Happy Book Birthday to DREAMLESS!!!



  1. Im reading it now , downloaded it this morning from B&N and cant put it down!!!!

    • Delaney says:

      hey josie quick question i thought you were going to be posting your choice of helen of may 29. I’ve been checking everyday for the pic and its not there. please help i really want to see your choice

  2. It’s MY birthday today so I can celebrate for the book and for me!

  3. Just bought it on my nook! Can’t wait to start it after work!

  4. Just to make it extra special :D

    Na ziseis Dreamless kai xronia polla
    megalos na gineis me aspra mallia
    pantou na charizeis tis gnosis to fos
    kai oloi na lene na enas sofos

    FOR PEOPLE WHO USE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR. I KNOW SOME PART OF IT SAYS ‘may you grow up and your hair turn white’…..but hey..come on…it’s Greek. Can’t get cooler than that ;D


  5. Desiree says:

    Already got the book but have to wait until Friday to read it because of my busy work week. I know that the moment I pick it up I will not be able to put it down! Congrats Josie!

  6. Liz McNamee says:

    I pre-ordered my copy of Dreamless back in November on Amazon….and was totally planning on WAITING until it got here by snail mail…but I found I’m not that patient. I had to buy it for my kindle too. :) I can’t wait to finish it!!!!!

    My hat’s off to you Ms. Angelini for writing such a great series!!!

  7. I loved it!! But have to wait for the UK release date of 5th July to post my review :)

  8. Happy Book Birthday!!! :-)

  9. Isabel G-G says:

    Yayyyy!!!!! :D Congrats!

  10. Can’t wait till it comes out in the UK anywaise, Congratulation Josie n Happy Book Birthday (i know am late buh oh well) ;)

  11. AHHHHH! I just finished it! I swear I will give no spoilers… but it’s SO hard. Must. Read. Dreamless. Again. I hear it calling me…

  12. ok I finished it the same day I posted my first post lol. Im so antsy for the next installment. This weekend I will reread both book but I HAVE to say, “AMAZING STORY” I’m hooked.

  13. I have a question! I was wondering what prompted the decision to make Electra Oedipus’ daughter? I feel like his sons Eteocles and Polynices (and to some extent his daughters Antigone and Ismene) are perfect examples of the madness that comes from incest, while Electra is more deranged because of her father Agamemnon and mother Clytemnestra killing family members (so, Furies and kin-killing). I know myth is really fluid, so it’s not hard to insert characters from story to story (especially when dealing with the Argonauts and Hercules . . .), but I just wondered the whys behind it!

    (Sorry for the repeat, you may have seen that I posted this on facebook, but I’m not sure where is best to ask you a question. Also, I totally should have mentioned how much FUN this book was to read! It was a single sit-down read! I’m already on read number two!)

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Great question. Just replied on Facebook. I’ll re-post here.

      Okay– why did I pick Electra? Because, while I love the characters you suggested (and the play Antigone), I thought that more people would be familiar with Electra because of Freud’s “Electra Complex”. I wanted the name choice to be as clear as it could be to as many readers. Basically, I wanted to pick a name that was tied to world of psychiatry, and ostensibly to psychosis in particular. But you are absolutely right– there are TONS of characters in Greek myth that go crazy. This is part of the reason that in my stories I say that insanity is one of the curses of the Scions. Thank you so much for asking! :)

  14. I just finished Dreamless and it was so good! Except… I kinda hate Orion… With the passion of a thousand suns… I’m a little worried :P Still an amazing book though!

  15. Kelly Rousey says:

    Loved Dreamless so much it was a awesome book! When is the third book coming out? :)

  16. Is there going to be a audiobook of DREAMLESS? I’ve been anxiously waiting to buy it!!

  17. I have read both books several times already and I also have Starcrossed on Audiobook but is there going to be an Audibook for Dreamless and the third book? I love listening to them when I am unable to sit down and read (like in the car or while doing my chores).

  18. Hi I loved the star crossed series so much! Can you tell me if Lucas and Helen actually end up together?????????

  19. What’s the third book going to be called? Btw I LOVE the star crossed series!

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