Dreamless ARC Giveaway – The End is Near!

32 days to go before DREAMLESS comes out!  I’m going to be doing a whole Nantucket-themed thing (haven’t really hammered out the details yet) right before the release, but I figured I still needed to keep my StarHearts’ old home fires burning with an in-between giveaway.

As you may know by now, I’ve been doing a bit of globe-trotting recently.  I was in Chicago for RT, which is a big convention for both authors and readers.  I roomed with Amy Plum and Tara Hudson– not because we had to, but because we thought it would be fun.  And it was fun.  Maybe a bit too much fun.  I think I slept a grand total of 4 hours in 3 days.

Then, massively jet lagged, I went on to Sweden to speak at a festival called, LituraLund about the importance of reading.  It was both pretty amazing and terrifying.  Not that the Swedish are terrifying people, in fact they are stunningly sweet and welcoming, but I hadn’t spoken in front of so many teenagers since I was one.  After initially wanting to run screaming from the auditorium, I eventually figured out how to use a Madonna-like headpiece microphone thingy without feeling like too much of a tool.

Then I came back to Los Angeles for the LA Times Festival of Books.  I was on a panel, and used a basic, standing microphone instead of a head-hugger.  Needless to say, I’m now nursing one hell of a cold.  I don’t know if it was that lady coughing her brains out next to me on the 12 billion hour flight from London to LA, or if it was shaking hands and hugging so many people over the last few weeks, or tromping through the frozen streets of Lund, but man, am I sick.  Did I mentioned it snowed while I was in Lund?  Sweden is like, way north.  It’s freaking arctic north, and my thin Southern California blood apparently doesn’t approve of snow in April.

Now, about that giveaway, as before, the winner will receive a signed ARC of DREAMLESS…

… along with a signed DREAMLESS bookplate.

As for the question, I’m curious as to what you would do given this situation.  Say you were out and saw your best friend’s meaningful other with someone else. Would you tell your best friend, or let things play out?  It’s a tough one, I know.  But what would you do?  Leave me a comment with your answer.

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The deadline to enter is Wednesday, May 2nd.  The winner will be announced on Thursday May 3rd.

Thank you and good luck to all!! :)




  1. Soooooo Cant wait for dreamless so excited to find out what happens :)

    • i think i would tell my best friend what happens ’cause it won’t make her happier if she find it aboutt herself…

  2. Alessandra Garau says:

    I would let this things playout, she’s my bestfriend and i trust of her ;-)

  3. thank you for the contest

  4. Gosh that is a hard one I think I would tell her cause if I don’t it will give out more trouble. I want to see my best friend happy and someone cheeting on her isnt gonna make her happy so she needs to break up with the ass and then move on forward with my help.


  5. I would tell her immediately and let her decide what to do based on the facts. :D Best friends should always tell the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. emily x

  6. I would tell … I think that they should know

  7. I would tell my friend because if the roles were reversed, I would want to know. Plus, I would just feel too guilty not saying anything.

  8. Bonita Rideout says:

    I think I would first confront the person in question – he/she may have a perfectly good explanation concerning the individual they we’re with. Like, perhaps it’s a relative or an old friend.
    However, if I did speak to them and their answer just didn’t add up or seemed odd to me I would have no qualms about going to my best friend immediately and letting he/she know what’s going on.
    I mean, if the whole thing is innocent she may already know about it… but if it isn’t then she DESERVES to know. After all, I know I would most certainly want the someone to do the same for me….

  9. I would tell. I would be afraid that later on my friend would find out that I knew, and want to know why I didn’t say anything. Then our friendship would be in danger.

    Thanks for the contest! Looking forward to Dreamless!

  10. Emily R. says:

    I would tell her. If it was me I’d want to know, even if it just turned out to be his cousin or something.

  11. Elise Galvez says:

    I think I would tell my bestfriend that I simply saw their significant other out the other night. If they had no idea then I would tell them who they were with. If they already knew and were alright with it it would not be a huge deal. I just wouldn’t automatically start accusing anyone of anything.

  12. I would probably tell her … I’d feel dishonest if I didn’t.

  13. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I’d probably let it play out. Unless I saw something that was more than friendly between the meaningful someone and the person who is not my best friend. Then I’d approach the meaningful other and try to clean things up myself before letting my friend know, to hopefully save my friend from any hurt. Hypothetically, at least ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Can’t wait to read Dreamless!

  14. katie morgan says:

    i would talk with my firends other half and try and see whats really going on and if its sucpisous? or seroius i would tell my friends and try and help them though whats going on and help them find the truth, beause she would deserve to know what i saw. because i myslef would definatly want to know if the roles were in reverce.

  15. Hannah Cuckler says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend. If they found out about the betrayal of their boyfriend/girlfriend, They would be hurt but they’d be hurt even worse if they found out you knew and didn’t tell them.

  16. susan harris says:

    the only answer, in my opinion to that question is to ask yourself would i want to know and how would i feel if she hadn’t told me…. of course i would tell her…. she going to be hurt by her other half already so if she found out you knew and didnt say anything it would hurt so much more!!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!

  17. Vernise :) says:

    i think i would get things straight before telling her anything, after all, its perfectly possible that her meaningful other would have a logical answer, especially if they aren’t doing anything that is obviously out of line, like passionate kissing or something. but i would still hint to her and keep a look out for any further signs that he may be cheating on her so that if i have substantial evidence that he is indeed cheating on her, my friend would perhaps have a heads up before the emotional turmoil, and while it may not actually help much, i know that i would be glad it didn’t come as a shock

  18. Michele Luker says:

    I would tell her, she deserves to know…even though it would be hard because i would never want to hurt her, I don’t think I could live with the guilt of knowing…

  19. Nwe Ying says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend because I wouldn’t want to see her get hurt. I think it’d be better if she heard it from someone she trusts.

  20. Flavia Cerreto says:

    It depends on how much my friend is into the relationship and how much i like the guy. I’d hate to ve the one to depress her, but if I had no other choice I’d definitely tell her

  21. lara9579 says:

    I would say to my friend because I think that truth is always the best choice.

  22. Victoria Hicks says:

    I suppose it all depends on the situation. If they were just friends having coffee it wouldn’t be a big deal although i would still bringit up in conversation with my friend. If they are obviously more than just friends having coffee or something then i would definitely let him know that i had seen him and would speak to my friend about it.
    I am an honest friend. I tell the truth always even if i know it’s not what they want to hear. Sometimes the truth hurts but not as much as a lie does when it is uncovered.
    I would hate for things to play out and go badly. Realising that i knew all along would not be good for our friendship and i just couldn’t stand by and say nothing.

    I would definitely tell my friend!

  23. Kimberly Kosydor says:

    If I knew how he knew the girl and they were just talking then no i would’nt say anything, but if i didn’t know said girl and they were looking too friendly i would tell my friend because i think she has the right to know.

  24. Micalea Smeltzer says:

    I’d let things play out for a bit, to make sure I knew what was going on, once I was certain something fishy was going on I’d tell my friend. I wouldn’t want to hurt my friend unneccessarily.

  25. Julianne M says:

    It depends on what they were doing. If innocent things I might ask the “meaningful other” and give them a chance to explain. But if holding hands, hugging etc. I would tell my best friend.

  26. While it would be tough, if it is my best friend, I would tell him/her. I would not want her to also feel betrayed if he/she later found out I knew and I didn’t tell her/him. I would expect my friend to do exactly the same for me.

  27. I think it depends on her friend’s bf is doing. Was he kissing another girl and definitely without a doubt cheating on her? If yes without a doubt, I would tell her.

  28. I would definitely tell my friend. My best friend is super jealous about her significant others and so if I saw her man with another man, id definitely tell her!

  29. Jodi Manweiler says:

    I would tell her. I think she deserves to know the truth and I would feel horible keeping it from her.

  30. Kaitlin E says:

    I adored Starcrossed so I am super excited to read Dreamless! I would definitely tell my best friend if their boyfriend was off with someone else. I probably would confront the guy too and be really mean…

  31. It’s tough call, personally I think I would confront the other person, and tell that they have to tell the truth soon, otherwise I’ll do it, I wouldn’t my best friend getting hurt and then finding out I knew but never said anything. (:

  32. Jamie Pascual says:

    I cant wait to read this book so excited!!

  33. Jamie Pascual says:

    I would definitely tell my friend, I would want my friend to tell me also

  34. If it’s my best friend in the whole world, I’d tell her because I’d want to know myself, and I’d be pretty upset if I were in her situation and found out she’d known and hadn’t told me. With sorta friends, though, I’ve found that they tend to not believe me in situations like this and have to find out the hard. Even so, they seem more inclined to lay some blame on the messenger in these circumstances, so it’s better for me to let them find out for themselves.

  35. If she were my best friend, then I would tell her for sure. I don’t want my best friend to be played by some guy. And if the situation were reversed I would also want to know. And isn’t it worse if you find out through someone else and then find out later that your best friend knew and didn’t tell you?! I would feel like the world’s biggest fool.

  36. Dani Nguyen says:

    I would tell. It’s up to her what she does with the information.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Can’t wait to read Dreamless!

  37. Katharina F says:

    I would defenitely try to break it to her gently. I couldn’t look into her face if i didn’t ’cause it would be like lying to her. Also the guy cheating on her does totally not deserve her trust. If I was in her situation I would want her to tell me.

  38. Kayleigh says:

    I think I’d tell her straight away, I wouldn’t want anything to end up coming between our friendship. Short & sweet: TELL HER.

  39. Miranda L says:

    Seems like I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to entering your contests. I just really want to win something for a change, you know?

    Anywho, I would confront that “significant” other and let them know they have a certain amount of time to let my friend know what happened before I would.

    I would never want to be in that situation because you never know how your friend would act with kind of news.

  40. Megan Alburger says:

    I would tell them. It might hurt them or upset them, but I feel that they’d need to know. I might be lucky and It’d be a misunderstanding, but just in case I’d want her to know. It’d eat me up not telling her something that important.

  41. I would totally tell her because she is my best friend and I don’t want her feelings to get hurt!

  42. Jennifer says:

    I would find out the facts from my best friend’s guy first. If it didn’t add up, I’d let my friend know. I’d want her to tell me.

  43. That would depend on what I saw them doing. If it was something that could be completely innocent, I might not say anything, or I might talk to the best friend’s significant other.

    Anything incriminating, though, I would tell my friend.

  44. It would depend on how the guy and this other person were acting. If it seemed like anything more than a casual acquaintance, I would let my best friend know. If it looked like he was just saying hello, or giving someone a hand with something, I’d let it be.

  45. If it was my best friend, I would tell her. I know it would be meddling – and I’d let her know that I didn’t know if it was romantic or not, but I would tell her. She would deserve to know – even if she was mad. I would hope she’d do the same for me.

  46. I would definitely tell her.
    Partly because I can’t lie and mostly because it’s just not right to keep it silent.
    Thank you for the giveaway and get well soon!

  47. Cassie F says:

    I would let her know! She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want her to get hurt!

  48. This feels like giveaway No. 6 or 7. :-) You are so generous, Josie, thank you! ♥
    First of all I’d talk to my friend’s bf and ask him what the heck he’s doing with another woman. I’d say it also depends on the situation I find him in, it could be platonic after all. If he’s actually on a date, I’d tell him to tell his girlfriend and if he won’t do it, I would tell my friend. This is a really tricky question. This might lead to my friend and her bf breaking up and she might blame me for telling her. I think the truth is always important because it’ll always come out.

  49. Well, I think I would tell her right away if Im totally sure of what I saw and that is actually cheating and then she can decide what to do.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Samantha D says:

    This actually happend to me! I watched him and this girl for about an hour so i didnt mistake the situation for anything it wasnt. But when they started making out it was pretty clear that the chick wasnt his cousin or sister……….I did end up telling my friend that day.

  51. Julie McAninch says:

    I would tell her because she would do the same for me.

  52. If it was obvious the person was out on a date, or it seemed like more than just a friendship I would definitely tell them.

  53. I don’t actually know. I think it depends on their relationship.

    • Thank you for the giveaway!
      I don’t think that it snows here in Sweden at this time of the year so much. But this year it did.
      Get well soon Josie!
      Love from Sweden.

  54. Hi Josie,
    I would confront the significant other to give him/her a chance to explain what I saw. If it’s suspicious or just plain unbelievable, I would tell my friend what I saw and about the confrontation. :-)

  55. I think I would have to tell her b/c if it were me I would want to be told. :)

  56. I want to see my friend happy-but I would want to be told. So I think I would tell her.

  57. Sarah's Rolli says:

    OK, I had this situation two times and so I did it:

    The first time was one of the good ones. I spoke first with my best friend’s meanigful person. Asked him what it was and he said that he bought a present for mine bst to friend. But he doesn’t have an idea, so his sister went with him.

    The second one was one of the worse, I also spoke with my best friend’s meaningful person first. When it turned out the worst way, I gave him an deadline to speak to my best friend. If he didn’t do it in this time, I would say it my best friend.

    And I would do it every time so. Hopefully I haven’t to do it often.

    Thanks and StarLove

  58. It would depend on what this meaningful other of my best friend was doing. Just talking gets a pass, if they’re flirting a bit too much in my opinion I’d probably go over and say something along the lines of ‘hi, remember me, I’m your girlfriend’s friend’. If I saw them kissing or worse, I’d tell her. Because I would want my friends to tell me as well and I trust them to do so. I wouldn’t be able to look my friend in the eye ever again if I didn’t tell her.

  59. krisitna shields says:

    I would let my friend know. She’s my best friend and she should know about it.

  60. Beth Richards says:

    I would definitely tell her. What are best friend’s for? To me, that would kind of feel like siding with the ‘cheater in question’. A similar situation happened to me when my boyfriend was away at college. He was seeing someone on the side, and when I would call his dorm to say goodnight his roomie covered for him…I was really hurt all these people knew and no one told me. So I would definitely tell having been on the blind end of that situation.

  61. Amanda Ridenour says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend. Even if it was a harmless get-together (which they rarely are) I would still tell her. I wouldn’t want her to get hurt later after she develops deeper feelings for the guy. Better to get rid of him now!
    Also, I meet you in Chicago at RT and you were so nice and awesome. Loved meeting you. I was so ecstatic! Hopefully I win this ARC so I can add it to my now signed Starcrossed!

  62. I would tell it, because I would want to know it, too.

  63. I would tell my friend, but trying not to make it seem like a big deal because maybe her boyfriends was just with a friend and I’m messing things up. In the case I knew he was obviously cheating on her…well, I guess I would still tell her, otherwise I would be helping his boyfriend’s betrayal.

  64. I am pretty sure I would tell her. I know that there is always the possibility that she won’t believe me but it is better to know the truth. I am sure it will hurt but if it was my boyfriend I would want to know.

  65. Jessica Hammond says:

    I would let things play out unless they were holding hands or something. They could just be friends and I wouldn’t want to make things awkward for my best friend and her meaningful other. If it was holding hands or even kissing, I would talk to her meaningful other first and go from there.

    So excited for dreamless :D – shame it doesn’t come out in the UK until July 5th :’(

  66. Of course I would tell her, I’d say that it might not be a big thing but that she should know about it and that she should keep an eye open for any funny buisness.

  67. Kelsey T says:

    I would tell them. But word it gently, so it seems like a friend is looking out for you rather than acussing someone.

  68. Yes I would tell her, no way I wouldn’t, but I would be clear that I don’t know anything. I would say that he could just be out with a friend, cousin or something and that it could just be nothing.
    I would comfort and reassure my best friend and hope that her boyfriend isn’t cheating on her.

  69. Cassandra Armstrong says:

    Okay, I would have to go with my guy instinct. If I thought for one minute that the situation was not innocent I would reach in my pocket pull out my phone and call my friend with no hesitation. If I thought it was innocent and it was just two friends hanging out( because guys can have girls that are just friends) I would leave it alone. No need to start something if he is doing nothing wrong.

  70. Um.. YES. I would tell her that i saw him out with someone else, and ask her if she knew about it … i wouldn’t make assumptions on what her boyfriend was doing with someone else, but i’d tell her just to watch out… the BOY MIGHT BE CHEATING.. but he’s probably not.. :D

  71. Veray Carter says:

    I would tell my friend. That’s what I would want her to do for me so how could I do anything less.

  72. i would tell my best friend, because either the situation was harmless and there’s no harm done, or she would deserve to know :)

  73. I tend to say yes, although it also depends on whether I know the boy or not. If I know, for instance, that he’s usually pretty honest and sweet, I’d probably want to clarify first that nothing too serious is going on there. Otherwise, as soon as I tell my friend, I could destroy a relationship because of a misunderstanding..

  74. i would tell her. What sort of friend would hide that from someone? sure it’ll kill her but she has a right to know and if it was you, you would want her to tell you. If she didn’t you would be soo mad at her and you know she would be mad at you if you didn’t. i think telling her would be the best thing for your friendship.

  75. Crystal A. says:

    I think it depends on what they were doing. If it appeared to be something more than a friendship I would probably ask my friend how things were going and go from there. If it looked platonic then I wouldn’t say anything unless the subject was brought up by my friend. I don’t like to be the girl who can’t mind her own business.

  76. What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t tell?

  77. Definitely tell. They deserve to know the truth. Of course, I would first sock the guy in the face. But yeah. ;)

  78. rachael m says:

    I’d tell my bestie, i wouldn’t keep it from her incase it was significant, but i’d obviously let her decide what to do with the info. I wouldn’t make a big deal about telling her either as it could be nothing.

  79. Moirae the fates says:

    Okay it really depends on the situation. My BFF’s boyfriend has a lot of friends that are girls that he hangs out with. She trusts him, she knows there is nothing there.
    If it took odd I’d tell her, if not I’d let it go.

  80. It would depend on what exactly I saw. If it was something serious, yes. I’d probably confront the significant other first. Don’t want to barge in without all the facts since it could potentially be something innocent.

  81. Kiki Ferreira says:

    I think that the first thing that I would do before anything is talk to the person I caught cheating. You could never possibly know what really happened without figuring it out and not just infuring from what you saw. Then I would would let the person tell my friend what he/she did, but if he/she refuse I would have no choice but to tell him/her. No one should be in a relationship filled with lies. And even though I know that it would hurt my friend to find out I think it would be even worse if everyone he/she trusted was keeping such a big secret from him/her.

  82. Abreanna says:

    I would tell my best friend about what I saw. If you think about it, would you want your boyfriend hanging w/ some other girl and your best friend not telling you about it? It would hurt less if she found out from someone who truly cared about her.

  83. I would have to tell her. I’d give her the details – either it looked harmless or maybe not so much. That way she could decide to confront him about it or not.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  84. I would tell my best friend

  85. Carly S. says:

    I’d most likely tell, but first find out by him what he was doing (they could just be friends or a relative). I wouldn’t want to be misinformed and blab and create a big mess.

  86. It would depend. If they were just out with someone I probably wouldn’t, but if their behavior seemed suspicious I would. It’s not my place to interfere if I don’t see any valid reason. If she trusts her other half, I trust her judgement.

  87. It depends…if it looks fishy then I would. And if it was I’d probably tell my friend. But not before I threaten him to NOT break her heart. And that if he did he’d be VERY SORRY. I protect & love my friends too much to let them get hurt!
    Lisseth @read-a-holicz.blogspot.com

  88. I would probably confront the guy first and make sure that what I saw was actually what I thought I saw, and if it was, I’d drop an ultimatum: he tells her or I do.

  89. Michelle R says:

    I would feel awful if I didn’t tell her, but I would also want to make sure I had proof.

  90. I would. Maybe not run to her and blurt it out, but try to work it in like “hey I saw **** yesterday…” and take it from there.

  91. I think it depends. If my best friend knew about it, if his/her significant other didn’t lie about it, and what where and how I saw the significant other with another person.

  92. yes, however I would do it in a very simple way… like say, “hey, I saw so-in-so the other night when I went here. Were you there too?” There is no need to be mean or rude or crude, so a simple statement is best. also, if it is an innocent encounter you don’t cause any crazy thoughts or doubts. Besides, I’m a girl and most of my friends are dudes, so you can always have opposite sexed friends. & if it’s not innocent, then they can deal with it, as it’s their relationship, not yours :)

    thanks again for the giveaway!

  93. Hannah McCormick says:

    I would confront him and ask what was going on. If it was suspicous I would get him to tell her, and failing that tell her myself but not before I found ou t what the situation.

  94. Lamara Meriem Rayen says:

    I think I wouldn’t tell her, It happened once and we are not friends anymore ! Thank you for the giveaway ^_^

  95. I would ask the guy about it. I’d ask why he was hanging out with her and what they were doing. Actually, first I’d watch them for a while. (I know it sounds kinda creeper-ish but i don’t care if my friend would get hurt.) If he doesn’t give me a straight answer or he tells me something suspicious I would definitely tell my friend. If he says they were just talking or something like that I would let it slide but if I saw him with that girl or a different girl again I would tell my friend.

  96. Q: Say you were out and saw your best friend’s meaningful other with someone else. Would you tell your best friend, or let things play out?

    A: I would tell my best friend so that way it wouldn’t hit her hard. Not telling her would hit her more harder than finding out from her. Be the best friend that your best friend needs.

  97. Lauren Goff says:

    I would go talk to my BF’s significant other and give them a chance to explain the situation. If the answer satified me, like if they said that it was just a friend and that they would tell the significant other about it, then I probably wouldn’t say anything. If the significant other didn’t tell my friend about it or the answer they gave me didn’t seem like a good explanation, then I would definitely tell my friend what I saw.

  98. alicia marie says:

    it would depend on how it was that i saw the guy. if he was just hanging out with someone i probably wouldn’t tell her because guys have friends that are girls. however if when i saw him he was all over another girl or another girl was all over him, i feel like i’d have to tell her. if i didn’t and she found out i saw, that would not be good and i’d really like to keep her as my bff : )

  99. Angela Anderson says:

    I would tell my best friend. I wouldn’t want her to be in a relationship with someone that is clearly not devoted to her. I would rather have someone tell me than to have to find out the hard way, and I would do the same for anyone else.

    Thanks so much for the great give away!!

  100. Chandra H says:

    I would have to say if it looked intimate, I would most defiantly have to tell my best friend. That would be my duty as a friend. Especially, if that friend ever found out you knew and did not tell them, it could destroy the friendship.

  101. I would definitely tell my friend. I think she/he would have a right to know. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  102. Gabriela Navarro says:

    I would tell, I really value honesty so I’ll go with it. The truth can be painful but it’s better than to live in blindness.

  103. My two besties are like my sisters….so if I didn’t go up and deck him….I would totally tell her. There’s no way in the world I’d let her just go about thinking nothing is going on without an inside tip.

  104. That is a tough one because you hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if I really was worthy of ‘best friend’ title I would feel obliged to tell them. I know I would want to be told.

  105. That’s a hard one. I would probably let it play it’s self out….and hope like hell it was nothing.

  106. Alisha Short says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend. If they found out about the betrayal of their boyfriend/girlfriend, they would be devastated. But I think they’d be hurt even worse if they found out you knew and didn’t tell them.

  107. I might drop little hints here and there, like “You need to watch that boy” or “Yea, I saw him out the other day” something like that. Cause I can’t just tell her, that would be cruel.
    -The Book Babe

  108. Mallory Oswald says:

    I would confront her boyfriend first and figure out whether he was cheating on her and if he was then I would tell my best friend. However if he wasn’t cheating I would still give him a good warning but not tell my friend so she doesn’t worry :)

  109. Becky Louise Williams says:

    I think would tell her because if she finds out that you knew in future then this could cause both of you to fall out because of the fact you didn’t tell her when you knew:)

  110. I would tell my friend. But only after giving her boyfriend a severe talking to. I would be worried about my friends not believing me, but the thing is. My friends are tough and know I would’t lie to them. It’s better to nip it at the bud then to let it drag on and have my friend get mad at me later when she finds out I knew.

  111. joannie sparks says:

    Hi i think i would say hello to the couple so he or she knew that i saw them together and then let them introduce the person and then i bet this person would be explaining to me as soon as they could and if things did not add up, I would hint to him or her that they better say something or i would. specially if this person was my best friend and i love them very much. Why would i do it? Because my EX was having a affair for years and everyone knew but me. Boy i felt like a fool. Know one needs to be treated like that and laugh at behind their back. Thanks for the giveaway Joannie jscddmj [at]aol [dot] com

  112. Richard Hayes says:

    There is no good or stock answer to this one. If you do tell you run the risk of losing your friend because they don’t believe you and think you are just trying to make trouble and if you don’t they will be mad because you didn’t tell them. So you would have to use your best judgement on each one and hope for the best.

  113. I would most certainly tell my best friend. And if I knew the guy well enough (which I better!) I might go and say something to his face. Tell him to shape up and get real. But Yes, I would tell her, because she has a right to know!

  114. had this happen before… totally let them know… deal with the fall out later if need be but remind your friend you’ll always be around and they deserve better

  115. I would have to tell her because honesty is principle in a relationship! Even it if it hurt her it would hurt her more if I didn’t tell her the truth or withheld information. And after i tell her we can go pummel him! Remember its sisters before the misters!

  116. I would tell. If she’s my best friend, she must be an amazing person, and all deserving human beings are entitled to the truth. Bad things always happen when the truth is avoided. I’d be careful not to make assumptions though, and just present the facts. Nothing is ever black and white, so how she deals with it is up to her.

  117. Definitely would confront the boy first. Let him know either he talks to her, or I will. But I’d be extra careful, because it’s really not any of my business. But I’m too much of meddler to leave it all alone. I was sure grateful when my friends told me that my guy was stepping out with someone else. Even though he hadn’t truly cheated, it was easier to end things knowing he was already seeing someone else.

  118. I would definitely tell my best friend, she would deserve to know. If it were my boyfriend cheating on me, I’d want someone to tell me.

  119. Cassie Hileman says:

    I guess it depends on how they were acting together. I would try to find a way to ask the bf who he was talking to. Once I had some intel, I would bring it up with my friend. Friends take top priority over their boyfriends.

  120. Ashlee Frame says:

    I would first ask the meaningful other about the situation, because misunderstandings can happen. But if it were what it looked like, I would probably tell my friend. Better to know and hurt than to be lied to and hurt. The truth will eventually come out.

  121. Seeing that would make me so mad. I would go to the partner and ask what they were doing. If they are evasive or dont want to talk to me, I would tell them that they have 24 hours to tell my best friend about what they are doing or else I will tell them myself. It would be hard for me to keep quiet that long since I am a truthful person but I would find a way and I would gently tell my best friend if their partner doesnt tell them after 24 hours. My reasoning is that its better to be honest and let them hear the perhaps upsetting truth from me, who cares, then for my friend to find out on their own or through a third party which won’t be nice at all.

  122. I would try to let my friend know, but it would certainly be hard. I know I would want to know if I was the one with a cheating partner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Tell them. If it was me I would want to know. But make sure it wasn’t just friends hanging out first!

  124. YOU WENT TO SWEDEN?! I can’t believe I missed you :(
    But for the question- I would tell my friend, I wouldn’t let her think something was going to happen if i thought it was pretty obvious it wasn’t. But when i had told her, and she still wanted to be with this person, I wouldn’t try to stop her or anything.

  125. I would tell her. She is probably going to get mad and me and not believe me but when she finally can see for herself she is going to thank me. Its worse find out from someone else and then knowing one of your friends knew and didn’t tell you anything. That is harder to forgive.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Can’t wait to read the book!!

  126. I would tell my friend what I saw, she deserves to know and I don’t want to get even more hurt further down the line. If it was me I would want to be told and it should work both ways. Sure I would be worried that she would get mad at me or not believe me, but it needs to be said.
    Obviously reassure her that I will be there to help her through it, see if she needs anything.
    I would be very tempted to go up to the guy and give him a good smack in the first place, but I would have to resist, I know it would only make things worse but I am very protective of my friends and this would be unacceptable.
    But yeah, I would have to tell her.

    Can’t wait for Dreamless, thanks for another chance to win – fingers crossed!

    it won’t let me put my tweet address in the rafflecopter form so it’s here instead:

  127. I would definitely tell her.
    She has a right to know what her partner does when she’s not nearby. A relationship shouldn’t be founded on something like this. Honesty is very, very important in a relationship. Well, if I told her, I would be one of “the bad guys” but I wouldn’t care. A friend doesn’t deserve cheating!
    And even if the relationship wasn’t healthy anymore, I would tell her. Then she would have another reason for breakup xD

  128. Amber Graff says:

    I would definitely tell my friend, I won’t sit back and let things play out because in the end everything just ends up worse. The guy/girl would just keep going on with it thinking he/she is getting away with everything that they’ve done. When as it turn out my friend is falling more in love through time thinking this person they’re with is perfect. When in reality it they don’t love my friend at all to have done those things and think they need to choose them or maybe someone else…

  129. Sabrina Hayter says:

    i would tell her because i know she would do the same for me and i wouldnt want her or anyone else to take it the wrong way.

  130. I would tell my best friend, or any friend, if I saw their partner out romantically with someone else. The partner may or may not be honest but I am always honest to those I hold dear.

  131. I would tell here because i would want them to do the same for me!!

  132. I’d let things fix themselves. Have you seen Jersey Shore season 2? Yeah, so not happening…

  133. I wouldn’t even hesitate to call her. As her best friend I think it’s my duty to let her know of things that are going to hurt her. It might hurt her, but the truth is better than any guy.

  134. Cathryne Hamsher says:

    Soooo… I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for far far too long. <3 So excited!

  135. Agnes Ledbetter says:

    I would tell my best friend if their partner was cheating on them, but I would want to have all the facts first before I told them.

  136. Aimee Collier says:

    That’s a hard one. But I would have to tell her. He can’t really love her, if he’s off with some other girl behind her back. If he doesn’t have a balls to tell her to her face. (And he obviously doesn’t, or he wouldn’t be doing it). I’d tell her for him. I’d hate to see her, or anyone else, being cheated on. I’d want my friend to do the same for me.

  137. A best friend is always the person who tells you the truth, even when it is rife with difficulties. Someone who tells you what you NEED to hear, rather than merely telling you what you WANT to hear. And taking that into account, I would most definitely mention to my best friend that I saw her significant other with someone – but I would also advise her to not make any rash decisions. Because what may APPEAR to be something scandalous, could be something entirely innocent. I’d suggest for her to sit down and have a conversation with her partner, and I would gladly be there to vouch for what I saw. And I would help my friend work through her emotions, and not jump to any hasty conclusions, since I’m the one that lay that burden on her.

  138. Amanda Tse says:

    I would totally tell her. Even if it is a innocent metting, he would have nothing to hide so there is nothing to worry about. If he is hiding something, then she should know.

  139. It really depends on the situation. But I would probably do a little digging then tell the best friend.

  140. Katelyn Long says:

    I would tell her or him, because it would come out soon enough.

  141. I would definitely tell him. He’d want to know the truth, and I don’t believe in having secrets between us. Anything I know, he knows.

  142. Rebecca Mancia says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend. If she did not believe me, i wouldn’t force it down her throat but i would step back and let her find out for herself. I wouldn’t go too far, but stay near the side-lines just in case she needs help slugging the jerk.

  143. I would not tell. As an observer, I do not know why they are together. It could be something totally innocent. You never know.

  144. Isabel G-G says:

    If something was going on that they really needed to know about and I knew exactly what the situation was then I’d probably tell him or her that something was going on, but I wouldn’t want to drag myself into it further than that.

  145. Stephanie Carrico says:

    Hard choice….many factors would apply
    how “togethor” are my friend and this person
    what are they doing….fairly innocent or a sexy club scene….
    would see if I could find out who she is….family, friend, co-worker..
    more details…
    then share them with my friend…..
    tough question…

  146. No question about it: I would definitely tell my best friend! Every woman has a right to know what kind of scum bag they’re dating.

  147. I would tell, then let them work it out. No drama for me. :)

  148. i would tell her, i’m her best friend, its my job to tell her thing that may be hard but have to be said, and then be there for her afterwards, but first i would all out confront her meaningful other and find out for sure if anything was ‘going on’ (and probably end up shouting at her boyfriend in the street, if he had hurt my best friend like this). I think it would be my job to tell her if he chose not to, then we could pig out on chocolate and junk food and listen to sad music until she felt better.

  149. I would tell, she deserves to know even if it turns out to be nothing, would hate if it was something for her to think I was lying to her and lose a friend.

  150. It totally depends on what you mean by with someone else. But I would tell what I saw, not what I thought was going on.

  151. Molly Frenzel says:

    I would mind my own business.

  152. Katrina whittaker says:

    I think I would approach him first – give him the opportunity to explain himself and if he is up to no good then give him that chance to approach her himself.

    thanks for the wonderful giveaway :) ;)


    kittee_cat@bigpond.com :)

  153. I would tell my best friend because I believe that friends shouldnt lie to each other in order to keep a strong friendship even if it is something as hurtful as her bf cheating on her but I would want to know if something like that happend

  154. I wouldn’t feel like much of a best friend if I didn’t tell him/her about it. I’d definitely encourage them to talk it out, though, and always be there for support.

  155. I agree with a lot of you. I would make sure of my facts, and then tell and let them decide what to do with the information.

  156. MaryAngelica Rivodo says:

    i would be the one to find out what the heck is going on first without actually asking the person face to face. if i knew something was up then i would tell my friend and just help them out. but really just depends on the situation.

  157. If I saw my best friend’s guy with another girl I would confront him about it and make him deal with it. I would be there to support her the entire time but as it’s his screw up then I’d tell him to fix it. If he said no then I would tell her and make sure that I had a photo or something to back it up.

  158. Danielle G. says:

    Oh My Gosh! I have no clue what I would do! If he sees me, then I might confront him. On the subject of telling my BFF, I might wait a day or two to see what happens, then tell her. Honestly I can’t not tell her about it , because if she finds out that I knew then a whole lot of not good will go down and I HATE disagreements. Especially with people that are important to me.
    That’s my take on this. Alot will depend on the situation, too; but, yeah, I hope I never have to encounter a situation like this.

  159. Diane Watters says:

    I would dob their cheating butt in that second… and take a few pics with my phone to leave no doubt.

  160. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I would tell her because she deserves to know the truth. Tore923@aol.com

  161. Christina B says:

    If I saw my best friends boyfriend with someone else, I would definately tell her. Although, it mostly depends on how old the other person was. If I saw anything that went wrong during the ordeal I would tell her but first, I would talk to him about it then tell my best friend.

    Thank you!

  162. I would tell my best friend, but try to be tactful about it. I mean, was he holding hands or kissing this someone else, or just hanging out? Could be his sister! Lol! Still, I would mention it to my friend, ask a few questions…I wouldn’t just blurt out that he’s cheating on her or something. I’d want my best friend to tell me if the situation were reversed! :D

    Thanks for another giveaway!

  163. Shayenne says:

    I would definitely tell her. I mean, a friendship revolves around trust, right? But I wouldn’t blatantly accuse them of cheating.

  164. I would definitely tell my BF if I saw her significant out with someone else. I would make sure I keep it casual instead of jumping to immediate conclusions though. You never know if it’s a co-worker or a sister. If there’s flirting or touching though I would have to give those details. I’d rather her find out from me than someone else who cares about her less.

  165. Morgan Victory says:

    If I saw my best friend’s special other out with someone I would tell them. Cause if it was me in their position instead I would want them to tell me. I mean who wants to hear it from gossip or rumors!?! Definitely NOT me.

  166. I would let it play out.

  167. Chelsea Godden says:

    i would wait a few days and see how it plays out. if nothing happens then i’d tell her. i just wouldn’t want to upset her.

  168. I think I would wait until I found out who the girl was before telling her. It might be a relative or just a friend. But if they were kissing or something like that, then I would def tell her. She has a right to know.

  169. I would confront him first and than as hard as It would be to do it, I’d tell me best friend. They have a right to know that their man is scum and they don’t deserve to be treated like that.

    I’ve been in this situation, my best friend told me my boyfriend was with someone else and I waved it away, thinking nothing of it. Now I realise how hard it would of been for her to come to me with this. It turned out to be all true, to this day I’d never doubt her again.

  170. I’ll just let things play out. See what happens. I’ll always friend’s back but I don’t want to lead her on.

  171. Well, it depends, because it might not be my business. If it was just someone I knew he had no feelings for, I’d probably let it pass. Especially if they were totally platonic and they were very platonically friendly with each other. You can tell some things by just observing people’s body language. I don’t want to assume the worst.

    You don’t want to get people worried over nothing and I believe in trust.

  172. Megan Schmidt says:

    I would probably not say anything until I had more evidence that it was just a friend or he was cheating on her. I would actually most likely go up to them and talk to her to get her to spill her guts about their relationship

  173. I would tell my best friend.

  174. Samantha Fox says:

    I know my best friends…And they would want me to tell them if their other was with someone else. I know they would do the same for me :)

  175. I would tell him what I saw, and give him a chance to tell my best friend first, hopefully within a few days from when I caught him…and if in the end he doesn’t confess, of course I’ll have to be the one who breaks the news to her, but if she really is a true friend she’ll understand why I didn’t tell her immediately and gave her boyfriend the chance to explain things to her…

  176. serenitysheild says:

    I cant wait to read this book. Hope its better than the last.

  177. I would tell her.

  178. I would definitely tell! I think they have the right to know..

  179. Oh, there are so many variables in this situation… Are they in a committed relationship? How long have they been together? Am I positive I’m seeing what I’m actually seeing, because if it’s a questionable situation then I don’t want to appear to be a problem causer. I think the best thing to do would be to approach him and ask him what’s going on. Then, give him a timeframe to tell your BFF and if he doesn’t, you have to tell her. If he chooses to keep it a secret after you’ve confronted him…there’s definitely something he’s hiding.

  180. I would tell my best friend, but I wouldn’t add drama; I would just say to be careful. The girl could be his sister or cousin!!

  181. I would tell them and hope they would understand it was because I care about them

  182. Courtney Pierce says:

    I would tell my best friend, because the guy who cheated on her was obviously not worth it, and it may be hard on her at first, but she will be thankful, in the long run, for the fact that I would have told her rather than keep it bottled up

  183. Steph Trujillo says:

    Answer this question: Say you were out and saw your best friend’s meaningful other with someone else. Would you tell your best friend, or let things play out?
    – I would definitely say something to my best friend because Its not always a bad thing to just let them find out on their own and deal with all the hurt. Or i would tell their meaningful other something and tell them that I know its not really any of my business but i dont want to see my best friend get hurt like that. If they told me off then I would absolutely go and rat them out like a piece of scum that they were. Muwahahaha!!!

  184. It depends. If they were just hanging out, I’d assume they were just friends. If they were making out or something, I would either tell my friend or confront the cheater!!

  185. Been there done that. Sad I know and it’s really a 50/50 thing…. I have told friends and it has been nothing more than a friend out with their guy but I had a guy friend and I caught the gf with someone turns out she had been around for awhile. He was hurt but glad I told him :) I think it is something you have to gauge before you tell :)

  186. Wendy/books4me says:

    Been there done that and she never talked to me again…like it was my fault! But I would do it all over again if given the chance…he wasn’t good enough for her if he hit on other women. Plus, I would definitely want to know so I figured others would too!

  187. Courteney Barber says:

    I would have to tell my best friend. I am sure that i would want her to tell me if she saw my husband out with someone else. Besides if he has done this once, who ius to say that this is the first time he has done it, or that it would be the last time.

  188. I would tell her. It’s my duty as a best friend. If I jumped to conclusions then she can find that out from him, but my silence would be way worse and could possibly make me lose my friend. Nothing would be worth that.

  189. I would absolutely tell my friend, AFTER I confronted their significant other! You have to get your facts straight, and I believe you should go to the source first!

  190. Before telling my friend I would have to be sure that the ‘meaningful other’ was really cheating & I wasn’t misinterpreting something that was totally innocent. But if I was pretty sure of it, I would tell my friend because it’s what I would want them to do for me if the situation was reversed. By not telling my friend it’s as good as helping the ‘cheater’ to get away it, and that’s just not cool! :)

  191. Such a hard question! A situation like this can test a friendship whether or not you say anything to your friend. For me it would depend on the situation. Were they just talking? Were they kissing? Were they doing something more scandalous? I would confront the person to see what he has to say first. I wouldn’t want to misread the situation. If its harmless then I would let it go. If I find myself not believing or if doubts are there then I would definitely say something to my friend. However if my friend already has doubts and the guy has done this before then there’s no doubt in my mind but to confront my friend about it.

  192. Michelle says:

    I would tell my friend. Though it would hurt her, honesty is the best policy no matter what.

  193. Ileana A. says:

    That’s a hard one! If you say, hell will lose, but if you don’t then she’s going to feel so bad when she finds out! Buuuut i would tell my best friend!

  194. Christella S. says:

    I would tell my best friend just because she needs to know but I wouldn’t accuse her boyfriend of anything when I tell her.

  195. I’d ask either my best friends meaningful other or someone close to the couple if they knew this someone else because I wouldn’t want to start some drama if the someone other was just a cousin etc. If they wern’t then hell yeah am I going to tell my best friend! And I’d provide her photo or video evidence :)

  196. Stephanie says:

    I would probably tell her

  197. Natasha Y. says:

    I would most likely tell my best friend.

  198. Well, I think I’ll tell my best friend when I know for sure what he was doing and whom he was with..

  199. Caroline says:

    This is a tough one. Even though it’s none of my business and the news will hurt my best friend, I’ll probably tell her anyway because she deserves to know.

  200. Rachel Chan says:

    I would tell my best-friend, because if her boyfriend is cheating on her, he obviously doesn’t love or care for her enough. Also, she would probably be furious if she found out I knew and didn’t tell her!

  201. I would have to tell my friend because they would find out eventually and it’s better soon than later.

  202. Annabelle says:

    For emits a no-brainer, I’d tell my best friend flat out, and then she can make her own decisions!

  203. I’d definitely tell my best friend.

  204. Stelina Papagianneli says:

    I would tell because I wouldn’t want her to find out about it from somebody else :/ awesome giveaway :D

  205. I would definitely tell her about it. I think she deserves to know about things like that. Plus, not acting on it while I know that something is going on would be sort of like lying to her. I don’t like it when girls get hurt because their boyfriends are cheating on them. *shakes head*

  206. Good friend? Yeah… Okay friend? Maybe not…

  207. I think I’d leave things alone for a little while, because I could be jumping to conclusions -I do that often- however if there is MORE proof, then I’d tell my best friend. Definitely, without a second thought.

  208. that’s a hard one. on one hand it’s my best friend on the other it isn’t my love life. I guess i would mention something to my best friend because they would be so mad if they found out i saw something but didn’t tell them. truthfully either way they’ll end up heart broken but what’s better getting your heart broken from finding out the truth out of love or finding out yourself knowing that everyone but you knew.

  209. reading mind says:

    I would tell her because she (or he) deserves to know and I would feel bad hiding such a thing

  210. OK if I seen by bestie BF out with someone else I would SOOOO go up to him and be like “UMMM HELLO WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” then I would TELL her FOR sure everything….I mean better safe then sorry by not telling her!!

    Thanks a million for the GIVEAWAY I am SUPER STOKED!!:)))


  211. Wow..this actually happened to me a while ago. I tried telling my friend but despite all the things that they’ve been through they are still together.

  212. OOH! That’s a difficult one! I’d probably confront him myself so that i had the full story to tell my friend. I wouldn’t want to cause trouble if there was a simple explanation.

  213. There is no doubt in my mind that I tell my friend ASAP!

  214. I gently tell her, and I would help her get out of her situation happy.

  215. I would tell my best friend what I saw, after all, I’d expect her to do the same thing for me. We’re best friends and if she knew I kept something like that from her, she would be extremely upset with me!

  216. Patricia Duarte says:

    I’d try to investigate what’s really going on, comfron the “cheater” and try to guide my friend towards the truth, it is known that sometimes the messengers get killed.

  217. I would probably tell her. I know that if it was her who saw my meaningfull other with somebody else, I would wnat her to tell me

  218. Of course, I would let her know! She trusts me and I think it’s my duty. Otherwise I would feel as if I betrayed her …

  219. Ok, so here’s the thing, I would tell my best friend what happened and EXACTLY what I saw…no more, no less, no speculation. I would then encourage her to TALK to his/her significant other and find out his/her side of the story. I just keep thinking about the scene in Die for Me where Vincent is talking to Genevieve and it’s totally NOT what Kate thought it was. Some situations are way more obvious (like if you caught them making out or something) but a lot of times it’s just misinterpretation. So, I would want my best friend to know that they need to talk to his/her significant other but I wouldn’t want to bias him/her against someone who could be innocent.

    So, that ended up being way more complicated than it needed to be.

  220. Markell Beazer says:

    I would honestly tell my friend. That way it is her choice to break it off or have a smack down with the home wrecker. It is our obligation as a friend to tell her the truth, then let them decide what to do.

  221. Well, I think yes. I know if my best friend were me, she would feel jealous too and do the same like me.

  222. Lili Moss says:

    No. I think I don’t have the guts to do that :(

  223. Well I hate when the witness only stays for a portion of the conversation and jumps to conclusions. So whether or not I’d tell my friend would depend on what was going on at the meeting. Generally I’d just let it play out/do a little investigating to find out more before telling them anything. A big clue that nothing’s going on is if your friend knows already, but you could work that into a plot twist somehow!

  224. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it cuz I’m too scared we might break up after doing it :(

  225. Zoe Yang says:

    Um, I think I wouldn’t do it. We’re true best friends and we rarely keep secrets from each other. I trust her and if I’d be suspicious all the time… I don’t think I could live with this character.

  226. I was there in Lund when you talked. I was the girl who asked about tupac and the justin bieber question was for my friend haha!

  227. Vivian Moss says:

    No. I think I would try to find out myself what she’s hiding from me. Even though this is like betraying her but honestly, I’d feel betrayed too.

  228. I would tell her. Maybe he can explain it, so it is no problem at all. But I wouldn’t be able to NOT tell my best friend that I saw something.

  229. Yes. In a friendship there shouldn’t be such secrets. So I think it’s rather my duty to ask her.

  230. I’d try to find out myself what she’s hiding from me.

  231. totally tell them without hesitation. It could be perfectly harmless but that’s for best friend to figure out – I don’t need to be meddling in it, I just need to be honest.

  232. Kimberly says:

    If some guy is cheating on my best friend, then he doesn’t deserve her! I’d be open and honest with my friend about it, because if it were me in her shoes, I’d want to know instead of believe a lie. Or else I’d have to live with the guilt of keeping the secret.

  233. Tanya M. says:

    I would tell her, because I would want to know if the roles were reversed. It would be difficult, but the right thing to do in the end.

  234. Jess Kemmish says:

    I think I’d talk to said person about it before I told my friend because you never know what the situation is from just looking. For all you know they could be comforting their best friend because they are feeling a bit low. Then I would tell my friend what I saw and what they said and whether it seemed as though they were telling the truth. So then the’re getting a bigger picture and can make their minds up what to do. If I didn’t tell my friend though I’d feel really black hearted and cruel. Thanks for the givaway Josie :) xx

  235. It depends on how it looks, simple business meeting, no. Funny business, I would definitely give it some thought. Is it worth losing the friend, because it’s going to hurt no matter what. She’s not going to love you for telling her at first even though it is best for her. I would want to tell her but I’m not sure I actually could go through with it. But then again I would want to know, or would I? You really ask the tough questions!

  236. I wouldn’t tell her cos I think she should come herself to me and tell me about the problem or situation…

  237. Hanna P. B. says:

    I would definitely tell my best friend and I would want her to do the same.

  238. Filia Oktarina says:

    I would let this things playout, because I trust her.

  239. No, I think sometimes it’s better to have some secrets. Who knows, maybe the person is just her cousin or she’s planning a surprise party for me with her/him… And when she thinks it’s time to tell me…then I think she’ll do !

  240. I would tell…but then, I’ve always told my friends that I’d want to be told, and ask them the “What if….would you like to know?” We’ve all agreed to watch each other’s backs that way! :)

  241. Rebecca Hipworth says:

    I would let her know. Thanks for the contest. :)

  242. It’s a horrible thing to do but I think I would say something about it, because it would come out sooner or later and if my friend found out I knew… goodbye friendship.
    Thank you for the giveaway :-)

  243. No. I trust my BF and I believe when she thinks it’s time or necessary to tell me more about it then she’ll do it.

  244. If they were to become uncomfortably close, I would tell my friend, but if they were just hanging out, I wouldn’t. There’s no need to worry them if it isn’t needed. :)

  245. I would absolutley tell her. If she is my friend, then she deserves to know the truth about someone who doesn’t respect her as much as her should. If you’re going to be in a relationship, then you need to be honest with them (excluding white lies that are only used to spare the other person’s feelings). I owe it to her to be completely honest with her when it comes to these kind of matters. She deserves to be in control of her love life, and if she doesn’t have all the information, then she doesn’t have that.

  246. I would definitely confront him and give him a chance to explain himself to my best friend and give him a few days to do it…if he doesn’t then I will definitely tell my friend…if she is a real friend she will understand why I gave him a chance to explain himself to her

  247. Without a doubt I would tell my friend. Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the end it is always better, and even if my friend is upset at first she’d want to know the truth. Besides, keeping the truth from her would hurt her even more in the long run when she learns the truth herself, so just coming out and telling her right away would be the right thing to do no matter what

  248. I would tell my friend and lend her my shoulder when she cries her head out because its not easy to find someone you trust betray you. It hurts no matter what you cant just wake up forgive and forget

  249. Amber Hutchison says:

    i would tell my best friend because she deserves it shes your bff

  250. I would hate to meddle in people relationships even if they belonged to my best friend. I would first probaly ask the person what the hel did they think they were doing. Then i would tell them to do something about it or i would. As i said before i hate butting my nose in, but i think that all my besties would do the same for me. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway again! :) <3

  251. Merisha Abbott says:

    I would tell my best friend because I would want the same in that situation.

  252. Wow Josie! Tough!
    I think I would mention it. Situation reversed, I’d want to know.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  253. I’ll let things play out. I am scared that I would just make a big mess out of everything when maybe it is not bad.

  254. Yes, I would tell her. I would want her to tell me if it were the other way around and I know my bestfriend and she would want to know. :)

  255. I think I would tell her. I mean first of all he is a jerk to cheat on her. She deserves to know her boyfriend is a cheater I would want to know to. It’ll probably crush her but that is what friends are for. I’ve seen these things play out before. If you don’t tell her she’ll get really mad and say you aren’t you’re friend and then everybody turns on you even though you wanted to protect her. But I would want the guy to tell her. I would go up to him accuse him of it and force him to tell her or I would tell her.

  256. If he cheated on her I would tell her. I would want the same thing to. If the guys not there for you, you’re bff is. I would help her through it but I also would want the guy to come forth. If he really cares he will tell.I would give him a couple a days and if he doesn’t I would tell. Besides she’ll know sooner or later and if she finds out you knew, there will probably be no more trust with you guys and secrets.

  257. Amanda Graves says:

    If she was an extremely close friend, then I would definitely say something. I would hate for everyone else to know that my significant other is spending quality time with other girls.

  258. hi josephini, awkward situation indeed, but my answer would be nope:(, instead i will try my best to make it so she could witness it by herself. Am speaking from experience , ever tell a friend of mine and it got me in the most awkward situation when the guy simply just deny it, just let my friend witness it with her own eyes:)

  259. Yes, I would. But I would also caution her that the other person might just be a cousin/friend, and not to jump into conclusions.

  260. i would def tell my best friend

  261. I would first ask my best fiends other half what was going on to get to the bottom and from there I would then talk to my best friend about what I saw and what I had talked about their partner .

  262. Mary Preston says:

    I would have to tell her. Better it comes from a friend.

  263. Alannah C says:

    I would tell her, because if it was the other way around I’d want her to tell me.

  264. Arni Dyan Daroy says:

    tell her immediately! I’ve had so many friends with jerk boyfriends and sad to say but my bestfriend had this experience and I didn’t tell her immediately the first time and it broke her heart. Second time around, I told her straight away and now she’s done with him c:

  265. I would let things play out and get some more information before jumping to an immediate conclusion, and if I knew that person confront them about what they were doing and why, so not to ruin a perfectly good relationship over a misunderstanding. If nothing came out of it however I would definately tell my friend.

  266. I talk with this guy and I try to find more informations. I ask him to be honest with my best friend and if he say than they can resolve the situation without me I let things play out.
    If he don’t wanna talk with her I tell her everything and if he couldn’t care less I try to catch him and I show all to my best friend.

  267. Try and find out who the person is, are they really out with someone or is this a friend/relative. If it is more, confront them and tell them they have to spill it or I will.

  268. i think i wouldn’t tell her at first becuase it could be a missunderstanding. i’d get more information and if they were right, i’d definitely tell her because than she’s worth it

  269. Can’t wait for Dreamless. :) As for the question – I would totally tell my best friend. I know she would do the same for me!!

  270. I would talk with her because I would know I can talk with her about everything without not second thoughts.

    thanks for the giveaway

  271. Jordyn Sullivan says:

    I would tell her exactly what I saw that way she can step in and work things out without me getting in the middle of things I would be honest with her cuz I would want her to be honest with me.

  272. i would tell my friend!

  273. Rachael Hanson says:

    I would definitely tell my friend that I saw her bf with another girl. i would be sure to mention that it might just be a friend but to ask him about it

  274. paige warren says:

    Of course I would tell my friend! Straight away!
    Hell I would probably walk up to him and punch him right in the face!

    Okay, maybe I wouldn’t punch him but I’d scream at him, at the very least.

  275. India Barnett says:

    I think that the best way to handle the situation would first be to NOT FREAK OUT. I would go up to them(investigate) casually and say “hey,(my friend’s significant other), hows it going?” and ask who his “friend” was. If he immediately freaks out when i try to talk to him, i think that would be a sign as to something suspicious going on, and at that point i would let my friend know about it, because she deserves to know. But I definitely wouldn’t just automatically jump to conclusions and tell her I saw her bf cheating on her. That leads to misunderstandings, which can lead to hurt feelings and eventually a breakup, which when looking back at the situation, would all be for nothing. So the best way to avoid all this would be to calmly handle the situation and at least get some “background info” before jumping to any major conclusions.

  276. That’s a tough one. I think I would try and find out who this person is and what was going on before running and telling my friend. It wouldn’t do any good if I told her straight away without knowing all the facts first.

  277. I would mention seeing them, probably, no matter if it seemed they were just hanging out or actually going behind my friend’s back. I would just casually say, “Hey, I saw (insert name) the other day at (insert place)” and see where the conversation went from there. It’s not really my business to judge what they was doing or draw conclusions, so I would probably leave it at that!

  278. Annabelle Law says:

    I think if the best friend’s significant other was being a bit cheeky with the other person i would tell my best friend. If they were just going out for a drink and nothing was going on then i think i’d let it slide. IT depends on the situation i suppose :)

  279. I would definitely tell them. Just like I would expect them to tell me if they saw my bf with someone else.

  280. Depends on how much that person means to my best friend…if it was someone my bestie wasnt that attached to, i would tell if she was close to that person i might drop hints here and there and play it out.

  281. I would let things play out.

  282. Jasmin Santiago says:

    Definitely tell my best friend. (Then we could plot an evil plan to know if the guy is cheating or not *evil grin* Coz that’s what BFFs do!) Of course I don’t her to jump in conclusions (that’s why the evil plan) but I don’t want her to learn about this kind of thing from another person. I know she would be hurt if she learns that I knew and I didn’t tell her right away. Best friends lookout for each other and tells the truth (about these kind of things)even if it will hurt. ;)

  283. I would tell my friend and help her decide what to do next.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  284. I think that I would wait to see how it plays out, and then if I think that he is cheating on her I would definitely let her know. That’s what best friends are for, no?

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  285. I tell her because I trust her:) SO I talk about it with her:)

  286. First of all – GOSH, what I had wanted to meet you in Lund! I hope you had a great time! I live in Sweden and I can tell you: that is typical April weather here… It is now about 14 degrees Celsius and really nice and sunny!

    Now, as for my answer to the question. It depends on if I know this “meaningful other” well enough so I could ask him/her why he/she is whith someone else. Then I would make an assumption based on the answer whether I think that it’s true or false, so I can tell my beloved friend of what I think is going on.
    Because of course I would tell my best friend about it; if it’s nothing then that’s great, but if there really is something fishy about it, then I would have liked to know about it if my friend encountered the same problem. After that, he/she can decide what to believe and what to do about it for herself/himself. If I don’t say anything, then I am depriving my best friend her/his right to make their own opinion of the situation. And anyway, the truth will always come out eventually, and it is better being totally honest at the beginning than having to face the friend later and trying to explain why not being straight earlier.

  287. um…i think i would go over and ask what they were doing rather than tell my best friend because knowing my luck it would probably be one of their siblings. but if not then tell my best friend when i was sure.
    awsome giveaway :)

  288. Rachel Oyawale says:

    I would probably tell my Best fried cos she’d kill me if she found out and knew that I knew.

  289. Anastasia Cyr says:

    In response to the question: Well since I would want to know if my boyfriend was ever hanging out with other girls in a more than “friendly way”, I would want my friends to tell me whether they caught him in the act. And if the situation ever arose were the odds were reversed, I would feel obligated to honor my friend with the best kind of loyalty, and tell her that her boyfriend was caught with another girl.

  290. I would tell her. no doubt

  291. Probably let it play out to see what was going on.

  292. I really would tell my friend the truth. I value my friend and her feelings. Rather than betray her by keeping this secret, I would tell her. It is all for her good. Keeping this secret would be more painful for her in the end.

  293. I would ask the significant other. Then I would tell my bff as soon as I saw her. She deserves to know the truth. I would make sure it wasn’t just some harmless person though first.

  294. if i saw my bestfriends meaningful someone with another i would walk up to him/him and say hi how are you? then if he/she doesn’t introduce me be like hey aren’t you going to introduce me AND if he/she sAYS YES this is my sister or something then i would oh ok nice to meet you and be say ok see you at school or something but i would probably tell my friend either way if its a sister/ brother or even if he/she were cheating on her/him i would let her/him know. He/She have a right to know!

  295. I would tell my best friend because I know that I would want her to do the same if she saw my BF with another girl. And I also just wanted to say thank you for doing another giveaway I haven’t won yet but hopefully this time.

  296. Kristen S says:

    I would definitely tell my friend, I’d rather her here it from me than from someone else even if it wasn’t a big deal!

  297. Theresa Alaniz says:

    If I saw my best friends boyfriend with another girl I would definitely go up to him and confront him. I would basically tell him he’s a pig and if he ever really loved her and has any remorse he should tell her himself. I would give him a day tops depending on how generous I am feeling and if the sleaze ball still hasn’t fest up I would tell her myself. Honestly, i believeshe would believe me but there is a chance with the shock of the news she could be upset and go into denial. ButI would be willing to put our friendship on the line because I love my best friend like she is my sister. I would want her to know the truth because if you really love someone you wouldn’t want them to be left in the dark. Plus best friends don’t keep secrets from each other. A best friend is someone who you can tell all your secrets, laugh, cry with, and most importantly can be honest with. I love my best friend and would do anything for her! :)

  298. I would definitely tell her. If my boyfriend would cheat on me and my friend knew
    I’d rather she’d tell me.

  299. I would have to tell her! She’s my best friend and i love her and totally couldn’t keep that her boyfriend might be cheating on her to myself…but i might go in to major stalker mode and hide in the bushes or take a quick snap shot before i go tell her! :)

  300. Liz McNamee says:

    That’s a hard one… but if the situation were reversed, I would like to know. As sucky as it would be to hear it…and hopefully they don’t shoot the messenger.

  301. thx for the comp…. to the question: i dont know what i would do… i think i would warn my friend

  302. Jon Martin says:

    Make sure it’s not innocent. If not, tell your friend.

  303. Courtney Ratzell says:

    I would have to say something. If I was positive there was something fishy going on I would either give him the opportunity to come clean, or try to have my friend catch him in the act. It’s always difficult for you to say something without your friend “shooting the messenger.”

  304. Alyssa Adamsen says:

    If I saw my best friends boyfriend with someone else I would walk up to him and ask him what he’s doing, not all crazy because it might be innocent, then I would mention to my friend that I saw her boyfriend.
    Easy enough I mean she is my BEST friend and I owe her that much if it was something to worry about but no reason to go all crazy on the boy like in those horrible sit coms because sometimes there is a reasonable explanation.

  305. Meaghan K says:

    I’m not sure what I would do. If she was my best friend, I think I would tell her.. but if she wasnt my best friend I’m not sure I would say anything. It would all depend on the situation

  306. Astrid170998 says:

    I wont tell her immediately just in case I was imagining things, but I’ll probably stalk him and investigate until I see something that confirms he’s cheating and I’ll confront him before telling my best friend. That way everything would be right.
    Auwh, feel better Josie! :(

  307. Tamara H. says:

    I would talk to her boyfriend at first, just to ask if it is something that happens often or just this one time. After that I would think about how hard it would hurt my friend. But in the end, I think, I would tell her. Because, if she finds out by herself she would probably hate me as much as him and then she would have no one to be there for her.

  308. I would tell her, it is my friend after all and my loyalties would be with her not him…

  309. Lauren J says:

    Definitely depends on what they were doing together. I’d probably confront the boyfriend first. But if there was ANY indication that he was cheating on my bestie, I’d tell her immediately. If he’s cheated, he’s gonna do it again and needs to be DUMPED.

  310. I wouldn’t be dramatic about it, like “guess who I saw!” and make things worse. I’d just mention it in passing, if she doesn’t know then now she does. Obviously letting it play out might make it worse, just confront it straight away but don’t make a scene.
    Thanks :)

  311. Kelly Charter says:

    I’d confront the significant other first and demand they come clean themselves. If they refused then yes I would say something. My best friend did the same for me and I’m glad she did x

  312. Tarsila says:

    I first take the hell out of the guy. I talk to him in front of the girl that is with him (I know it is evil, but he is way more evil than I will ever be) then I talk to my best friend. She IS my best friend, I feel like I am supposed to act like a guardian angel, and this is what angels do! I’ll protect her till the last day and support her when she needs.

  313. First make sure something fishy is going on.
    If that’s the case then I would talk to my friend (she/he) right away. And I would choose my words very carefully so she/he won’t suffer too much.
    And then I would buy a lot of ice-cream (or a lot of beer if it’s a guy) and listen to her/him.

  314. I would probably tell her, unless they didn’t do anything …

  315. Amber Hall says:

    I would talk to their significant other first and if they refused to tell her, then I would step in and tell her. She may hate me for being so honest with her but I would want her to do the same for me if the roles were reversed. Thank you for the giveaway.

  316. Kristin B. says:

    I would totally tell my friend. To say nothing would make me a “friend cheater” just like the jerk who’s messing around on her.

  317. I would tell her cuz she’d do the same if she was me and saw me with another one.

  318. Danielle Warhurst says:

    Tell them, even if it hurt them they need to know. Then they could ask their partner about what was going on…

  319. Hazel Chattaway says:

    Id scope the guy out for a while to see whether it looks innocent or not, if they look a bit too familiar with each other i would confront him… maybe give him the opportunity to do the right thing by my best friend unless his characteristics are that of a complete douchebag in which case i would tell her myself!

  320. Rahel Kutzner says:

    It’s really a hard question- how do you get those?
    If I had saw my best friend’s meaningful other with someone else, during the first moment I won’t do anything- no breathing, no nothing. I guess I would be really damn annoyed. I don’t think so that I would go immediately to my best friend and told her everything.
    First I would ask him why he is cheeting on her. If he has no good explanation for it, it will be tight for him. He would tell her himself, because he must confess himself for his mistakes, even if I have to force him to do it. Because if she is my best girlfriend I do not want to see how she suffer and must depend on something already lost. So its his turn to tell her and I will push him toward, if I have to, so that she can be happy again (with my help).
    That’s what real friends are for. They stay together no matter what happend.
    If he would not tell her, I would tell her: because my job is always to be there for her as a friend, try to understand her and be reconciled to each other regardless of secrets may remain separate us.

  321. I would probably just mention seeing him and ask if she knew who he was with. It could all be innocent no reason to stir the pot with out all the facts.

  322. Stay out of it. There could be a perfectly innocent reason. I wouldn’t want to make it into something it wasn’t. If I saw them together again and it did look err right then maybe. But first time, I would stay well away from it.

  323. OOOOH! I can’t wait for DREAMLESS! I got through STARCROSSED so quickly! It was too good! LOVED IT!

  324. Barbara Lopez says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    What would I do? Well first of all we are talking about a close friend right? Not a more or less friend, right? LOL Well Id like to think I would kick the bastard’s a$$ and then tell my friend or talk to my friend and let her\him know and then help kick the bastard’s a$$ lol Seriously…I will tell the cheater…”You tell her/him or I do??”

  325. jacqui gill says:

    I think I would tell my best friend, friendships are based on trust without trust there is not much of a friendship. To keep something like that to ones self is like lying.

  326. Megan R. says:

    Well, if I was friends with said meaningful other as well, or if I liked them as a person, I would talk to them first and give them a chance to explain themselves. I wouldn’t want to ruin a relationship if it turned out I had things all wrong. I would then tell them that they needed to fess up regardless of the situation because it will come out eventually and it’s not right to keep secrets like that. I would give them a day to tell my best friend and if they didn’t I would.

  327. Brittany Anderson says:

    I would definitely mention it- casually- just in case it was something innocent and not wanting to cause a scene, but still thinking my bff deserves to know. From there I would let her handle it.

  328. Sabrina says:

    Absolutely. I think something like this can change your friendship, or even cause the person to be mad at YOU. But taking how it affects yourself out of the equation, the friend deserves to know so that they can decided what to do about it. Otherwise are you really being a friend to that person? Just saying.

  329. Sheryl N. says:

    I think it all depends on your friendship with your bestfriend and the persons character . Some people when they are dating or in love they dont hear when people are warning about them their meaningful person. Some people would want to know right away and some people need to see for themselves, I know in my case I would want my bestfriend to tell me so I wouldnt be caught by suprise.

  330. Paige Schwartz says:

    Of course! I would rather tell my friend than let her figure out that you were keeping secrets. It isn’t your secret to keep, and being a true friend would be to tell your friend about it. Sure, you don’t have to make a big deal out of it, but it’s all just mainly out of respect to your friend.

  331. I would tell my friend because I wouldn’t want it to come in between our friendship

  332. Nicole Cardenas says:

    I would totally tell her, I now how much it would hurt her. However it would be unfair not to.

  333. Caitlin :) says:

    I would tell her. It would be the fairest thing to do. If the roles were reversed I’d want the same. Otherwise the upset over it would be hard to handle but finding out the fact your friends knew, and decided to keep it from you I think would be more painful. Friends have your best interests at heart, and if this happened, could you really call them a friend?

  334. I’d tell my friend because if it were me I’d want to know!

  335. I’d most probably tell her because she’d be furious and hurt if she found out and then also discovered that I knew and didn’t tell her. But it also depends on the boy and whether I trust him and what he’s actually doing with another girl.

  336. Naomi H says:

    I’d definitely tell my best friend, and even help plot revenge, because that’s what friends do! Lol!!

  337. I would never keep that from a friend, and, if she’s a true friend, she’d never keep something like that from me, either. Thank you for the giveaway! <3

  338. Ohh, that’s a hard one. But I would end up letting my best friend know. If I was my best friend, I’d wanna know if my significant other was seeing something else…even if it did hurt!

  339. Bianca says:

    I would have to tell them, because if there’s nothing going on then it’s all sorted simply, and if there is something going on they deserve to know. :)

  340. I would give it some time to see if my best friend’s meaningful other would tell my friend himself. Because I believe in giving people chances. Also, I think my friend would appreciate hearing it from he himself. Honesty last longest, and if he told it himself I think they could still be friends or something afterwards.But if he didn’t tell her, within like a week or so, I would do it. My friend always deserve the best.

  341. I would definitely tell her, the better I tell her than let her find out about it the hard way!

  342. Well I will tell my friend no matter if she tells me that she doesnt believe me and I will tell her until she realizes it and I can always be there for her becuase friendship is a strong bond than anything else it is strong as a families bond friends she should have each others back never lie

  343. Hmmm…. That one’s tricky. I think I’d tell her just because if it were reversed I’d want to know.

  344. I would tell … I think that they should know :)

  345. I would probably tell her. Honesty is the best policy!

  346. Karen Maldonado says:

    I would tell. I have inf act told a couple of friends.

    A cheater is a cheater, so yeah my friend was cheating on my other friend so I gave him an ultimatum and told her to tell her or I would do it. I had to tell her because he was too much of a jerk to do it himself.

  347. Emily Gilot says:

    Hmmm…. I’m not really sure. It really depends on what i see my friend’s significant other doing with another person. Mostly likely yes, i would tell them because they deserve to know if,well, they have any “competition” one could say.

  348. Nikki A says:

    I would tell her. I would feel bad keeping it from her and knowing me, if I didn’t tell her, I would either blackmail him in some way or yell it out at her in a fight making it more hurtful than it should be. It is much safer to just say it nicely and be there for her.

  349. I would tell my friend She has a right to know if her significant other is going behind her back

  350. I would confront the meaningful other and if that failed then i would tell her because i know if that was my boyfriend or somthing i would definaetly want someone like my best friend to tell me if something was up.

  351. I would let it be unless they were completly oblivious. :)

  352. So excited!!!!!

  353. Toni Marie Fenning says:

    I think I’d definitely tell them though I’d make it somewhere private and quiet and tell her gently. I might even confront him first to make sure its not a misunderstanding. Though, I’d have to control myself from hitting him.

  354. i would have to be sure whats going on… and if there is no way of misunderstanding the situation i would find a way to gently let her know… things like that are tricky and i would want to know if my other half is up to no good…

  355. Nickey says:

    I loved Starcrossed so much, I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  356. I’d leave it be.

  357. If I’m friends with both of them, then I would confront them both, separately. But if it’s just the girl I’m friends with her and I would be having a SERIOUS girls night out as I would tell her!

  358. No I think I’d wait until she comes to me and says it herself.

  359. To be honest…no. I’d be too scared we might break off although I know it’s not good to have secrets from each other.

  360. BLAKE HAYSEL says:

    I want to read this novel so bad! :)

  361. BLAKE HAYSEL says:

    It’s all in the magic of the video camera feature of an iPhone … if I saw my best friend’s meaningful other out with someone else I would instantly transform into a superspy. With that said, if my findings are incriminating enough then yes, I would tell my bff.

  362. fien verniers says:

    I think I would talk to the otheer first and warn him that if he doesn’t tell my best friend then I will tell her no matter what. I think it’s important to be honest in a relationship, if you can’t even be that than you shouldn’t be together.

  363. I was just in the situation and I told her. Whether or not she does anything about it is her choice, but she needs to know that even if her guy is shady, she can count on her best friend not to be. In the end, regardless of what she does, you just gotta stick by her side and be there…because that’s what friends do.

  364. Kristin says:

    actually its a sad story.
    i saw my besties bf with an other girl from class one. and first i thought they are just friends, but it turned out that he was cheating an my bestie with her. i told her but she didn’t want to believe me. now she is heartbroken because she saw it herself. i still feel bad for her.

  365. Melissa says:

    I would tell my friend what I saw, without interpretation and let them think it through. I believe that letting it slide and not telling them would be more harmful, but making sure to let them make their own decision on what it means instead of inflaming the situation is important.

  366. Tough one, but I think I’ll confront him/her before going to my best friends. But… tough one.

  367. If I saw my friend’s significant other with someone else, I would feel obligated to let them know. But then, it would also depend upon the friend, and his/her ability to handle the truth. There are some people who would automatically believe you were lying, or take their significant’s side, and this type of person would need to discover it for themselves. Then there are those who trust that you wouldn’t just lie to them for the sake of drama. But my first reaction would be to let the friend know.

    Awesome Giveaway!

    <3 Britta

  368. Ouch. The truth hurts but it would be better to be straight forward. Explain that you aren’t sure exactly what was going on but tell them what you had saw. Not everything is bad it may be perfectly harmless. But it is best to keep things open. If they are having relationship problems maybe heading them off early can save the relationship. Besides you would hate to loose your friend because they found out you had kept information from them.

  369. Christina2227 says:

    First, I’d probably approach the person in question to scope out the situation better. Then, I’d definitely tell my friend. If it was in fact harmless, then the whole dilemma would play out naturally anyway. I think if my friend found out later that I suspected something suspicious, but never mentioned it to her, she’d feel more hurt and betrayed than if I told her about it from the beginning.

    Thanks for the giveaway! *fingers crossed*


  370. PauliinaOksanen says:

    I would absolutely tell her!

  371. I would tell the meaningful other and then tell my friend because the meaningful other deserves a chance to defend their self, but my friend also deserves to know

  372. Sheri Veibl says:

    Favourite boook

  373. It would really depend on the situation…If the guy was just hanging out with a friend, then there would be no reason to get my best friend worked up over nothing. However…if it looked suspicious, I would investigate a little, maybe give it a few days, just to be sure before telling her, so the situation doesn’t get blown out of proportion.

  374. Ashley says:

    I’d tell her. If it’s nothing, she probably already knows, but if it isn’t, I’d hate for her to find out much later on.

  375. Spill the beans. I’m not built to harbor deep dark secrets.

  376. Katharina says:

    That is a tough situation…on the one hand it would be best to tell your best friend what´s going on, but on the other hand i think it would also be good to not tell her! First af all she would be devastated, that means if she did not allready know. But there could be a possibility that the guy can make up for what he has done or talk his way out of this…and then you would be the one who almost ruined her relationship and she would likely blame you for that! But it could also be the other way around, that she finds out you knew it all along and didn´t tell her right away! Like I said before it is a very tough decision…

  377. I would want to tell my friend first, but depending on how well I knew the meaningful other I would probably tell them first

  378. Anna Maria says:

    Speaking from experience, it is best to tell them. this way they don’t later learn that you knew and did not say a word. Period it is a horrid situation. though before you tell her you should talk to the guy, maybe beat him around a little. if he can explain himself then, you decide together whether to tell her, that better be on hell of en explanation. oh, well.

  379. Kristyne Baran says:

    If it was my best friend I would have to tell her even if it hurt her because that’s what friends do! I would want her to do the same for me.

  380. Haha, just so you know, us Swedes REALLY don’t approve of snow in April either, we’re just kind of used to it I guess. But this winter wasn’t nearly as horrible as last year, it snowed for about five months, this time it was only one (and some belated snow in March and April).

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