My Starcrossed Characters

Most of you have already told me, and showed me who you picture the Stacrossed characters to be. Now it’s my turn. If my series were ever to be made into films, something that I’m reluctant to let happen until all 3 books are out, I have a pretty good idea as to what Helen and Lucas would look like.

So… starting Monday on my Facebook Page I will be revealing my choices one by one, until the 29th of May, when I will reveal my Helen.

Stay tuned!



  1. Fun! I haven’t thought about it much, but I always pictured Lucas like Drew Roy (of Falling Skies). It’s hard to think of anyone that could live up to Helen though!

  2. I’m SOOOOO excited! I wonder if they’ll look ANYTHING like the actors I assigned to each character when I did the casting post on my blog! :D

  3. Far out Josephine where have you been for the last few years! I read Starcrossed the other day and i mentally kicked myself for not picking it up earlier! Everything about the book had me hooked and i literally could not put it down (my parents didnt bug me at all because they thought i was reading uni text books… pfft yeah right!). It was like my world became Starcrossed. I havnt felt like that about a book in almost two years… and i kinda missed the feeling but TA DA!! you showed up and thank you so much for it. So i decided while waiting an agonising wait for Dreamless to be released i figure i’ll corrupt all my other friends into reading your books and take satisfaction in knowing i will no longer be the only one who fell behind in school work *groans* Probably should get back to it.


    • Josie Angelini says:

      That’s amazing. I’m so glad you found it, and I know what you mean about connecting to a book.

      Thanks, Nas! :)

      • No so do I. I loved the book and cannot wait tell the last one comes out this May! I don’t know about you but since I was so in love with the story and Greek myth to it all I came up with a cast in my head as well here it is. Of course I’m not completely stuck on them but I do love who I picked!
        Helen: Blake Lively or Emma Watson
        Lucus: Liam Hemsworth or Drew Roy
        Adriane: Lyndsy Fonseca or Shenae Grimes
        Casandra: Cloe Montez or Dakota Fanning
        Claire: Brenda Song or Jamie Chung
        Matt: Michael Angarano
        Jason: Adam Gregory or Chase Crofered
        Hector: Kellan Lutz
        Orion: this one idk, he might be to old but Chris Hemsworth

        Let me know what you all think!

      • hi Josie angelini .I read all three of the books it was amazing and I would love it if you could do like the auther of percy Jackson did he finished the Olympians and then did the last hero including percy and anabeth and I would love it if you could do that with lucas and Helen or something like that. I really loved the Helen and lucas romance and to me it was just to short but I still really LOVED IT so pleac write another book about lucas and by the way I have read starcrossed more then 2 times and out of all my other books starcroosed is my favorite and I have the twilight saga so that can oly mean that your books are really really really great so pleace make another saga of lucas and helen

  4. tori swanson says:

    your book is awesome! I’ve reread it 5 times i’m trying to get Dreamless but I’m broke at the moment. but i read the sneak peek on HarperTeen and i love it! haircut (Orion) is awesome. hopefully i’ll get it soon i get paid Friday. good job Josephine.


    p.s. i think Lucas is following Helen.

  5. I don’t have a Facebook and I still want to see the characters…..

  6. i always pictured helen as blake lively(serena- gossip girl and travelling pants) – cuz she tall tan with blonde hair,

  7. dilveen says:

    i see helen as dakota fanning i dont know why but she jst has some sort of connection towards helen that “cursed beauty” and she a perfect age for to act her out! honestly thr r so many attractive actresses out thr tht could be perfect to play helen!

  8. I can´t see who she picked for Helen?

  9. sarah elliott says:

    I absolutely loved your books they were the center of my day for atleast a month lol are the novels going to turn into a movie Josephine? I would love to see it all play out in theaters im a huge fan and the books just were spectacular ive always pictured lucus being played by mabey a young version of channing tatum and Helen has always been Chloë Grace Moretz in my eyes she would be perfect lol well hope to hear back from you soon

  10. dear josphine , i love reading books similar to yours but yours made me fall in love with the whole characters and moral of the story i loved it i couldnt wait to see it in movie and etc… i loved the emotions it left me when i read the book i have read many books similar to romance, drama and etc but wow your book was one i wanted to see really bad as a movie it would have been really great seeing more to that. ive read books in the library and check them out but i dont buy books because too poor to buy books :( but i have checked out your book 4 times already and hate the feeling that the book has ended when i was so hooked on it. i will keep reading your books in the future and now became your fan on books :D and have recommended it to friends. carry on with your greatest work josie im looking forward to reading your books.

    love dearly your new fan sam :P

  11. I fell inlove with the star crossed series. I read all 3 books in 5 days. I would love if you could consider a movie soon. I will admit it, I used to hate reading. But now I just want to read the same 3 books over and over. You changed my view on reading. Also I am dreaming with the characters. My parents tell me to let the book go. But I can not. I feel that I need more of the series. So a movie would be great. The thing is I feel like I am in a new world when I read your trilogy.

    Thank you for making me want to read the book over and over.


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