For those of you who got that “Dreamless, Chapters 1 and 2″ email by mistake– OOOPS!  I was testing my blog for the upcoming YA Scavenger Hunt.  I’m not exactly savvy, savvy?  And I did something or other when I thought I had erased it.  Long story short, I accidentally sent it out to all of you. It’s not the first time I’ve sent emails I thought I had erased.  *gulp*  Anyway, sorry for the mix up.  But think how excited you’ll be when you actually get the real deal?

The YA Scavenger Hunt starts the 29th. Over 60 YA authors will be participating, meaning you’ll have a chance to win close to 60 books!  For more information here’s the LINK.




  1. I got that I was like…whaaa???? Haha I got super excited and then came on the blog and read this :)


  2. So raging :( I was so excited when I opened the email. I really can’t wait now :) x

  3. camilalynn says:

    don t worry josie, ours hearts are fine for now haha, kiss from Argentina

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