Come meet me!  

If you are in the Los Angeles area I will be at the Central Library doing the LA Teen Read this Thursday the 26th.

Come and hear me read out loud!

It’s like TV, but without the actors or the set!  :)



  1. I wish I lived in Los Angeles!! Haha :). You’re an amazing author Josie! Keep it up! I’ve been tryin to get my friends to read you’re books but unfortunatly I’m the reader in the group. They’re not very into books. But I love them, it’s like going into a whole other world where none of your own problems exist.
    P.S. You comin to Pennsylvania anytime soon :)

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Nothing scheduled in Pennsylvania as of now but I would love to visit one of these days. And I know what you mean about submerging yourself into stories. There is nothing like it. :)

  2. Crystal says:

    OMYGOODNESS ugh why cant i live there:( are you going to do a little reading tour? Like mabey coming to texas??:D If you are that would be amazing:3

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