And the winners of my last 3 DREAMLESS ARCs are…

Clarissa Chong

Becky Johnson

Esther Tomaszewski

Congratulations you three! Please send me your mailing addresses and I will send those out to you ASAP.

Thank you all so much for participating.  If it’s any consolation to those of you who didn’t win… DREAMLESS is out in stores NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I went to my local B&N store at The Grove yesterday and they were just putting DREAMLESS up on the shelves, so you may not have to wait until Tuesday to get it.  Call first just to make sure, but I think that a lot of stores put it out early because of Memorial weekend.

I asked you all to post your choice for a theme song for my book, and I got a ton of responses.  I saw a vote for just about every love song ever written, both past and present. From Joe Cocker to Florence and the Machine to ABBA, you all had such amazing suggestion. Some of you even posted lyrics and links to song I may not have heard, so of course I had to check them out.  Even when I was supposed to be working.  My argument is that I am sort of working if it’s for my blog, right?  Let me just say, that I spent way too much time listening to music because of this contest.

Although there were a ton of really unique choices, there was one song that I’m pretty sure came up more than any other– Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up”.  This was your un-official choice for the theme song.  For now anyway, because I’m sure if we wait a few months or so you’ll all may have different suggestions.  Maybe we’ll do this again next year before GODDESS comes out?

Anyway, thank you all for chiming in!!





  1. Jess Kemmish says:

    GODDESS!!! Thats the third book right? I’m not just being dumb? I can’t wait!!!! Ahhhhhh! Thank you so much Josie for being such a ledgend and writting this amazing series! :D xx I’m so excited to get my hands on a copy of dreamless when it comes out in the U.K. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! :D

    • Jess Kemmish says:

      And I forgot to say congratulations to Clarissa, Becky and Esther in my excitment, so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

      • Josie Angelini says:

        Thank you, Jess. <3

        • Omg I am such a HUGE fan. I practically tell anyone who is remotely interested in reading to read starcrossed since it was AMAZING!!!
          I’m actually quite new at being so obsessed with something to actually call myself a fan..
          When is ur next book -’goddess’- comming out since I want to pre-order it…
          *just so u know I think u are amazing Josiie Angelini xD
          Luv ya

          Congrats to the guys above :)
          Better late than never? X

    • Delaney says:

      Yay!!! I love that song !!! CAN’T WAIT TO READ DREAMLESS!!!!!!!!!;D

  2. OMG, I saw ‘Becky’ and got really excited then realised it wasn’t me – crushing disappointment even worse. But well done to those that did get picked.

    I love Jason Miraz’s song, beautiful. Can’t wait to read Dreamless.

  3. Hurray, thank you so much. I can’t wait to read Dreamless. :-)

  4. Crystal A. says:

    So Goddess is the 3rd book? Has this been mentioned before? I can’t wait to read Dreamless! I may have to run to my local B&N tomorrow to see if I can get it!!!
    Congrats to those who won :-)

  5. CONGRATS!!!




  6. JOSE, JOSIE, JOSE!! OMG I READ DREAMLESS!! and it was awesome!!
    I went shopping yesterday to buy new clothes for my first teaching prac. So i bought a few things from some shops then on a whim i went to check out this other shop and for no apprant reason, i always go and check out the book section. Can you imagine the hysteria i went through when i saw Dreamless on the shelf just waiting to be picked up? I all but snatached the book from the shelf which earned me a couple of weird crazy-lady-alert looks from random people.

    I started reading it at roughly 6pm and at 3am i turned the last page. All i can say is ‘OMG that was awesome!! there were so many twists and turns and not to mention i experienced a myraid of emotions inbetween. I cannot wait for the final installement *groans* a year sounds so far away!! But rest assured that everyone will love Dreamless so you can sleep easy tonight knowing your fans absolutely love you!! I swear no book has ever looked so shinny on my shelf, its all but glowing!!!

    xoxo Nas

  7. I think the new Katy perry song will go well with dreamless it’s called wide awake by katy perry it’s awesome and it makes me think of helen and Lucas it’s so their song

  8. Georgina says:

    Ahhh just finished reading Dreamless within a day! :) It was amazing!! When is Goddess due to come out?? Also..I think I have found a perfect song..Please listen to it :) it suits Lucas and and Helen..and their situation..Its So Close by Jon Mclaughlin :) I swear it suits them perfectly :D
    Hope you like it :)

  9. Josie – I am so excited about Dreamless being released! As I can’t wait, I am getting it for my Kindle. However … I loved listening to “Starcrossed” as an audiobook, and I am looking forward to that same experience with “Dreamless.” Any ideas on when the audiobook will be released? Thanks for sharing these great stories with us!

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Hi Jen! I don’t know when the audiobook will be released. As soon as I get more info I will let you know. Sorry. :(

  10. Maya Isabella says:

    Josie, do you know why ‘Dreamless’ still isnt out on kindle stores? at least for me… im going INSANE not being able to read it (i live in greece and there are almost NO english bookstores). Love your books :)

  11. I want godess to come out now soooooooooo badly!!!!!!! I want to find out what happens.I CAN’T wait a whole year I’ll go crazy!!! Sooo captivating the first two so I’m guessing the third book will be the best out of all three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  12. Hello Josie,
    how are you? I´m Sophia from Austria. I loved reading your books they are fantastic!!!
    I have a question, is there a third book available now and is dreamless your third new book now. I´m asking because in german there are only 2 right now and the titles are different so I´m a litle confused. If so I would have to order the third one from the US.
    Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day

    • Josie Angelini says:

      Hi Sophia!

      There will be a 3rd book, but it won’t come out until March of 2013 in Germany, and May 2013 in the US.

      • Silvia Donaire says:

        Hola josie, yo soy de España, ya me he leído el libro de sin sueños 2 veces en apenas dos semanas. Me encanta, me enamoré tanto de Lucas como la propia Helena, hay tanto momentos intensos que no pasa un momento de reírme cuando ya se me saltan las lágrimas.
        No puedo esperar un año hasta que salga el tercer libro de la saga El despertar, ya se me hizo insoportable la llegada de Sin sueños. Estoy deseando que Helena y Lucas puedan estar juntos al fin, porque en mi opinión se lo merecen. Una pregunta : ¿ Cuándo es posible que salga a la venta la diosa en España ? Muchas gracias por su comprensión, y felicitaciones a los ganadores. :))

        • Josie Angelini says:

          Hola Silvia!

          I don’t speak Spanish, but my husband does and he translated this for me. I’m so happy you liked the books. I don’t know exactly when Goddess comes out in Spain but I think it’s sometime in May 2013.

          Besos! :)

          • Silvia Donaire says:

            Muchas gracias por responder y por facilitarme la información. De todas formas, me resulta desesperante esperar todo un año para poder disfrutar otra vez de esta saga, al leerla me transporta a otro lugar y me hace sentir las mismas emociones.
            Gracias por haber creado algo tan fantástico como Sin sueños y por supuesto muchos besos :D

          • Josephine I have a question for you. I wanted to thank you for heart for this wounderfoul saga I have read both the books and I have fallen in love so much of lucas how much of helen. I adore that to be together they must fight against everything and all and I like the fact that their history seems not to have streets of salvation and for this I wanted to ask her when Goddess will go out in italia. thanks still to have created this this world the only concrete and certain thing still to which can be seized us it is the love. (and also the books)

          • Josie Angelini says:

            Hi Alice!

            Goddess will be out in Italy in the spring of 2013. Thank you for reading my books! <3

  13. Hi I absolutely love the Star Crossed series and just finished Dreamless – it was awesome! :) I have my own theme song for the series that I love and hopefully you will love too! It’s called Say You Don’t Want It by a band called One Night Only, and I just think it fits the books do well! Enjoy!!

  14. Megan Godber says:

    Just in case that last comment didn’t work again I love the books have my own theme song called Say You Don’t Want It by One Night Only! Awesome song for awesome books! Enjoy!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Hi ! I love the starcrossed series , and got dreamless as soon as it came out ! I can’t wait for Goddess ! Is there a definite date on when it is coming out ?

  16. josephine there will be other contests to win goddes as you have made dreamless? if him as it does him to pertecipare?
    thanks still that you have answered to my first message a big kiss Alice

  17. Hi Josephine!
    at christmas,, i got starcrossed as a present from my aunt. when i started to read it, i couldn’t put the book down! this was the first book i read that jumped out of the pages as i read them. then i was sad when i finished it. then i discovered dreamless and when i read it, it had the same effect that starcrossed had on me. i wanted to ask when does goddess come to england? also i wanted to ask why there will be no more books after goddess? i think you are the greatest author ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sono una tua ammiratrice italiana sei unica ti voglio tanto bene…un bacio da angela

  19. Hey Josephine! My name is Lara I’m just reading Starcrossed. I love this book. Do you know when will the second book be released in Croatia? Hope you answer me:)

  20. Ohmygoodness I Won’t Give Up is the perfect song!
    “We had to learn how to bend without the world cavin’ in”
    haha get it?
    Cuz at first Lucas and Helen thought if they were together the world would literally cave in so they were trying to figure out how to bend the rules..
    haha yeahhh

  21. OMG i have been reading and re-reading your series since the day it first came out – what caught me was the AMAZING cover xx i was wondering when Goddess came out in the U.K, because i dont tend to be the BEST saver of money, and i was wondering when i should start to save up..
    whanks so much for writing such an amzing series!
    Good luck with goddess!
    Liliha xxx
    p.s. just out of curiosity, what colour is the final cover going to be? because theres yellow… and red… and i cant really think of any more ‘lightning’ colours.
    is it going to be orange?
    liliha xx

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