Ontario California Teen Book Festival

I will be at the 2nd annual Teen Book Festival in Ontario, California, THIS SATURDAY May 5 from 1 to 4 p.m. I would love to see all of my Southern California StarHearts there! ♥

Jay Asher, Anna Carey, and Alexandra Monir will also be there.

It will be tons of fun!

For information call: 909-395-2225.



  1. See that’s not nice. I saw “Ontario” and since I live in Canada (specifically Ontario), I got all excited. Going into the corner to cry now :(

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Sorry!! I just added California so there’s no confusion. :)

      • Lol it’s OK. I knew it was too good to be true. I’ll take an ARC though….since my hopes of seeing you have been so thrown asunder ;) lol j/k

        Have a great time :D

  2. I am looking forward to it! We rarely get signings or events like this in the Inland Empire, so I think it is great. The librarian I met at the Festival of Books sent me a flyer for it, if anyone is interested (its on my blog).

  3. Hooorraaayyyy!! I am SO there!! I’m so excited :D Any chances of us getting our hands on a DREAMLESS arc? ;)haha!

    See you there!

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