7 More Days 'Til I Give it Away

July 18, 2014

Only 7 more days to win one of these Trial by Fire  ARCs!!!!!!


I am getting so many great and interesting perspectives on the question for the giveaway, which is;  Would you ever want to meet another version of yourself from a parallel universe, and why?

If you haven't entered yet, you still have time.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter entry form in the post below this one and you're all set.

Deadline to enter the contest is Friday, July 25th.  

I will announce the winners Monday, the 28th. 

Good luck!


Like The Red Hot Chili Peppers; I'm giving it away!

July 11, 2014

It’s giveaway time yet again!  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve got another series coming out September 2nd. The first book in the WorldWalker Trilogy, Trial by Fire,  is being printed as I type. To celebrate, I’ve got this box of Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARCs) to send to you. 

TWELVE copies, to be exact. 

So, here’s the deal this time. A large part of this series was inspired by a terrifying thought I had late one night while I was struggling with one of my periodic bouts of insomnia. As I lay there, watching the car lights track across the ceiling of my bedroom, my husband snoring away blissfully beside me, I couldn’t help but think of parallel universes…as one does at wretched-o’clock-in-the-morning, right? 

The thing I couldn’t get out of my head was that if I were to ever meet another version of me from a parallel universe, I’d probably hate her. I don’t even like to hear the sound of my own voice on an answering machine. I wondered if I was the only person who felt this way, so I decided to write a book about it—and witches of course. Because who doesn’t want to write about witches, right? 

 My question to you is this: Would you ever want to meet another version of yourself from a parallel universe, and why? 

Be sure to leave me a comment with your answer.

And fill out the entry form below.

The deadline to enter the contest is Friday, July 25th. 

I will announce the winners Monday the 28th. 

And as always, it is international. :)

Best of luck! 


Guess what I just got?

July 9, 2014

Trial by Fire ARCS and SWAG!!!!!


I will try and think of a fun little giveaway for you guys in the next couple of days.  

And yes, it will be international.

Stay tuned!!


I'm baaack!

June 13, 2014

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you like the new site.  It’s a bummer that I lost all of your comments in the transfer as I loved and cherished every single one of them, but I was told by the design team that there was nothing they could do.  Really sorry. 

Anyway, I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, and I apologize, but I have a really good excuse.  Actually, I have two really good excuses.  The first is that I was writing my brains out.  I wanted to make sure that the second book in my WorldWalker trilogy, Trail of Tears, was done before I let myself come up for air.  I just finished the rough draft, so I feel like I can take a few days and think about something other than magic and mayhem.

The second reason is (drum roll please) my husband and I are expecting our first child!  Hooray!  We’ve wanted a baby for a long time now and finally our little girl is on her way.  Needless to say I’m ecstatic, but it has also meant an astonishing number of doctor’s visits, family visits, prenatal yoga classes, and lots and lots of product research online.  Let me just say—I once knew nothing about strollers.  But that has changed. 

    All of this preparation for the new trilogy and for our wee one left little time for anything else in my world, but now I feel as if I’ve resurfaced and I have one or two brain cells to spare for other tasks. 

    Like getting all worked up about stuff…

It always amazes me when I hear people disparaging YA.  It’s usually a writer in another genre or a critic who does the badmouthing, and I always wonder why.  There are good books and bad books of all kinds, and to single out any particular genre and make a blanket statement that all books written in that one particular style are somehow inferior to all other books is a bit shortsighted. 

    History has proven time and again that those who try to belittle others based on their choice of reading material are simply out of touch.  In Jane Austen’s day the novel was mocked and thought to be evidence of the intellectual inferiority of women, who were the main reader of novels.  Both science fiction and fantasy have been descried for generations as “escapism for geeks”, even though there are many examples of how these genres have proved to be downright prophetic as technology advances and new social issues arise.  And don’t even get me started on comic books.  Mothers loathed them, schools banned them, and critics flocked together to call them puerile rot that would stunt intellectual development, yet some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met are comic book collectors.

    Now it’s YA’s turn.  There are plenty of disgruntled columnists out there who love to bash YA, pointing out that it’s written for children and that full adults have no business reading it.  Critics shame fans of YA—and I don’t understand why.  What do they get out of it?  Or, maybe more to the point, what are they so afraid of?   Maybe it’s just that they don’t understand the genre.  It doesn’t speak to them, so they dismiss it.  This makes me sad, because as book-lovers, don’t we all know how powerful a good book can be?  Haven’t we learned yet that any book, despite the genre, can have deep social significance?

    Right now in Thailand a military junta has taken over the country and suspended the constitution.  The junta has even enacted a curfew to contain the public outcry, but something extraordinary is happening.  The youth in that country have adopted a gesture from Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games to protest the takeover.  They are standing peacefully with their three middle fingers raised as a sign of unity and dissent, just like Katniss Everdeen.  


And while the protestors would probably speak out against the junta whether or not they read The Hunger Games, it goes shows how deeply a story can effect us and how inspiring good writing can be.


Take that, naysayers.  YA is AWESOME.


Cover Reveal!!!!

March 13, 2014

Trial by Fire

Many, many, many thanks to the team over at Feiwel and Friends for doing such an amazing job.

Tell me what you all think.  Hope you like it!! <3



My New Series!

September 23, 2013

Some big news!  My next series, CRUCIBLE, has found a great home!  It will be published by Feiwel and Friends, which is an imprint at Macmillan here in the US.  Jean Feiwel is my editor, and I couldn't be happier about that.  She edited the BABYSITTER'S CLUB, and she was the editor who brought HARRY POTTER to the US.  I've already had the pleasure of doing the first (and biggest) edit on CRUCIBLE with her, and I already know we make a fantastic team.

I am SO EXCITED for you all to see what I've come up with for my next series.  It's even more epic than STARCROSSED, and I think it has an even sexier love story.  I can't freaking wait for you all to meet Lily and Rowan.  The first book will be out in early fall of 2014, and while that seems like a long way away, Feiwel and Friends fast-tracked the book as much as they could.  It  takes a while for publishers to gear up for a big release like this.

I hope you all enjoy CRUCIBLE as much as you did STARCROSSED.  Heck, I hope you love it more.  I couldn't be happier to be presenting this as my next series, or more proud to be part of the Feiwel and Friends family.

Lots of Love,


P.S. Here's the official PRESS RELEASE in case you'd like to read it

Italia Qui Vengo!

August 10, 2013

I know, I know.  It's been way too long.  I have a great excuse for my absence but I can't talk about it just yet.  Soon though.  :)

What I can talk about is my upcoming trip to Italy.  I will be there the first week of September; in Milan the 4th, and in Mantova the 6th and 7th.

Check out the links below to find out more information.

Milan, September 4th

Mantova, September 6th

Mantova, September 7th

Lo non vedo l'ora!!!



And the winners of the last GODDESS ARCS are...

May 11, 2013

Fien Verniers

Leah Sullivan

Jennifer Green

Katherina Barney

Grace Martin

Patrycja Zaśko

Rachel Gibbons

Cianna Fernandez

Donna Lawrence

Congratulations to all of you!!! Please email me your mailing addresses and I will send out your ARCS ASAP. My email address can be found in the CONTACT section of my website.

These are the last ARCs, but for those of you who didn't win, don't worry,  GODDESS comes out May 24th in the UK and May 28th in the US, so the wait isn't too much longer.

Thanks to everyone who added to the Gratitude List and left me something to be happy about.  It was a great way to brighten my day, and I hope yours as well.

Speak soon!!



Last call to enter the GODDESS giveaway!

May 7, 2013

Just a reminder that the deadline to enter is this coming Friday. Don't miss out. I'm giving away 9 ARCS of GODDESS!

Final GODDESS ARC Giveaway!!

April 19, 2013


Can ONE woman give away NINE advanced reader's copies in THREE weeks?

Heck yeah.

What we have here is a regular bonanza. And I need a bonanza because I got really sad this week.

Boston hasn't been my home in many years, but my family is still there, and the Boston Marathon has always been a big event for us. It goes right through the center of my hometown--Ashland--and my clan and I are accustomed to hanging out in a relative's front yard, shaking our heads at the lunatics jogging by who still have about 22 miles to go before they hit Heartbreak Hill.

This year, heartbreak happened after the hill.

I have a lot to be grateful for. My eldest sister Margaret was at the finish line to cheer in a friend who had run the marathon. Luckily, her friend ran the marathon in three hours and six minutes, so Mags was long gone before the bombing--but to tell you all the truth, I'm still a little shaky over that one.

I think we're all a little shaky over this one, even people who have never been to Boston, so I want to give something a try. When I was in high school, I started this circling note called "The Things To be Happy About List". I would list things that made me happy, like: That street lights know exactly when to turn on at night. Or: The way laughter and yawns are both contagious, but neither of them kill you. I then passed the note around encouraging other people to add things they were happy about to the list, and on and on it went.

In light of the tragedy in Boston, I think we all need to remind ourselves of what's really important. I know I do.

As always, I want all of you to chime in. To lift my spirits--and maybe to lift yours--I want everyone to leave a comment telling me one thing you are grateful for today, and we can start a new list.

A Gratitude List.

Me? I'm grateful my sister's friend is a really fast runner.

Your turn.

The giveaway ends Friday, May 10th, and as always, it is international.

In order to enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway