My Exclusive Bonus Material for the YA Scavenger Hunt. The First Page of GODDESS!

Chapter One


Helen could see what she guessed was the River Styx just off to her left.  It was a roaring torrent, riddled with ice burgs.  No sane person would dare to swim across it.  Feeling stranded, she limped around in a tight circle.  A quick scan of the horizon showed that there was no one else on the barren plain.

“Dammit,” she swore to herself, her voice breaking.  Her vocal chords were not completely healed.  Less than an hour ago Ares had slit her throat, and although it still hurt when she spoke, cussing made her feel better.  “So typical.”

Not even an hour ago she’d made a promise to her friend Zach.  He was dying in her arms, and she swore that she would make sure that he drank from the River of Joy in the afterlife.  Zach had sacrificed himself to help her, and in his final moments, he’d given her the clue that allowed her to kill Automedon and save Lucas and Orion.

Helen intended to keep her promise to Zach even if she had to carry him to the Elysian Field and right up to the banks of the River of Joy herself—broken ribs, wonky leg and all.  But for some reason, her usual way of navigating in the Underworld wasn’t working.  Normally all she had to do was say what she wanted aloud and it just happened.

She was the Descender, which meant that she was one of the exceedingly few Scions who could go down to the Underworld in her living body, and not just as a spirit.  She could even control the landscape to a certain extent, but of course just when she needed that talent the most, it found a way to go on the fritz.  It was just so Greek.  One of the things Helen resented the most about being a Scion was that it meant that there was an appalling amount of irony in her life.

Helen pinched her bruised lips together in frustration and raised her hoarse voice to the empty sky.  “I said– I want to appear by Zach’s spirit!”

“I have that one’s soul, niece.”

Helen spun around and saw Hades, Lord of the Underworld, standing several paces behind her.  Tall and poised, he was wreathed in shadows that dissipated like fingers of fog relaxing their grip.  The Helm of Darkness, and the extra yards of fabric from the black toga that he wore obscured most of his face, but she could just make out his lush mouth and square chin.  The rest of his toga was draped over his body like a decorative afterthought.  Half of his smooth chest and his powerful arms and legs were bare.  Helen swallowed and concentrated on focusing her swollen eyes.



  1. ahhh I cannot wait to read Goddess !!!

  2. Becky Louise Williams says:

    Oh my! That wasn’t enough!! I need more, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? :)

  3. Ashlee camargo says:

    Eeeeeee!!! I cannot wait until goddess is here! You rock, Josie!! Thanks for this preview!

  4. Really? Really Josie? I ask you for annnnny clues all the time and you tease me with THIS!??!?!? *goes to shoot self in corner* I can’t stand this anymore. Oh my god.

    *peeks up from the Undeworld* Ah, shoot. I probably shouldn’t have shot myself just yet… Wonder if they have ARCs down here? *goes to scour*

  5. Amazing…not that I expected anything less :)

  6. Sarah Green says:


  7. AH! What a tease!

  8. YES! Even more excited now than I was.

  9. You certainly know how to tease us Josephine!!

  10. i’m dying here i can’t wait this long for GODDESS ! *screams impatiently* your killing me Josephine.

  11. Not going to lie…this was the main reason I wanted to participate in this hunt was so I could get a look into GODDESS….you didn’t disappoint.

    So excited!

  12. Jess Kemmish says:

    I tried to stop myself from reading this because I knew it would make me even more desperate to read Goddess but I caved, I couldn’t resist it! And boy am I glad I did! HOW DO YOU DO IT? Seriously! How are you so amazing Josie? How is it possible to be THAT good? I was just like WOW!!! Now I’m gonna be jumping up and down constantly for weeks, actually make that months, (blimey my feet are going to hurt!) because I’m so excited! Well congratulations on writting another book that I’m sure will be amazing. I adored Starcrossed and Dreamless and think that you are a extreamly talented author. I’m sure all your fans are now dying to read Goddess, as am I, you are such a tease! Thanks for taking part in the YA scavenger hunt, it was super cool and I have had a great time discovering new books and authors :0)


  14. I love mythology based books! Can’t wait to read it, it’s on my wishlist!

  15. The best passwort ever :D
    I’m looking forward to reading Goddess :)

  16. SDJFPIHDPSAFHNAIPSGFR OMGLOBERNUASHH that was not enough ughhh but thanks for letting us read a little i geuss…>.<

  17. Ash Frame says:

    Oh my. I wonder what is going to happen. I cannot WAIT to read this book!

  18. Holly Forbes says:

    Wow!! Amazing!! Can’t wait!

  19. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE say lucas & Helen find out they’re not related in this book?!!!!! I nearly died when it didnt happen in dreamless :( #TeamFate

  20. Natalie Anna says:

    I only did the scavenger hunt to read that! :D
    It was totally worth it, although the hunt was quite fun too. :)

  21. AMAZING!!! As always Josie! Can’t wait till Goddess!!!!!! :)

  22. Que ganas de leerlo ya!!!!! Eres increíble.


  23. Renee Grant says:


  24. AHH! I cannot wait until Goddess comes out! Why does it have to take so long!


  26. Wow. I’m SO excited! Actually cannot wait! Starcrossed has to be one of the best books EVER! Fell in love with Lucas just like Helen did!<3

  27. So not enough ugh when is it coming out

  28. Kelly Rousey says:

    Oh my gosh!! I can’t wait until May 2013 for the 3rd book to come out it’s just way too long!! :) When will we get another spoiler?

  29. Please please please get this book out as soo as possible! I’m obsessed! When is it supposed to come out??


  31. arisa zachard says:

    my damn god plzzzzzz make helen choose lucas. i love orion but lucas is wayyyyy better. he and helen fit together theyre starcrossed lovers. whyd u make orion confuse helen. 2013 is too far away! :-( I’m going crazy for ur book stop teasing me josephine. plz make the book come out earlier I beg u. or I’m going to die.:-[

  32. I need this book out now!! ahh the first page was amazing! bring on june of next year!

  33. AMAZING!!!Can’t wait to read it!and please i want lucas and helen together!plz plz!:))

  34. I need MORE!!!!! necesito mas de esta historia!!!!!

    i need to Luke and helen together!!! <3

  35. please put more up i read the book before this 1 and i loved it *insert fangirl squeal here* i need more

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