Halloween Giveaway Winner!

Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday, except for the zombie nightmares.  Pesky zombies.  They’re always trying to bite me. 

Anyway!  All of your guesses were fantastic, but there is only one ring! (shameless LOTR reference)

And the winner is…

Shelly (shelly62283@aol.com), who guessed… a FAIRY!

Congratulations, Shelly!!!  Enter your address HERE and I will get the ring out to you ASAP.  :)

(Note:  A couple of other people guessed right, but unfortunately they guessed twice.  Sorry, but rules are rules.)

I promised to tell you all why Helen is dressed as a fairy, and it’s not because my pal Aprilynne Pike talked me into it.  Helen ends up dressing like a fairy because of a puddle, a dead rodent, and a certain play that the Drama club is putting on. I know, I know. It’s not much but that’s all I can say for now. :)

A couple of honorable mentions are…

Erin A., who guessed that Helen was going to be dressed as Kate from Die For Me.  Why?  Because I love Amy Plum. <3


roro @roro is reading[rogier], who guessed that Helen would be dressed as Nike. Why?  Because the goddess Nike was the inspiration for the Stacrossed cover.

Thank you all for participating!  I will be holding another contest real soon.  And this one is going to make all of you VERY happy.  I’ll be giving away something that rhymes with “bark”.  :D





  1. Arc Arc :)

  2. A fairy that beautiful!! I want to read Dreamless right now, It’ll be great. These small advances are a sweet torture.


  3. Ugh.. Knowing this I NEED to read Dremless right NOW :D :D :D Can’t wait to 2012- seems like forever! :’(
    Can’t stop thinking about Starcrossed and how it might continue, not that I would come even CLOSE to how it really is but I just CAN’T STOP :P ;)

    Love, Helen <3

  4. Argh, a fairy? How adorable!
    And everybody who read Starcrossed should know what play the drama club is putting on, right? ;)

    And I’m SO totally looking forward to the rhymes-with-”bark”-contest. I already envy the lucky lad who’ll win (if it’s not me, haha) :D

  5. Isabel G-G says:


    Does this mean that we will be seeing a cover sometime soon?! So excited. ;)

  6. Emma Kate says:

    congrats Shelly!

  7. Ahhh. Just another taste of what’s to come. If you keep teasing us like this, Josie, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until next year for Dreamless. ;) I need to feel her in my arms. LOL I sound like a creeper. :)) You always find a way to make us keep coming back for more. But we’re clearly besotted with you and we definitely want MORE. :)

    Something that rhymes with “bark”? Hmmm… I could name a few things; arch, stark, ARC, Mark, park, spark… This is a tough one! Which one do you think it is? ;)


    <3, SNP

  8. Whoops! Sorry. I entered my e-mail address wrong in the last comment it’s supposed to me: louisse_ang(at)y.c and not louisse_abg/anb@y.c (forgot which one it was). Haha! Pardon me. :)

  9. HA! I was gonna be a fairy too! But then we had a a huge snowstorm and Halloween is officially canceled. We got a call from the town yesterday. How can you just…..cancel a holiday? It’s like saying ‘There is no snow, so Christmas is off. Too bad for you!’ And snow! In October! How weird! We lost power for a while it was so bad! LOL.

    PS Sorry for writing so much, I just had to vent my anger somewhere, and this seemed like a nice place full of understanding people.

    PPS Congrats Shelly

    • oh me too!!!! who changes Halloween? that’s sooo worng in soooo many ways, seriously! why do i get this feeling u and i live in the same place? hmmmmmm. oh well we lost power too so i spent my time re-reading STARCROSSED!! haha

  10. CONGRATULATIONS SHELLY!!!! Fairy, wow, pshhh, no one could’ve guessed that which makes shelly special!

    ARC?!!!!!!! If this is what it feels like to have died and gone to heaven, i am sooooo gonna be a saint on earth.

  11. Thanks for the congrats everyone. Halloween is my fav hoilday (Xmas 2nd) so this makes it even better. Thanks so much for having the contest Josephine and Rosa Caruso for the item!!


      • Shreya, I totaly agree we are never to old. age is a state of mind. I think this is why I read all the time it reminds me of my old day lol.

        • LOL! haha, I’m only a teen, but sometimes i watch spongebob and it reminds me of the GOOD(*cough cough* easy) old days.

  12. josie im sorry i’ve been posting sooooo many comments on this PARTICULAR post….it’s just because…..it’s inevitable ya know? i mean come on: ARC ARC ARC ARC ARC ARC :O WOOHOOOO!!!!!! WHO WOULDN’T BE EXCITED!!

  13. Alexandra says:

    OMGods I think “ARC” has become my favorite abbreviation :D
    Best. Giveaway. Type. EVER!

  14. I love me some of Amy Plum too. I hope that doesn’t sound too strange haha ;)

  15. Emma Kate says:

    wait… is it dark? i don’t know, but it is just what popped into my head. i COULD be shark, ark even, wait, is “lark” a word?

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