Last Call!

The deadline to enter the DREAMLESS ARC giveaway is tomorrow.

Don’t miss out!




  1. Anni-chan says:

    I’ve already finished Dreamless in German (Göttlich verloren)
    You should start with the giveaways of Ilium

  2. Sabrina says:

    Fingers crossed! :)))

  3. Hi! I saw you in Sweden, I sat in the middle of the crazy bunch of teenagers that tortured you, sorry for that btw :(. I just read the book Starcrossed, and I’m a bit frustrated that the next two books won’t come out soon(in swedish).. So. I’m really, REALLY happy that i found this site(read it in the book.. xD). Your an amazing author, and keep up the good job!

    Kajsa :)

  4. Oh, I forgot..

    I would just tell my best friend, because, if you are best friends it means taht you really trust each other. And that is something so important, and so meaningfull for both of you so no matter what, you tell each other things, even if they hurt. So, yes, i would tell on their girl-/boyfriend because they wouldn’t do such a thing if they really loved your best friend. I think that’s important.

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