I don’t think I am. I’d much rather fall in love but with someone who would always be there, and one I could build a family with.

  486. That’s a really hard question to answer. I think that the idea of having a starcrossed passionate love is the dream that everyone wants put the pain of losing it might be to much. But i also feel that hope eveyone experiences that fire even for only a short time.

  487. Sure, each and every one wants to meet their half, to fall madly in love and live happily ever after. But. The thing is that for me personally the kind of star-crossed love you described, the one involving possible danger and an enormous leap of faith, would be too scary. When I think about that I get the feeling that if I taste this life, this overwhelming sense of belonging with someone and then something happens and this love is gone… – I might be heartbroken to such an extent that I might crawl into my shell and for a really, really long time shut people off. This being sad, I’d rather go for stable and secure love.

  488. definitely the boy of my dreams! why would you want someone you’re ‘happy’ with, when you could have so much more! Challenges are what makes life exciting! :D

  489. Sophia Fosdick says:

    I would want the intense, passionate, tragic love affair because at one point everyone dies and why not live your life to the fullest?

  490. Liz McNamee says:

    I think star-crossed kinda love. I’d rather have known that I knew what it was like to love – that passionate, all encompassing, heart throbbing and lustful kind of love for a moment….rather than have a steady kind of relationship where you look back and play the “what if?” game. After all…wasn’t it Hemingway that said “It’s better to have love and lost than to never love at all”? I don’t think we can reach our full potential as people without experiencing every facet of emotion…that includes crazy kinda love to unbearable sorrow and heartbreak…

    I’d rather live with the memories than with the what if’s…. :)

  491. I think to have truly loved and care someone is better than just settling. Life is supposed to be complicated, and to I think it would be better to really love someone than to have a stable relationship. I want to be swept off my feet with no regrets, and I want to look back and be able to say that I truly did love someone.

  492. I think everyone wants that passionate love of your life kind of love, and i dont think their would ever be to big of a price for it:p you only live once!

  493. It’s very difficult to decide. I’m a passionate kind of person but I like stability in a relationship, so I’m not sure which one I’d choose.

    But I think that being in love is never something that’s easy and that only if you’re really in love will you be willing to go and just face those obstacles in the way that could destroy what you’ve got.

  494. Renee Grant says:

    I found my starcrossed love in high school when I was 15. He just wanted to be friends and so a couple years later after he graduated I found my now husband. About ten years after my first love graduated he came back and wanted me back and regretted everything he did ten years prior. Threw me for a loop alright. Almost ended an amazing relationship to see what could have been. But I didn’t and I’m happy with my choice, but the thought of what could have been still lingers. I think what I’m trying to say is no matter what, someone always gets hurt in the end even if the love lives. I think to meet the Starcrossed love of your life and have it end with some sort of tragedy or consequence for being together is a catch 22 and you have to live with the decision no matter what. It all depends on the person and how strong they really are. Tough question to answer for anyone other than myself.

  495. I would go for my one true love, even if it was scary, I’d stick it out no matter the consequences

  496. I cannot wait! I want this ARC bad! More Lucas! LOL!

  497. Hi :D First of all I have to say I started reading your series and fell in love ! I finished the two books in 2 days . Its a shocking twist every new page . I’m in love with Lucas and Helen I felt as it was me . I was so mad at Lucas when he wouldn’t talk to Helen . Well my answer to your question would be a starcrossed love . I believe “Love quonquors all ” If it was meant to be it will all fall into place . It wouldn’t matter having a happy ever after if its not the guy your meant to be with . Thank you for writing such a good series . Good luck to everyone and whoever wins I bet they will so happy . Please tell me that Lucas and Helen will end together !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  498. Hello, I am quite a big fan of your book, it is very touching and heartwarming. To answer your question, my answer is to have a stable love affair. Peace and stability is much more important than anything else. Not everyone can just have a stable happy ever after with no tragedies. Nonetheless, I still hope that Helen and Lucas may conquer the world and be together!<3

  499. Hi!!!
    I need to say, I love this saga, the characters are almost perfect´s and i LOVE how is Helen, because she have really all that a girl want to have, bus she is simple and Powerfull…
    Ohhh Lucas, he´s one of my perfect-book-boy and I really love that they can fly :D
    I realley hope know how they´ll know that they´re not cousins, I really need it.
    Hector, Caasandra, Palas, i really love the greek mitology
    Ohhh I need to say yo, i wrote a mini-book of scince fiction, and thanks to you is now with a little of greek mitology, the guy is called Paul Delos, and he know greek because in the past in the Etna valcano other Delos knwol something about tha tragedy….
    I love your books :D

  500. Starcrossed love or the sensible love…

    Starcrossed love is what every woman/girl wants. We want the man/boy to be our perfect match and while we know that it may never last due to whatever extenuating circumstances. Whether it’s your family, friends or social backgrounds that keep you apart, love must find a way.

    I live my life in quotes and here are a few that convey my feelings about a starcrossed love.

    Mysterious love, uncertain treasure, Hast thou more of pain or pleasure! . . . . Endless torments dwell about thee: Yet who would live, and live without thee! ~ Joseph Addison

    The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. ~ Philip James Bailey

    I believe a starcrossed love can never succeed. It burns to brightly and can fade if not nurtured and this brings me to the love I want.

    All relationships should start with the fire and passion of a starcrossed love but a love that lasts, a love that defines us as one being split in half between two partners is love.

    “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” – The Notebook

  501. It is the last book in an exciting trilogy, why not make it as exciting as possible :) I believe that true love never forget, even if the end saddest of all, but we can not let lucas helena and end up really bad?
    They have not had their day magical! (we have to be together) lol
    Anyway I hope you get josie it uncreíble like you did from the beginning of the saga.

    PD: Sorry this English so painful.

  502. Ah, I forgot! Congratulations to the winner.

  503. Starcrossed. There’s always the afterlife.

  504. Well, I would still want to experience the all out love and affection, no matter if it become a roller coaster ride because in the end, you know that you have loved and have been loved deeply, passionately and truly. Yes, it may end tragically and it may hurt but at least you know that you are one of those rare person that has the guts to actually fight for what you want and not take on the safe road cause it is easier. Besides, even if it did not work out, you will still have the knowledge that you have so much love in you and you can share that with people who needs it. :))

    Can’t wait for Goddess Josephine! Hope you venture in Europe someday soon (preferably Sweden or Norway). Or I shall hunt you down in the US of A in the future just to get you to autograph my books! :P

  505. I would rather have the star-crossed love.
    I believe that life should be lived to the fullest, even if it means that it is not always easy and that there will be those certain moments where one has to ask themselves if all those struggles are really worth it in the end and if it had not been easier to chose the easy way out. Because what you can get if you are brave and face your fears and insecurities it will be worth it in the end, even if it should not last. At least you have tried, because if you did not you would always end up asking yourself what could have been. And in the end it is better to have no regrets. And if this great love should not survive forever, there will always be the memories that will last forever and nobody can take those away.

  506. Matching Socks (LeNore) says:

    I was thinking about this recently. Would I be willing to love someone and have a relationship even if I knew it was destined to end badly. Not me, I’m a coward that way. But in theory I think it’s a grand idea since loving others usually makes you a better and wiser person.

  507. Sarah Songbyrd says:

    Oh this is a hard question! I would have to go with dependable, because I think it would be hard having someone you love so much leaving. But I don’t really think I would know unless I was in that situation!

  508. a love thats passionate, that manages to just… consume me. i was never much for a ‘happily ever after’ i prefer experiencing the little things that mean everything

  509. Dependable relationship for sure. My parents are divorced and I just want stability and no heartbreak. But he has to make my heart race and be a cutie. ;)

  510. I would go with dependable because that person would always be there for you.

  511. Katherine Williams says:

    I would rather have that star-crossed love. I would grab life by the horns and ride out the storms just to be with someone that makes my heart sizzle.

  512. May McCormick says:

    I love this series and i can’t wait to see if Lucas and Helen get together, I really hope they do. I wold rathger have a passionate affair with the love of my life, even if it has too end. But Helen and Lucas should still get together!

  513. I do love a great star crossed love story, but honestly, I would much prefer a stable relationship that ends happily. In real life, love to me is something that’s a daily choice and commitment not just a few moments of passion. Also, I’m a wimp and couldn’t handle the broken heart.

  514. Jamie Pascual says:

    I would rather be in a relationship that makes me happy for a long time and is stable.

  515. Jasmine Kim says:

    I think life isn’t meant to be stable. While stability is nice, stability a hundred percent of the time is boring! I’d rather have at least experienced a star crossed affair and lost than ended up with someone who makes me feel just happy and hasn’t experienced those sort of tumultuous emotions. Ups and downs are a part of life after all.

  516. It may be fun to read about star-crossed love, but I’ll go with stable and HEA. Although I’m now married to the love of my life, so if anything happened to him, I still wouldn’t trade him for the world. Geez, tough question!

  517. Chandni Anil says:

    I would choose to have the boy of my dreams and go through the consequences because true love is about fighting for the one you love… and having my dream boy would bring happiness no matter what bad consequences I have to suffer. Like Helen she is dying inside just to protect Lucas and that’s what true love is …fighting for the one you love and in the end it will end well if the Gods see your commitment for your love… And that’s why I am living in a fantasy of Helen and Lucas being back together .. xx

  518. Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen, dass ich lieber die Liebe meines Lebens finde, auch wenn diese schrecklich endet als jemanden zu Lieben bei dem bald darauf die Luft raus ist und man nur noch auf freundschaftlicher basis zusammenlebt. No risk no fun ;-)

  519. Kelly Croasmun says:

    I left a “safe” relationship for one with a little more spark & unpredictability…..and I haven’t regretted it a day!! The safe relationship was too patronizing and I know he would’ve ended up hating me. So I say, definitely the star-crossed relationship. I would rather love freely & with passion than just exist together…..even if it meant that the one I truly loved wouldn’t be with me always. I hope that made sense! :)

  520. You dream of that love. I thought I had it once and it ended horribly. I know am with someone who is dependable, loyal, honest, and loving and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. It wasn’t a fairytale but I’m getting a happy ever after.

  521. Jacqueline says:

    I think I would choose the starcrossed love. You’ll learn, what real love is and you are happy for the moment. You make many different experiances and you’ll learn much more about life in a tragedy.
    The life with a love, where your boyfriend is still there for you and you are happy is good, but I think the starcrossed love is much more intense. You don’t have much time and you have to enjoy this time. Its exciting and yeah. I would choose the starcrossed love :)
    Greetings from Germany :)

  522. It’s a hard question, I think, because the pain of the loss of true love can be so devastating.
    In the end, though, I do believe that that quote from Tennyson is true “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”, because a life without true passion, where we conform for something that feels ‘good’ or ‘okay’ simply because the ‘wonderful’ is too hard or too dangerous, isn’t really a life. We only get this one, so best to make the most of it while we still have it.

  523. Kaitlynne W says:

    Well, I am a sucker for Happily Ever Afters, so I would pick a dependable relationship.

  524. I think I would choose the passionate love affair over a meager contentment with someone else. What is love without passion?

  525. Melinda M. says:

    I think I would rather have the star-crossed love. I mean just having a normal love life seems a bit boring haha :D

  526. Marcela Simoes Alves says:

    Josie, can’t wait for the next book!

    What a difficult question Josie! I really have to think about it before I answer, but, deep inside I know that I’ll probably chose meet the boy of my dreams. Because this a opportunity once in a lifetime, and I know that the boy of my dreams will help me to find a way to stay with me and protect the people that we love, just like Lucas.

    Sorry about my english, i am not so good. ^^

  527. I would rather the tumultuous, passionate love affair for sure. If there’s someone willing to take that leap of faith for me knowing the consequences then I know they’re the one for me.

  528. I would probably have to go with a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. I know how much it hurts to lose someone close to you. Despite the fact that you had happy memories and will always love that person, the loss takes a toll on you. I probably would never be able to love again, knowing that he was the boy of my dreams, and he was gone. I would much rather have a dependable relationship with someone I know would always be there for me.

  529. loved loved lovee starcrossed and dreamless they need 2 be made into a movie

  530. I love this series.. It had been a roller coaster of ride.. Seeing how Helen’s journey though out Starcrossed and Dreamless came together, with her bad and good times and seeing how she held them.. So I can’t wait see how Helen’s great adventure comes all to an end and also see if Helen and Lucas are going end up with each other in the end…

    So thank you so much for this amazing giveaway Josephine.. Can’t wait to read Goddess…

  531. It looks like I agree with most of the other answers and would go with passion. I think it’s important to try and find both passion and dependability but passion is harder to come by.

  532. I would go for the star-crossed love only because even though I knew it would end tragically I will have learned and made memories from it to the point that I would be happy for what I had. Also sometimes those stable relationships just don’t make you truly happy, sometimes you need that impossible difficult love in your life at least once.

  533. Anna Pingle says:

    Yes to a starcrossed love. and there is no unhappy ending, if you love someone that much and he/she loves you that much. ?How cant you not be happy. Even if you Only got a short time together is bettet Than not have that true love at all. <3

  534. Coral Taylor says:

    Well, I am — obviously! — no fan of heartbreak, but I do believe that all relationships (good and bad) happen for a reason :) Therefore, I conclude: if I am given a toe-curling, smile-so-much-my-cheeks-hurt kind of romance, I’m not gonna look a gift-horse in the mouth :) Carpe diem! <3

  535. I would choose the latter love affair. I’m a simple-minded, logical individual, and even though the idea of star-crossed love is beautiful, I’m not a strong believer, but this is also coming from someone who hasn’t found love (so I may be biased). However, if such a dream relationship existed and then was to tragically end, I’m sure I’d be 10 times more heartbroken and depressed over the loss. Then after a long time of grieving, I’d probably doom any other relationship by comparing that new guy to the other. Therefore, my philosophy is to save yourself the heartache and be satisfied with what you’ve got. If a love affair promises to be true, healthy, dependable, and stable that ends happily for both parties without consequence, what more can you ask for out of life.

  536. I would go for the starcrossed love and fall in love with the boy of my dreams :-)

  537. Kerrie Loveridge says:

    No regrets. So I’d always go for the star-crossed passionate love, even if it has to end, because everything has a beginning a middle and an end, so no don’t accept second best, take the best you can. Take the person you’re supposed to be with, and go along for the ride, love them, be loved for as long as its going to last. Even if it hurts you in the end, at least you know you’ll have loved someone in the best possible way. xx

  538. I have my happy ever after – not with the man of my dreams but someone who’s perfect for me. As much as I love reading starcrossed I couldn’t cope with the drama!

  539. I’d rather have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. I don’t know if I’d be able to fully commit myself to the relationship with every other factor in life against us. Still love Lucas and Helen though :)

  540. I would have a star crossed love even if it does end badly I can say that once I was truly deeply madly in love and that they loved me back as well, its better to exsperiance it than not at all. You only live once.

  541. Well,
    This question is a hard one. Everybody dreams of having a ‘happily ever after’ yet if you chose to have a star-crossed love affair that ends in tragedy then that is the complete opposite of a ‘happily ever after’. However, if you chose to have a stable love then you may always be seeking for something else, something with more passion, a love that makes goosebumps appear on your skin or an instant connection. Therefore even if it ends in tragedy I would chose the star-crossed love affair because I believe in love conquering all and I won’t feel that I have settled and sold myself short.

  542. Doesn’t all passionate love affairs end tragically, even if the two people are their ‘dream’ person?? To me the passionate love-affairs are like candles–they eventually melt down to nothing,and are too easily blown out. And then what are you left with? A person you can’t look at in the eye anymore, and can’t stop blushing every time you see him/her or even think about that person. The people in these relationships can’t even be friends afterwards. So, I would go with the sure thing–the love-affair with the person who may not be my dream person, but makes me happy, our love is dependable and steady. Because with that comes a love based on trust and respect. The passion is still there, though a different colored horse, and with time the passion will make itself known and will be there til the end. And who knows? Maybe he does turn out to be my true dream guy all along.

  543. I definitely go with Starcrossed love. I mean even if its a long rough path I still would choose that over a simple safe relationship. I want to experience love to the full degree not just a substitute.

  544. Jessyca Morales says:

    Dear Josephine Angelini,

    Honestly in my opinion I’d rather have the star-crossed love with the boy of my dreams rather than a safe, stable love. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all right? I mean to be able to experience true love, even for a short time, would be worth it for me. I haven’t found the right guy for me but it doesn’t mean I’ve lost any hope at all. I know I’ll find the right guy out there for me and I wish it will be true love. Anywho, I’m all for the star-crossed love with all the fights, the triumphs, the losses, and the wins even if it does end tragically. I would take the consequences despite how dire they may be. I want a love like Helen and Lucas, where they were willing to risk it all before they were tricked by Daphne into thinking they were cousins. As a child, I grew up with Disney movies making me think there is always a happy ending but as I got into my teenage years and began to read young-adult novels I realized there is more to love that just the happily ever after. There is always going to be something or someone in the way who wants to destroy your life but it’s how you overcome it, that wins your happily ever after. Love is a fire but whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell. I’d take a star-crossed love despite all the consequences. Thank you for writing this truly amazing trilogy where we don’t know who Helen will end up with. You’re an incredibly gifted writer.

    -Jessyca Morales

  545. If I were to choose I would want the Star-crossed love even if it didn’t end all ‘happily ever after.’ The heart wants what the heart wants and if star-crossed love is what the heart is aiming for then I would totally reach out and take it.

  546. Love the series! Can’t wait to read Goddess. I would totatlly take the stable relationship.

  547. I’d much rather a stable love affair that ends happily, he might not be the boy of your dreams but he might be exactly what you need!

  548. The starcrossed relationship is what i would pick and what i think everyone dreams of! Thanks for giving an arc copy! I love the series and can’t wait to read Goddess!!

  549. Okay… that’s a really hard question.
    But my everyone says that the first and unique love come ones. A tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of our dreams, even if it ends tragically (that’s the most popular ending of every real love story) It’s my dream.
    I think all of us have, use to have and will have a star-crossed lover story to tell when they or we grow up. But definitely I want, because that will be love.
    “where is love, there’s no peace”
    But have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily is seriously a good good idea, i’ll think about it when you write a book of that.

    I’m really, really really exited to read Goddess, and I want to know the name of it in spanish!
    Kisses from Argentina!!!

  550. I would rather tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically as it would at least make me feel alive and even if it is doomed to last every minute would be worth it and I would be left with the most amazing memories and I would have known what it was like to love with no rules or boundaries as well as feeling true unconditional love back

  551. Oooh that’s so hard – I just asked a question like this the other day during ‘Would You Rather.’ I think my answer depends on if I know the safe choice is the safe choice. Did I knowingly whimp out on the boy of my dreams, or do I never know about him? If I knew about him, there’s no way I couldn’t choose him, but if I could stay innocent and not know.. maybe the stable guy. I would still be happy!

  552. Not to sound cliche, but you can have both, I know I do. It isn’t hard to have both if you find the right person and I have found that so I can say that it actually can be passionate and with the one you love and last forever, I am almost six years strong and believe me, we don’t have a dull day.

  553. Kendall McCubbin says:

    I have read some other books with star-crossed lovers in them so I guess if I was to have one then it would maybe work out okay! Probably not though lol! Something would probably step in the way but I think that I would risk everything for the person I loved and I hope they would do the same lol!

    Thank you for the chance to win an ARC! :)

  554. quite a difficult question here but i’d say a stable relationship :)

  555. I would rather have loved someone with all I have to give even if only for a short time than never to experience that kind of love in the 1st place. I want the kind of love that is exciting and passionate where you share your soul and your dreams with that person!!

  556. I want my love to go down in a blaze of glory!!!!

  557. Maddie Deane says:

    What’s life without the one? I’d rather experience a second with my soul mate then live a lifetime with someone else.

  558. Hm … a mean question :D
    I guess I like the passionate relationship and I’m a person, who do not always do the things I’m supposed to do or what others want me to do. BUT I also like happy endings. Especially when it comes to love and my love in this case.

    ‘The dependable steady love, who leads to a happy ending.’
    I believe that the passionate and star-crossed love has a chance for an happy ending, too. Otherwise it would be hard to read your books ;)
    And anyway I’m a believer and I believe in hope and happy endings for everyone, so I take my chances with the passionate star-crossed love. *O*

    Lot of love
    from Germany

  559. Hmm, I’m back and forth. But I’ll have to choose the passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams. I mean, yeah we can all play it safe but when it comes to love, I don’t think we should. My opinion of course. Plus, you said “if” it ends tragically. What happens if it doesn’t? Why would someone want to miss out on a love like that.

  560. Well, to be perfectly honest, I faced this decision only two months ago. The boy I’ve been in love with for eight months kissed me, and despite knowing that he didn’t want a relationship, I allowed him to. I let myself get wound up in an ‘affair’ that I knew would go nowhere but was so incredible at the time that I can’t make myself regret it. I think passion in a relationship is so important because it makes it meaningful, and even if has consequences – sometimes those are worth the risk of breaking your heart a little in the end. Who knows – maybe he could have his mind and fallen in love with me, the way I was with him!
    That didn’t happen, and it hurt, it hurt a lot, but I learnt from it, and I’m happy we had that time together even so.
    So, yes – a passionate, if risky, ‘affair’, I believe, is better than a stable love.

  561. I like happily ever afters more… also for my live

  562. In my opinion it’s a really hard question to discuss.
    Of course it’s hard to miss something, you haven’t known an dhaven’t lived. But if I had to choose, maybe it would be worth it.
    A stable, happy relationship is always a good one, but if you have this one real love and you can live it and be together with this person for only a short time, you could live from your memories. I think I would prefer to have this one real love and to be lucky for this time, because only knowing that someone loves you this strong and with such passion will keep you warm in your heart for the rest of you life.
    I would rather be loved in a wonderful, honest way than be loved only the half or less than that for my whole life.
    It’s Quality over Quantitiy! ;D
    Just keep this one person forever in your heart…

    Greetings from Germany. <3

  563. This is actually a pretty easy one for me to answer. I would pick the stable love affair that ends happily. I think when I was younger I would have gone with the other option, but now that I’m married and older I’ve come to realize a lot about love. It doesn’t have to be this big grandiose affair complete with fireworks and insane, often times it doesn’t quite work like that. To me love is companionship, finding someone who is your friend and who will always be there for you. That’s sexy and I think with time, as long as you were somewhat physically attracted to them in the first place, you can have your own version of passion. Therefore I’ll pick my happily ever after thank you very much!

  564. I think I hate to say it but I would probably rather have a dependable love affair that ends happily. I’m so excited to see if Lucas and Helen end up together or not though!

  565. Even though I haven’t read Dreamless, which I have waiting on the shelf to read, I am super duper excited. :D

  566. Natalia Pych says:

    If that man of my dreams makes me feel like the Aphrodite arising from the sea foam, if he moves Olympus and earth to be with me, I’ll choose him and a tumultuous, passionate love affair. Then make that promised tragic ending happen and let us be damned to Hades – even then we’ll find each other in its darkness because our love will shine the way… and we’ll have our happy ending after all.

  567. I’d rather have a very passionate love than a boring one any day! :)

  568. Oh my gosh I am just DYING to read the next installment. I read DREAMLESS way too early and the wait has been torture. I absolutely love your books and this series is amazing.

    And of course the cover for this book is my favorite of them all. It’s absolutely stunningly beautiful!

    To answer the question – I have had the star-crossed love and the dependable long-lasting forever love story. And the tumultuous relationship is amazing in the short-term but that kind of heartache for a lifetime would be way too torturous.

    I am glad to have had both so I know which one I love more. But these days I love reading about star-crossed love affairs in stories with my favorite heroines and fic boys and have that forever love story IRL.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  569. Reading is an essential part of my life and I get so engrossed with my books that I go through everything that they do, as if it was happening to me. When they cry, I do. When they are angry, I am. And when they are happy, so am I.
    In accordance to the question, I don’t understand why one can’t have both. I have been with my fiancé for over four years and I couldn’t be happier. He truly is the man of my dreams and each day he surprises me with kisses or little things that mean a lot to me, so the passion is still there even after a few years.
    But we started out as ‘star-crossed’ lovers as my fiancé was the brother of one of my best friends and five years older. We were instantly drawn to each other, despite the circumstances, and couldn’t keep away. We secretly found ways to meet up and stole kisses when we thought no one was looking. A few times we thought this would be the last, that someone would find out and call us out. And even though we were still threatened with the prospect that it might end, we couldn’t give each other up. And even if we hadn’t worked out the way we have, if we had had to stop seeing each other, I would still prefer to have had those few months together than not at all.
    But lucky for me, his sister was actually OK with they idea of us together, because she seen how happy we made each other,and we have been fit to have our happily ever after. But the thought of not meeting the love of my life just to save myself some potential heartache is foreign to me. Everyone should want to experience how it feels to be loved by the man of their dreams, even if it is short lived, because that love will stay with you for a lifetime!

  570. Such a difficult question! I think I would rather have a star-crossed love, because the ride would be worth it. And who knows, maybe it won’t end tragically. Thanks so much for this giveaway, I can’t wait to read Goddess!

  571. a dependable love affair that ends happily.

  572. I old rather find my soul mate, the guy of m dreams and have to deal with the turmoil and loss than live safe and content. I think nothing would ever feel right or full without the risk and full experience.

  573. “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”
    I’d take the boy of my dreams even though we had a short time together.

  574. First off let me start by saying just how much I adore your books! I couldnt read Starcrossed or Dreamless fast enough, and each time I found myself completely in love with the twisting dynamics with each of the characters and not to mention the love story between Helen and Luke! *HOT*
    Your writing has captivated me from the start and held onto my attention throughout the both books. You are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read Goddess!

    Answer time: If I had my choice, it would to have a all consuming, roller coaster ride of a love regardless of the end result. If I could only have a small amount of time with my one and only, then I would take it a run! I would never regret not getting those moments regardless of how little time I had them for myself. It is better to have and to know then to always wonder what if*

  575. would rather not meet the boy of your dreams, but have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily, after all I will still be happy :D

  576. Hai Josie!!
    AH… Woahh.. First it was a Dreamless ARC and now a Goddess ARC… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I HAVE to get one~! X3
    Anywho, honestly, if I had to choose between the two, I would go with the Star-crossed lovers. Yes, it might end tragically, but if we (my imaginary guy and I) truly, madly, unconditionally, irrevocably, (and everything in between) loved each other, then we won’t always be separated. We would always have SOME sort of connection, even if we are not near each other.
    Also, the time would be worth it. Love IS worth fighting for. If it does end in a non-happily-ever-after, then I guess we knew we fought our hardest.
    And besides, it is better to experience an amazing, and beautiful feeling like love, then not experience it at all.

    Ah, and that ends my answer~ But thank you SOO much for giving each and every one of your fans a chance to win this last book of your amazing, dazzling, and insanely addictive story!~ THANK YOU! And may the odds be ever in your favor to the fans! (hahaha) xD

  577. Susan Updegraft says:

    Happily for sure

  578. Ariella Blake says:

    I would want to have a starcrossed love.. Even though it might end horribly, it would still be good..
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  579. Emily Abarca says:

    I think I did this wrong, but oh well :p
    The question! Really tough question… well I would want to have someone who I know will stay with me just out of fear of being alone i guess. But I know I wouldn’t be happy with that so I wouldn’t pick that.
    Even if I was different or I’m balling my eyes out would have liked to have had a love so passionate that it would forever be engrained in my mind.

  580. Courtney Pierce says:

    I would rather be with the boy of my dreams even if it ends badly because if I had the chance then I wouldn’t let it escape me :) he would be my true love and soul mate so every second spent with him, no matter how long it actually is, is worth it.
    True love sets ablaze a burning ember that’s ignited by the essence of love and the feeling of enrapture. It’s always worth it, because true love conquers all. At least in my mind anyway, I’m a hopeless romantic:)

  581. That is a tough question! If I’m happy and love the stable person, then I’d rather have them. I mean star-crossed love is amazing to think about. But only if it ends happily. It also depends on how long I have with this person before tragedy strikes. If my star-crossed-lover dies young, maybe I could find stable happy love after that. As long as the guy is devoted to me!

  582. would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of your dreams, even if it ends tragically, because it would be with the person I love. :)

  583. Well, its a hard choice…but I think I´ll pick the passionate love with a magnifiscent boy, may I´ll get my heart broken but it would probably be worth it :)

  584. I would rather have a dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. I”m not a very dramatic person and the first one comes with way too much drama!

  585. Although I love to read about dramatic love affairs, for me I would be much happier with a stable relationship with the all important ‘happily ever after’. I’d prefer to know that my guy was dependable & to know he would always be there, for me that’s what true love is.

  586. I have a very, very long answer to your question but I’ll be brief because I don’t want to bore you.
    I would rather have a dependable, stable love affair that ends “happily ever after”.
    I don’t really believe in “happily ever after” because everyone in your life will let you down and crush you at least once or stab you in the back.
    Anyway, I’d rather a a stable love because it’s never fun to be hurt and sometimes even if you think you can handle it, it’ll break you.

  587. That’s a really hard question! I think I would rather have the star-crossed, once in a lifetime love that would stay with me forever. Maybe it doesn’t have to end tragically. I would rather spend my whole life remembering that love than spend it wondering if it was really out there.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. I’ll jump at any chance to get Goddess in my hands :)

  588. Definitely want the tumult and the passion. Yes it can end in heartbreak and loss, but it is great while it lasts :)

  589. im gonna go for having a tumultuous, passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it ends tragically,ya only live once!!!!!!

  590. Thanks for the contest!
    The brave part of me wants to go with the passionate love affair, but I’ve felt the pain from deep, exhilarating love fading away and a part of me always seems to fade with it. So, I would rather have the dependable love. The steady warm love that may burn a little dimmer but you know that burn will last and not blow out and leave nothing but smoke behind.

  591. I would want to have a passionate love affair with the boy of my dreams, even if it does end tragically! :) I want a star-crossed lover xD

  592. I would want the stable, dependable relationship. I mean he may not be the boy of my dreams but he could become the man I need. In my opinion a man who stays by your side is better than a boy of your dreams that won’t be there for long.

  593. Ohh I would definitely want the star-crossed love with the undeniable passion with the tragic end. I know that might sound morbid, but I would rathar have the most exciting romance even if it only lasted a short while.

  594. Kami Bryant says:

    I want to meet the man of my dreams and have an amazing romance even if it should end tragically.

  595. I’d rather have the passionate love even with consequences because I truly believe it will be worth it. I think it is not something you’d say “I wish this never happened to me”…. For Helen and Lucas, I think they can both say they don’t regret loving each other even if they are “cousins”. It’s something so beautiful and rare; no one should ever wish it never happened to them. So yea, I say passionate one. :)

  596. Ha! I choose both. :)

  597. Emily Gilot says:

    I think that I’d like to meet the man of my dreams because only one person like them comes along in your life and I’d very much like to get a chance to atleast meet him. I love fantasy and the whole true love thing from fairytales and movies (thank you Disney) and I think that has influenced me in the way that I wish what happens in some of those movies or books would happen to me.

  598. I love my family way too much to be part of a star-crossed couple. I want someone who could become part of the family rather than someone I’d have to keep separated from the people I’ve known and loved the longest!

  599. Adrianne S says:

    I would choose stable relationship. Who says a stable love affair can’t be amazing? I trust my husband, and know I can depend on him, but I also know that he absolutely adores me. Plus, while I love reading books with epic love stories, I hurt for the characters that can’t be with the one person that they want to be with. While reading the Starcrossed books, I hurt for Helen, and for Lucas. Being in love has almost destroyed each of them. And while I want them to get to be together, some of the hints that have been dropped in the books so far have made me think they may not get to. If I got to choose whether or not I experience a tumultuous, passionate love affair or a dependable, stable love, I would choose stable, and take long lasting joy over fleeting passion.

  600. I would want the dependable, stable love affair that ends happily. I don’t think I could recover if I met someone absolutely amazing and it ended tragically. The man who was dependable and stable would probably become the love of my life because he would make my life so secure and sweet. There is a lot to be said for love that is dependable. Besides, I have your books to give me insight into passionate love affairs! ;)

  601. I think I would like to have the star-crossed love. You only live once. It’s best to experience everything you can even if doesn’t last forever.

  602. I would like to have the passionate love affair because stable relationships are much easier to find. The love affair could be the best thing to ever happen in your life, even if it ends in tragedy. It eliminates the “what if’s” in your life. You wouldn’t question your choices at the end of your life because you took advantage of the situation that you knew would make you the most happy and that you weren’t just settling for second best.

  603. Tonnelle Driesen says:

    I would rather have the Star-crossed love affair, I would rather have the love and passion and tragicness than boring old happy ever after.

  604. I would go for the star-crossed love!!!! Better to have loved and lost then to not love at all right ;)

  605. i think i would rather have a tumultuous, passionate love affair , even if it ends tragically.you only have one life, so i would just go for it and deal with the conciqueces afterwards..

  606. As much as I want my happily-ever after, the romantic in me is voting for an epic star-crossed love. All the hurting, wanting and waiting is part of the feeling of love, I believe. And having experienced all of that makes my story all the more beautiful despite it’s tragic ending. The feeling is certainly a treasure to keep; a story worth telling and a testament of a life that had been worth living.

  607. I’ll always choose true, real love, whether it’s passionate & destined to end tragically or stable & happily-ever-after! As you mentioned that the boy of my dreams comes with the first, I’m assuming the starcrossed version is the ‘true love’ bit, and in that case, then yes, I’d still choose the tumultuous & tragic love affair. I’m a big believer in ‘it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’. I’ll always choose the whole ‘one true love/boy of my dreams’ option, no matter the outcome. I have to say though, I don’t always believe that the starcrossed, passionate affair equals that one true love! ;)

  608. I’ll choose the star-cross love even if it ends tragic. I’ve only live once so I’d rather choose to experience one great love even it won’t last.

  609. I do believe that it is possible to have both (minus the tragic ending) But if I had to choose, I would pick the stable companionship. I believe that common love can grow into a passionate love, it just takes time and effort on both parts. Relationships require continuous courting from the the very beginning…A man is suppose to chase you forever. That is the kind of love I hope to have one day :) Thanks for the giveaway! Love your series and looking forward to what else you have in store for us once this series is over. Keep up the amazing work!

  610. Love, above all.

  611. Brooke Banks says:

    I’d choose calm and stable. I’ve been burnt before and don’t really want to go through another tragic ending. Calm and stable might not get the romantic fluttering and such but my dream is different. Someone there for me through it all, where we end up growing old together after raising my daughter and sit in rockers on the back porch. That’s a life worth living to me. =)

  612. Thanks for the give away. I would love to win Goddess, it looks stunning. You pose a really difficult question! It’s hard for me to answer, because I’m engaged to the man of my dreams and our relationship is both dependable and stable and passionate, so it’s hard to have to choose between the two! I don’t like the sound of a ‘tumultous’ relationship, as I prefer things to be calm and easy, but if I loved the person that much and the highs outweighed the lows, I would probably put up with the drama.

  613. Now that is a tough choice. I part of me wants to say go the stable route. But honestly, I’d probably pick the wild romantic route. Who know if that would ever come my way again. I’d rather live then not live and regret choosing the safe option.

  614. Hi Josie,
    I was thinking a lot about this question, but I finally decided that I would rather have a stable love affair with a happy ending! I think that’s better because if you have a tragic love affair you don’t know what happens next. Someone could get hurt, you can loose a person who is very important to you or, like in Helen’s case, a war could start – but the last thing is maybe not so realistic ;-)
    So, that’s the reason why I would pick a stable love affair instead of a tragic one.
    Love, your fan Katrin

    PS: I’d LOVE to hear/read what you would choose, Josie! :)

  615. Katherine K. says:

    I’m a “happy ending” kinda girl I guess :)

  616. Star-crossed love affair > boring happy ever after ;)

  617. I think I would go with the stable relationship…

  618. I would rather have a dependable love affair than lots of heartbreak :/

  619. That’s a hard question to answer. I think I would rather not meet the boy of my dreams but have a stable love affair that ends happily.

  620. Star-crossed love all the way, consequences are overrated. Thanks for the contest!!

    Jessica @ The Midnight Bookworm

  621. I’m all for starcrossed love :)

  622. For me, after reading so many YA books with passionate, earth-shattering romances, I have had thoughts of star-crossed love. I mean, you only live once, so why not just forget everything and give it a go :D PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELEN AND LUCAS <3

    Haha, thanks for the giveaway! Love your series A LOT A LOT :D

  623. Hmm… Thats an interesting question… I honestly don’t know which one I’d prefer. To meet the boy of your dreams – that’s a once in a lifetime chance, and for it to end in tragedy? I don’t think you’d be able to love again…. So I think I’d rather go with a stable love, rather than a tragical soul mate love.

  624. i would always pick mytrue love, but i beleive if its meant to b fight for it so i guess im saying i would never not go for it because just because therre your true love doesnt mean it will end in tragedy, like i still think is hope for helen and lucas, but i love ornion too i hope he isnt the bad guy! just because its star crossed doesnt mean it cant work! bring on the darma and the love!!

  625. Helen Russom says:

    That is a tough question! I have one answer with two faces to it. I would rather have a stable relationship and end up happily ever after, that is for sure. But if i were to chose between love and stableness, i would go with love. Love is what make you happy, what make a person want to continue living (ofcourse tolerance would be an important ingridient too! :) ) I want to believe in what I just said, since in reality there is one in a million shot!! heee, I don’t know if it answers the question but thats my answer.

  626. Sanjana Naidu says:

    Oh its gorgeous!! I am so excited to read Goddess, I just love Greek mythology and took AP Classical Lit so that I could obsess for a semester without getting judged haha. Can’t wait!

  627. I would give up my girlfriend because if she really wanted to be with me and thought the relationship could work out she wouldn’t make me choose between me and my best buddy. Although after I give up my girlfriend I would probably be a bit upset with my best friend for not trying to work it out with another important person in my life. He could have made a better effort to accept my girlfriend because I liked her.

    I really hope I’m chosen to get the Goddess, I want to give it to my sister as a surprise, she’s totally in love with your books :)

  628. is it really true that “Goddess” is being published in Germany two months before in the US or the UK?

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