My Helen Hamilton

I was on a jumbo jet, having very nearly missed my flight back to the States.  My husband and I had just done a mad-dash through Heathrow Airport (I was in heeled boots, no less) and we were the last two people to board.  Sweating, panting, and grimacing at the chorus of consumptive coughs all around me, I looked a few rows over and saw this face staring at me from the back of a magazine.

I nudged my husband, pointed to the full page ad and said, “Helen.”  He agreed.  But something about it bothered me, even though I knew it was right.  She was wearing too much make up and her hair was done and, well, she was too fierce.  She was GODDESS Helen, not STARCROSSED Helen.  So I looked up the model, and I found this shot of her with no makeup on and her hair undone.

And I though, “yeah”.  She’s wary, even hiding something.  She does just about everything she can to downplay her looks and fit in a little better.  She’s even hunching her shoulders a bit to hide how tall she is.  This is Helen when she is still unsure of herself, and this is the Helen that I originally imagined.  Shy.  Guarded.  The “fierce” part comes later, from a lot of suffering and fighting.

Just like it does for the rest of us.  :)




  1. I really like the Helen! Good choice! I’m don’t have any problems with your choice – and why should I! you’re the author! xd

  2. Oh! I love who you picked for Helen, she’s perfect!

  3. Theresa says:

    I love it!! Helen to a T! I wish she acted, and that there was a movie coming out. I would love to see her play Helen on the big screen!

  4. Wow! Totally agree! :)

  5. she is just like her! i love it! (no more to say^^)

  6. She’s exactly how I imagined her to be =]

  7. Sh'lette says:

    I loved your photo of Helen! I thought it was great choice! <3

  8. Wow, shes’s perfect!! I love it! just out of curiosity, does anyone know the model’s name?

  9. Johanna Rick says:

    I think, Helen has got another face, and it’s not really my Helen. In my thoughts, helen looks a little bit more like you :-D

  10. Miss Angelini, you are amazing. To be honest, both of those pictures are exactly are what I pictured Helen to be…except she has green eyes. I can’t help it. I heart blonds with green eyes. I can’t wait to read DREAMLESS, and cannot wait for GODDESS! You rock! Heart you.

    - A.C.L.-M.

  11. Hannah Cuckler says:

    Exactly how I imagined her! :)

  12. Our dream casts are completely alike. Love this Helen!

  13. I like her more without make-up. With make-up she doesn’t quite seem like Helen to me. But then again, I’m biased…I’ve always imagined Helen to look just like you do in your picture on the cover of the book! *shrugs* lol :P

  14. Oh, this isn’t my Helen. But I love the story, what a perfect way to meet Helen; in the sky! :)

  15. Liz McNamee says:

    Oh my gosh this is pretty dead on to what I figured she must look like…so awesome!! And LOVED THE BOOK!!!!

  16. gorgeous! love it<3 who is this model?

  17. Felicia says:

    I must say that this version of Helen took me by surprise. Not at all what I had in mind as Helen.. but I guess it comes with territory as well (depends on where you live geographically, or what is deemed beautiful). However, all in all I’m glad to see the choice on this version of Helen :), cheers.

  18. OMG Josie she is beautiful!! isnt it funny the places you get inspiration? who would have thought you found her at an airport boarding a plane.

    Um, i have a question. Everyone is talking about a movie, has there been film rights bought by a production company and is there one being made or is it just rumours? I’d be in the cinema first screening if there was one and just think how good a movie could be? it would totally boost your book sales and new people could fall in love with Helen and Lucas like the rest of us.

    xoxo Nas.

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Hi Nas. I still have the film rights. I don’t plan on selling them until after all 3 books are out. :)

      • Cecilia says:

        Good call. If a film came ou i would HAVE to watch it, but then it would ruin my perception of the characters in the book.

  19. Isabel G-G says:

    I totally agree!

  20. Renee Grant says:

    I love that you showed both sides of how you pictured Helen in your mind! Even tho she slightly different from what I pictured, this girl is totally Helen!

  21. Emma Kate says:

    To me at least, both photos say “Helen” to me :D But I like the 2nd one the best, personally. Good choice, Josie! :)

  22. The model is Sigrid Agren I think

  23. Hi! The model is amazing! It’s a really good choice! It’s not like I saw Helen,but I like this picture! :)
    Megan it’s that! Thank you! And she’s fench :) just like me.

  24. She’s perfect! I love the second picture, without (or less) make up. I loved your other post on Photos v. Imagination. I think you 100% correct! :)

  25. She is beautiful in both pics. I really like your choice (:

  26. Stephanie says:

    I loved the Helen without makup! Do you remember the hoopla about Diane Kreuger as Helen? Choosing a face to represent Helen is sort of like her cestus. Personally, and while she doesn’t fit your description of Helen at all, I love Irene Pappas in “Trojan Women” ; she was a wicked and conniving Helen.

  27. Not exactly what I had in mind but she really fits Helen except she doesn’t have bright pure blond hair and light brown amber eyes as I’d imagine

  28. When does the movies release?

  29. If it helps, the model’s name is Sigrid Agren. She’s a French model from Martinique, and she’s actually quite famous in the fashion industry. Highly ranked, and she often gets the record for most-walked fashion shows during fashion weeks.

  30. Is it just me or is Derek Theler EXACTLY how you imagined Hector?

  31. I dunno why, but my mental image of Helen seemed to look a lot like Aimee Teegarden.

  32. Carey Tran says:

    i was expecting more of a goddess feel to it, but it still works. OOH CAN YOU FIND OTHER PICTURES OF YOUR CHARACTERS?! :D

  33. I know this is way late, but I just had to add who I always picture as Ares when I’m reading Dreamless… Johnny Depp! I think he’d make a great Ares, he’d NAIL it.

  34. i like more te secon one ,because te ferst i thing that is not may helen

    can you imagin LUCAS?

  35. It’s not like my Helen, I imagine the mine with curly hair, not straight.. xDD
    However, it is a good choice, more or less in my thoughts the face is so, she’s a beautiful Helen Hamilton :))

  36. Cecilia says:

    I always thought of Tamsin Egerton when I read all three books. I don’t know why… she’s english. But she is beautiful, tall and thin so that’s Helen for me.

  37. She’s beautiful! I absolutely fell in love with your books, all thanks to my best friends recommendation. Really hope it becomes a movie one day!! I always pictured Dean Geyer as THE PERFECT Lucas!! Make sure you look him up!!

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