YA Scavenger Hunt Announcements!

We have a winner!  Actually, we have three.  Let’s start with the winners of the YA Hunt.  (cue impressive music.)  I’ve been watching the Olympics non-stop all week.  (Keep imagining the horns swelling, the drums beating)  And I have a new found love of all things competitive.  To cross the finish line first, to jump higher, swim faster, and (in water polo) to drown your opponent without getting caught!  In a phrase TO WIN!  (Imagine your flag rising).

And the winners of the YASH are:

Grand Prize Winner for the Blue Team:
Asad K.

Grand Prize Winner for the Red Team:
Nicole M.

You’ve just won gold!

Okay, maybe not a gold, but you’ve won a truck load of books which is pretty darn good.  Congratulations!

Now, for my giveaway:

I asked you all to tell me where you got your first kiss, but the problem is there are quite a few of you out there who haven’t been kissed yet.  *face palm*  I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I just thought it would be fun to share first kiss stories, without considering that a fair number of you are quite young and have a few years yet before it’s “kissing time”.

Again, I learned something about my readers, which is very important for me.  This is why I love hearing what you think because it helps me gauge what my readers like, where they are at in their lives, or what you think about a certain topic.  Thank you all for participating.

And finally, the winner of my drawing is:

Amanda Webb

Congratulations, Amanda!

Email me your mailing address and I’ll get the two books out to you ASAP.





  1. Thanks for everything! :)

  2. Erica Boyd says:

    Congratulations Amanda!!!!!! :)

  3. Josie r we eva gonna get the password????

  4. Josie, when is goddess coming out? I really want it now!:) i want to see beautiful Helen and Handsome Lucas finally together!

    • Josie Angelini says:

      May 2013. :)

    • Who doesn’t want to see Helen and Lucas together! The books are playing like a movie in my head when i read them! They make such a cute pair! Hopefully the gods themselves will let Helen and Lucas have a life together! And Josie when can we see the UK cover for Goddess?

  5. I was so busy with the hunt I forgot to enter this competition :( oh well, well done :D My first kiss was so awkward… He went to kiss me but I chickened out & kinda leaned into his neck & basically died. It’s fine though kz a few seconds later I plucked up the courage and kissed him ;) Best thing is we’re still together 2 years later! <3 I like to think of him as my own version of lucas heehee :P

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